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An Old Friend
I watch a lot of horror/monster movies.
Over the years I think I have become immune to the scare.
I've seen movies that scare others and I know of a few that will scare some people.
Most normally scary movies are rather comical to me.

I ask you to vote in the poll and then list the movie that you think is the scariest.
Hopefully someone will list a film that scares me too, I doubt it tho.

I'll try to list some of the films that I think might scare you.
It will be interesting to see your responses.

This pertains to films you have seen after you became an adult (18+).
Childhood scares don't really count. All children are afraid of scary movies.

The genre is not really important. The fact that it scared you is.

If there is a type of film that you enjoy,
Like slashers, monsters or situational threats, list those as well.
I love monster and creature films, not because they are scary but because
I like looking at all the different designs that are used.
Alien monsters are cool to look at too.
Zombie/Undead Films

Of all the zombie movies you have ever watched is there one that stands out as the scariest?
My sister still shivers when anyone mentions
Night of the Living Dead (1968)
A group of people hide from bloodthirsty zombies in a farmhouse.

I know a few people that completely refuse to watch
Quarantine [REC] ( 2008 )
A television reporter and her cameraman are trapped inside a building quarantined by the CDC after the outbreak of a mysterious virus which turns humans into bloodthirsty killers.

Others have a fear of losing or being controlled and won't watch
The Serpent and the Rainbow ( 1988 )
An anthropologist goes to Haiti after hearing rumors about a drug used by black magic practitioners to turn people in zombies.

Sometimes being trapped is enough to give someone a bad case of the willies
Films like
Pontypool ( 2008 )
A psychological thriller in which a deadly virus infects a small Ontario town.

terrify them.

Chances are if you love the gross stuff, most zombie/undead films won't bother you.
But if you think the gross stuff is horrifying have you seen
Trailer Park of Terror ( 2008 )
Six troubled high schoolers and their leader become lost after their bus crashes during a raging storm. They seeks refuge for the night in an abandoned trailer park, managed by a sexy woman, Norma.

I flat out love that film!

Then you have the virus infected zombie killers that chase you down and tear you apart
28 Days Later... ( 2003 )
Four weeks after a mysterious, incurable virus spreads throughout the UK, a handful of survivors try to find sanctuary.
28 Weeks Later ( 2007 )
Six months after the rage virus was inflicted on the population of Great Britain, the US Army helps to secure a small area of London for the survivors to repopulate and start again. But not everything goes to plan.

Here are a few zombie flicks that I have been told are really scary. I've seen them and I'm like...meh.
Have you seen them?
Were they scary to you?
Being scary is not the same as liking it.
You can be scared and still like the movie.

The Plague ( 2006 )
Ten years have passed since the world's children have fallen into a coma. Tonight they're waking up and all hell is breaking loose. An un-holy battle between the generations is being waged against all adults, and time is not on their side.

I Am Legend ( 2007 )
Years after a plague kills most of humanity and transforms the rest into monsters, the sole survivor in New York City struggles valiantly to find a cure.

World War Z ( 2013 )
United Nations employee Gerry Lane traverses the world in a race against time to stop the Zombie pandemic that is toppling armies and governments, and threatening to destroy humanity itself.

Day of the Dead ( 2008 )
When a small Colorado town is overrun by the flesh hungry dead a small group of survivors try to escape in a last ditch effort to stay alive.

Panic at Rock Island ( 2011 )
An island on spectacular Sydney Harbour. Summer sun Top international artists. Tens of thousands of music fans from across the world Idyllic... Until unimaginable disaster strikes.

Pride and Prejudice and Zombies ( 2016 )
Five sisters in 19th century England must cope with the pressures to marry while protecting themselves from a growing population of zombies.

Contracted: Phase II ( 2015 )
Riley searches for a cure to the virus that took over Samantha before it consumes him and the entire world.

Re-Kill ( 2015 )
It's been 5 years since the outbreak that wiped out 85% of the world's population, but the war between Re-Animates (Re-Ans) and Humans wages on.

The Mummy ( 1959 )
In the 1890s a team of British archaeologists discover the untouched tomb of Princess Ananka but accidentally bring the mummified body of her High Priest back to life. Three years later back in England a follower of the same Egyptian religion unleashes the mummy to exact grisly revenge on the despoilers of the sacred past.

Butcher Boys ( 2012 )
A gut-wrenching, non-stop roller coaster ride through the hellish underbelly of inner-city America. A birthday celebration at an upscale restaurant sets in motion events that bring Sissy, her brother, Mikey, and friends, Kenny and Barbie, face to face with the macabre world of the Boneboys. Inspired by Jonathan Swift's cannibalistic tale A Modest Proposal, the Boneboys are international predators who deal in human flesh - dead or alive. Their hunting grounds are the cities of the world.

Evil Dead ( 2013 )
Five friends head to a remote cabin, where the discovery of a Book of the Dead leads them to unwittingly summon up demons living in the nearby woods. The evil presence possesses them until only one is left to fight for survival.
If you want to see a superior quality remake this is the film, outstanding!

Antiviral ( 2012 )
Syd March is an employee at a clinic that sells injections of live viruses harvested from sick celebrities to obsessed fans. Biological communion - for a price. Syd also supplies illegal samples of these viruses to piracy groups, smuggling them from the clinic in his own body. When he becomes infected with the disease that kills super sensation Hannah Geist, Syd becomes a target for collectors and rabid fans. He must unravel the mystery surrounding her death before he suffers the same fate.

The Bay ( 2012 )
Chaos breaks out in a small Maryland town after an ecological disaster occurs.

Pet Sematary ( 1989 )
The Creeds have just moved to a new house in the countryside.

Outpost Black Sun ( 2012 )
The year is 1945, the closing stages of WW2, and a German scientist by the name of Klausener is working on a frightening new technology that has the power to create an immortal Nazi army. Flash forward to present day, and a NATO task force is hurriedly deployed to Eastern Europe, where a sinister enemy appears to be mercilessly killing everything in its path. But this is no ordinary foe. Only Helena, a gutsy investigator on the trail of the notorious war-criminal Klausener, accepts the reality of that they are facing a battalion of Nazi Storm-Troopers, a veritable zombie army on the march. With the help of Wallace, a man who's been chasing Nazi secrets for years, the two of them team up with a Special Forces Unit to venture deep behind enemy lines. Their mission to fight their way back to the source of this evil army and prevent the seemingly inevitable rise of the 4th Reich.

Rabies ( 2010 )
A brother and sister who run away from home find sanctuary in a deserted nature reserve. When the sister falls into the trap of a psychopathic killer, the brother sets out on a race against time to find help. In a twist of fate the rescue of the sister becomes inadvertently intertwined with the lives of a group of young tennis players, a ranger and his dog, as well as a team of policemen.

Extinction - The GMO Chronicles ( 2011 )
Spring 2011. A retrovirus, designed as a tool in gene technology, gets out of control and leads to uncontrollable mutations. All living organisms crossbreed with one another...

Underground ( 2011 )
A group of friends fight for their lives against the lethal and ravenous creatures lurking beneath the Earth's surface. The group finds themselves at the mercy of creatures genetically engineered by the military to be expendable in battle. Though they fought countless battles in Iraq, these friends never knew real fear until they went underground.

Cannibal ( 2010 )
Max is agoraphobic and lives in a cabin in the middle of nowhere. One night, he finds a beautiful unconscious woman (Bianca). Her body is covered with blood.

Eaters ( 2010 )
The world - devastated by the Great Epidemic - is governed by hordes of living dead. Three men - Igor and Alen, two hunters of dead and a scientist, Gyno - try to give an answer to what has happened to the human race. Alen and Igor leave for two days of hunting to find new "guinea-pigs" for Gyno and meet the most varied characters: a crazy painter, neo-Nazis and a mysterious girl, daughter of the feared Plague-Spreader, supposed craftsman of the epidemic...

Devil's Playground ( 2010 )
As the world succumbs to a zombie apocalypse, Cole a hardened mercenary, is chasing the one person who can provide a cure. Not only to the plague but to Cole's own incumbent destiny. DEVIL'S PLAYGROUND is a cutting edge British horror film that features zombies portrayed by free runners for a terrifyingly authentic representation of the undead

Serum ( 2006 )
While searching for a "cure all" serum, Dr. Edward Kanopolus, "Dr. K", is being pressured for results by the pharmaceutical company funding the project. With time running out, tragedy and desperation drive him to make decisions that will jeopardize the lives of everyone around him and ultimately unleash a terrifying monster on a killing spree. SERUM is a cutting edge thriller filled with twists and turns that will leave you breathless as you watch the bloody chaos unfold!

The Horde ( 2009 )
A posse of crooked cops, malevolent gangsters and a horde of walking dead are the centre point of this gruesome, tight, action packed, claustrophobic tale of retribution and escape. Penned like animals, on the top floor of a deserted high-rise block, these two opposing gangs find that they are not alone in the lair of bloodthirsty corridors of death. Joining forces to survive, they must reach ground level together or perish. Loaded with a bad ass attitude, guns, axes and extremely creative hand-to-hand combat sequences that project the fears and paranoia that are the fighting forces behind the need to survive, when caught up in the wrong place at the wrong time.

The Crazies ( 2010 )
As a toxin begins to turn the residents of Ogden Marsh, Iowa into violent psychopaths, sheriff David Dutton (Olyphant) tries to make sense of the situation while he, his wife (Mitchell), and two other unaffected townspeople band together in a fight for survival.

Versus ( 2000 )
Set in the present where a group of ruthless gangsters, an unknown woman and an escaped convict have met, unwittingly, in The Forest of Resurrection, the 444th portal to the other side. Their troubles start when those once killed and buried in the forest come back from the dead, with the assistance of the evil Sprit that has also come back, come back from ages past, to claim his prize. The final standoff between Light and Dark has never been so cunning, so brutal and so deadly. This is where old Japanese Samurai mysticism meets the new world of the gangster and the gun. Gruesome, bloody and positively bold.

Town Creek ( 2008 )
In 1936, the Wollners - a German family living in rural Town Creek, Maryland - are contacted by the Third Reich to host a visiting scholar, Professor Richard Wirth. In need of money, they accept Wirth into their home. Wirth's grand occult project seals the Wollners off from the rest of the world and makes them players in a horrifying game of survival. After 71 years, in 2007, Evan Marshall's life has stalled at twenty-five years old. Left without answers after his older brother Victor's disappearance from a camping trip near Town Creek, he has tried to move on. But when Victor returns one night, very much alive and having escaped his captors, Evan asks no questions - at his brother's request, he loads their rifles, packs up their boat and follows him back to Town Creek on a mission of revenge that will test them in every possible way...

Dead Air ( 2009 )
Logan Burnhardt is the ego-king of the airwaves, but his unflappable persona is put to the test when a terrorist bio-attack unleashes a plague of flesh-ripping maniacs on Los Angeles.

Rabid ( 1977 )
A young woman develops a taste for human blood after undergoing experimental plastic surgery, and her victims turn into rabid, blood-thirsty zombies who proceed to infect others, which turns into a city-wide epidemic.

Pandorum ( 2009 )
A pair of crew members aboard a spaceship wake up with no knowledge of their mission or their identities.

The Rage ( 2007 )
A crazed scientist experimenting with a rage virus on innocent victims in a laboratory in the woods. When his monstrous subjects escape and vultures devour their remains, they became mutations seeking to feed on humans.

Frontier ( 2008 )
In Paris, during the riots due to the election of a conservative candidate to the presidency of France, the Muslin small thieves teenagers from the periphery Alex, Tom, Farid, the pregnant Yasmine and her brother Sami plan to run away from Paris to Amsterdam with a bag full of robbed money. However, Sami is shot and the group split, with Alex and Yasmine going to the emergency of a hospital with Sami while Tom and Farid heads to the border with the money. Tom and Farid decide to stop in a bed and breakfast nearby the frontier, and are hosted by Gilberte and Klaudia that offer free room and sex to the newcomers. They call Alex and Yasmine that are fleeing from Paris to join them in the inn, but sooner they discover that their hosts are sadistic cannibals of a Nazi family leaded by the deranged patriarch and former SS officer Le Von Geisler.

Train to Busan (2016)
While a zombie-virus breaks out in South Korea, a couple of passengers struggle to survive on the train from Seoul to Busan.

Ravenous ( 1999 )
Captain John Boyd's promotion stations him at a fort where a rescued man tells a disturbing tale of cannibalism.

Undead ( 2003 )
A quaint Australian fishing village is overcome by meteorites that turn its residents into the ravenous undead, leaving a small group of those unharmed to find a way out.

Dead Alive ( 1992 )
A young man's mother is bitten by a Sumatran rat-monkey. She gets sick and dies, at which time she comes back to life, killing and eating dogs, nurses, friends, and neighbors.

The Last Man on Earth ( 1964 )
Dr. Robert Morgan (Vincent Price) is the only survivor of a devastating world-wide plague due to a mysterious...

Dead Snow ( 2009 )
A ski vacation turns horrific for a group of teenagers, as they find themselves confronted by an unimaginable menace: Nazi zombies.

Slither ( 2006 )
A small town is taken over by an alien plague, turning residents into zombies and all forms of mutant monsters.
I could safely say Invasion of the body snatchers circa 1970s
And one cant forget classics like soylent green, I always wondered about soylent buns? LOL! yeup those 2 films mussed me up!
The only movie that I can remember being really scared from was the original Alien movie. Watching it these days I know what to expect but when that movie came out in 1979 I was 9 years old and my Mom, knowing that my brother & I were into sci-fi geeky stuff, took us to see it. She did not know what kind of movie it really was. The chest burster scene... at 9 years old. Oooh, I still remember it. I guess the good part about it is that horror movies never really scared me after that.
Yup, childhood scares are the ones that set the tolerance.
Mine was The Creature From The Black Lagoon.
The make up and creature effects were amazing.
I remember when I first ventured into the horror genre.
I refused to watch slasher films.
Not because I was scared but because the depravity was repulsive.
Now, I see them and imagine the work it takes to get the shot.
The sight of blood doesn't phase me but the smell of blood is sickening to me.
Universal's Monsterverse promises a new Black Lagoon creature feature.
While I probably won't get scared I am looking forward to it.

The Seasoning House was horrifying but not scary, there is a difference.
Or Space balls chestburster, dancing off the diner table, and Lonestar and Barf saying "Check please" LOL
It's one of the more interesting questions asked around horror circles Tom, and yet there is no single answer as to what makes a movie unnerving for some and not for others. For example my wife is absolutely terrified of werewolf movies, no reason for it, but have noted a couple of other female friends down the years that also couldn't handled the whole transforming thing.

The problem for modern audiences, i.e teens, is that you need to suspend disbelief to get the full impact of horror, oh it helps if a Director understands you need to really like the characters before they are put into peril.

Movies that unnerved me, from memory

The Exorcist

The Ring

The Evil Dead (original)

Paranormal Activity

Session 9
See, that's my problem. Very little unnerves me anymore. In movies, shows or even in real life.
I watched some of the Guinea Pig films. Plenty of gore but I found it interesting what they must have went thru to get the shot. I didn't watch the complete series because I plain old got bored with it all.
Cannibal Holocaust and Cannibal Ferox were just more gore and equally as boring.

I like the concept of werewolves but care little for transformation sequences. I find them boring.
I'll take Dog Soldiers over American Werewolf in London any day, or night.

I flat out LOVE monsters.
Ok we have done all the youth in the past being subdued by critter from outer space, all generations except 1, and I thinks is high time for Holly weird to make it. Hipsters,yeup our silly little 1962 cousins being attacked by space critters, Freddy Kruger, Jason, Michael Meyers, Alien of course, and the rest. So come on Holly Weird, lets get some hipsters! LOL!
I wonder if Universal is pushing forward with the rebooted verse since Tom Cruise's The Mummy underperformed.
As far as I know it is still being pushed and the next entry is already being filmed. Its really late here right now but I'll look and see if I can find a source on it when I wake up.
Note: I have a couple them living near me, and they are no fun, very odd, and just plain strange, at least 80's, and 90's youngsters were pretty cool. These new fad youngins are arrogant, and I plain don't dig em......
As far as I know it is still being pushed and the next entry is already being filmed. Its really late here right now but I'll look and see if I can find a source on it when I wake up.
Psst, They have been vandalizing my cars and property, they tweek, they are bad news.....;)
Bride of Frankenstein (2019)
Horror | 14 February 2019 (USA)
Plot unknown. Described as the second film in Universal's "Dark Universe" franchise.
Bill Condon
Neil Burger (screenplay), Dirk Wittenborn (screenplay) | 3 more credits »
Javier Bardem
Status: Pre-production
Production Companies
Bride of Frankenstein

Tags: Bill Condon, Bride of Frankenstein, Dark Universe, David Koepp, frankenstein, Imagine Entertainment, Javier Bardem, MISC, REMAKES, Sean Daniel Company, Universal Pictures

UHM said:
Casting for the Bride is currently underway. (5/22/17)
Producer Alex Kurtzman had a recent interview where he talks a bit about the current script by David Koepp, saying: "David Koepp wrote a brilliant script. A brilliant script with a very unique structure and a central relationship that I think is gonna be relatable to a lot of people while also being very true to what I believe people love about Bride. Here’s the weird thing about Bride Of Frankenstein. It is one of the weirdest movies you’ll ever see in your life. It is such a strange film. What amazes me is that the bride doesn’t show up until, what, the last ten minutes of the film? Doesn’t say anything, rejects Frankenstein, he pulls a lever and the building explodes and that’s the end of it. It’s not like she has long monologues, it’s not like you get to know her character, it’s not like she goes out into the world. There’s almost no screen time with her." Adding... "And yet everybody remembers the iconic look, the hair, who she was. Articles have been written, there’s Halloween costumes. It’s an enduring character because there’s something mysterious about her and that look, and the idea that she was created to serve another man. Which is gonna be an interesting thing to tackle in this day and age. It might be something we subvert in our film. It will be really interesting to see where we go because I actually think that Bride is maybe a lot more accessible as a character than you may think. Mostly because she’s not really a character yet based on the original Bride Of Frankenstein." (6/10/17)
Director Bill Condon was quoted saying: "I’m very excited to bring a new Bride of Frankenstein to life on screen, particularly since James Whale’s original creation is still so potent. The Bride of Frankenstein remains the most iconic female monster in film history, and that’s a testament to Whale’s masterpiece—which endures as one of the greatest movies ever made."
Actor Javier Bardem will play Frankenstein's Monster.
Written by David Koepp (Jurassic Park, Stir of Echoes, Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit).
Directed by Bill Condon (Beauty and the Beast 2017).
This is part of Universal's new "Dark Universe," where they're rebooting the classic monster films from their library and intend to have them all link together with common characters, similar to what Marvel has been doing with their superhero films.
This is a remake of the classic 1935 film with the same name.

Personally, I think Universal is locked into at least one more film due to announcing the Dark Universe project publicly. Just like Legendary is locked into the Monsterverse.
I didn't really have a problem with The Mummy just like I didn't have a problem with Batman becoming The Dark Knight or the darker Superman. I think the public prejudged the film with predjudice against Tom Cruise because of hiw ties to Scientology. Personally, I don't care for Tom Cruise but he has been in some pretty well made films lately.

Bride of Frankenstein (2019) Movie: May. 23, 2017 - changed the production status to Pre-Production - Movie Insider

A young woman attending college is haunted by someone else's memories, and she gradually discovers that she died and was then unnaturally brought back to life.

I'm a right pansy when it comes to horror lol...

I can cope with most Vampire stuff (odd I know) but horror as a genre I tend to stay away from. I can't even watch Supernatural without my head being messed. Off the top of my head some movies/books I've tried to watch are...
The Exorcist
The Ring
Supernatural (got as far as season one)
I'm a right pansy when it comes to horror lol...

I can cope with most Vampire stuff (odd I know) but horror as a genre I tend to stay away from. I can't even watch Supernatural without my head being messed. Off the top of my head some movies/books I've tried to watch are...
The Exorcist
The Ring
Supernatural (got as far as season one)
Try old school, less sfx, more scary stuff! The first Amityville horror, and the Dressed to kill films, and yeuppers that's Michael Cain in the second film, and he ain't Alfie anymore! LOL!
For me it has to be the movie called "The Grudge". You need to see the whole movie to get the whole story but basically these Ghosts are killing others out of a twisted revenge on others for no real reason other that to cause death and destruction on others for revenge of themselves being killed. Sorry to me there is no reason to harm another, especially if your own death happened because someone else did evil on you. Why do that, what benefit could that actually bring anyone? Watching this movie so greatly enrages me to such and high feeling of injustice it really disturbs me.

Here is one seen from the movie:
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The Ju-On films generally revolve around a curse created in a house in Nerima, Tokyo when Takeo Saeki, convinced that his wife Kayako was having an affair with another man, murdered her, their son Toshio and Toshio's pet cat in a jealous rage. According to Ju-On, when a person dies with a deep and powerful rage, a curse is born. The curse gathers in the place where that person has died or where they were frequently at, and repeats itself there. The spirits of the deceased haunt the location, potentially killing anyone who encounters the curse by any means, such as entering a cursed house or being in contact with somebody who was already cursed. The curse's manifestation is mainly death, where the victims' bodies may or may not disappear. The following deaths may create more curses and spread them to other locations.

The franchise consists, to date, of 12 films (9 Japanese productions, 3 American)
~ from wiki

Shimizu stated in an interview that the inspiration for Ju-On came from his own personal fears as a child, and from a Japanese dance group that would paint their nude bodies white and perform. Shimizu found the performance frightening and decided to "paint [his] ghosts white". He also mentioned that the rise in the number of domestic abuse cases emerging in Japan during production of his previous films gave him ideas about the origins of the story.
~ from wiki

I have the American films and 2 of the Japanese films
Gotta go look for the others to complete the set.

The Grudge and The Ring never really scared me or caused a reaction?
I see movies as productions of art.
I often wonder how long and actress or actor has to sit still for the make-up to be put on.