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    Show Support for 'Catch and Release' on IMDB...

    We should all show our support for Jennifer in her new movie, by giving the movie a 10! I haven't seen it but I still gave it a 10, high ratings always look good, especially since IMDB is a very popular site worldwide. Catch and Release (2006) - IMDb
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    Season 3 Best Episode

    i couldnt really vote because i dont remember what any of those episodes were about because the season was so spread out (and not very good)
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    The Day After Tomorrow (2004)

    I saw the opening of the movie and it was awesome! the visual effects were HUGE and wicked cool! and they do last for more then 10 minutes! way longer than that!
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    Season 3 Reaction to 3.22 "Resurrection"

    i liked it, good action and i pray that lauren is really dead because im sick of resurrected characters! ENDING?!?!??! Didnt we all ready known that Sydney was a project a long time ago when we found out about project Christmas? RRRRRRRRR!!!!! Stupid Alias script writers probably thought we...
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    What do you want to name your future children?

    Elizabeth and William
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    Drama The Passion of the Christ (2004)

    Its coming to dvd on August 31! Im so excited since i didnt get to see it in theaters. Here some info here and here
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    Living Situations...

    married parents! unfortunately - completely pyscho dad.
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    The Yahoo! movie page for the movie is here, and the trailer is pretty incredible! Check it out! here
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    Porn Star Name

    mine is Molly Merrill! Wo ho!
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    Season 3 Reaction to 3.16 "Taken"

    it was OK -_-
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    Male or Female

    when i made the first male or female voting thing, there were alot more males! whered we go? lol
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    Drama The Passion of the Christ (2004)

    the Passion has now made $267,681,000 i doubt it will be the highest grossing movie, it would have to beat Titanic's huge pull-in of $600,788,188 - that was just in the US.
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    Off to China!

    wow! lucky! have a great time! How come you go to all this places?