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    i thought the same thing catpin, thanks 4 the pm and great update.
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    yea, umm, where did she get the box?
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    Valentine Kiss

    hey thats great, keep up the good work. Just make sure that Michael is not calling her Syd the second they meet. -D
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    P.S. I’m Still Not Over You

    awww, thats so sweet. thats just. awwwww. great story -D
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    my first thought when he left was "I hope he's goes back and feeds the poor woman"(no pun intended) . And still WE ALL KNOW he's gonna go back, can u just make it in the next capter? pls. ORRRR u can post alll the chapters at once till he does. THAT would be better. lol. thanks 4 the pm.
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    A Burning Vengeance. . .

    uhhhhh, can you add me? pls? -D ohh yea, more snarky pls. :)
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    Alias Rambaldi US Boxset pics

    hey, koolio. I want the set(i just don't have rambaldi money lol). thanks 4 the pictures. -D p.s. Nice table
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    great idea 4 a story, add me pls.
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    ~True Love~

    oh, great story so far, ass me pls.
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    How Long

    She's having Vaughn's baby, Mr.Brown says you can get pregnant from kissing you know. lol. kudos to anyone who understood where that came from. great one parter, if ya wanna make it a 2 or 20 parter just let me know. -D
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    Better Than Me

    awwwww *sniff sniff* thats sooo sad. great job.
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    Into the Setting Sun

    haha cool story. can't wait 2 c more.
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    awwww. great way to end a great story. nice work. -D
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    To Sydney, it was just an ordinary day; absolutely nothing unusual. However, little did she know, that day would be the one when her life would change forever. *blink blink* okkkk, so its not orginal, hope the storys nothing like that line, woulda been better if it was left out..not offence -D
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    wait...what? thats the ending? ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR MINE. You coulda gave me a warning when i first started read so i would'nt... arg. i don't like you anymore...poo you. -D p.s. add me to the pms of your next story, great job on this one