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    Wanna know a song - head for the AA GUIDE

    Is the guide still down for some reason? I was wanting to look up some songs for my husband and I, but the guide hasn't been working for at least the last week.
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    Eva's Graphic Creations

    I'll see what I can do and pm you once it's done!
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    Challenged By: Eva Marie Rayne Rating: PG Ship: Sarkney POV: Sydney Background: S3, Sydney’s had her missing 2 years but The Covenant wasn’t behind it. She knows what happened and Vaughn & Lauren are married. Summary: You think you know, but you have no idea… I’d been back for 2 weeks now. All...
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    Eva's Graphic Creations

    It's been a long time since I last posted anything, so here's a few things!
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    Beautiful Disaster

    OMG!!! UPDATEEE!!! *runs around in circles* WHAT IS HE THINKING?! YOU ALMOST DIED JULIAN, HOLD ONTO HER FOR DEAR LIFE!!! *throws popcorn at him* That was a wonderful chapter Kat! Keep em coming! ^_^
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    MySpace Thread

    Well, I've been kinda bored these days and I started making a few little MySpace items. I was wondering if anyone made any of their own and if they'd like to share them. Here's a few of my creations: (Extended Network banner) (Contact table) (E.N. Banner for my roleplay profile) (E.N...
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    Puppy Love

    That's adorable! Haha I always thought Vaughn would be a good cook tho. Thanks for blowing those dreams! lol. I'm kidding. Great chap! Thanks for the pm and I can't wait for the next update! ^_^
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    Love it! As always of course. Thanks for the pm and I can't wait for the next update! ^_^
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    Puppy Love

    YAY! She quit! Go Syd! *smiles* 2 more great chapters! Thanks for the pm and I can't wait for the next update! ^_^
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    Puppy Love

    Way too cute! Even though Syd's boss is an a-hole, she refused to give Michael up. I can't wait to see how the relationship progresses! Thanks for the pm and I can't wait for the next update! ^_^
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    Puppy Love

    YAY!!! I heart the fluff! That was such a wonderful chap. Thanks for the pm and I can't wait for the next update! ^_^
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    Your DVD Collection

    I've added these to my collection: The Amityville Horror (the remake with Melissa George & Ryan Reynolds) Monster-in-Law My Date With Drew
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    Season 5 React: 30 Seconds

    *runs around screaming my head off* Why did they have to kill Renee????? I so adored her. I didn't care as much about Nadia, but it still sucks that they killed her. :( I started to cry because first Spy!Mommy was telling Syd that she chose to fail as a mother, then Sloane chose Rambaldi over...
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    Season 5 isabelle

    If you look at the promo pics for 30 Seconds on Alias Media, you can see them. Otherwise, if you can't find them anywhere else, I have the pic in question as part of the banner on my forums.
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    Sig Thread...

    The first couple of pics are pretty tiny, but I'll do what I can ^_^ ETA: Here it is! [attachment=23857:attachment]
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