Any good books?



I cant wait! 4 more days! (i think) until the sequal to the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants! Such a good book!

Do any of you read:
-the artemis fowl series? (3rd book is comming out soon!)
-series of unfortunate events? (I really wish that the series would be published faster. I started reading in like either 5 or 6th grade. and I can't exactly use em as a book on my list in 8th grade accelerated english, which techncially gives my hs credit)
-sisters of the moon? (i think its sisters of the friend reads too many of those)
-all the books on orson scott card?
-gossip girl series?

I am waiting for the next alias book. they make you wait so long. but after spy sister did you know that the books are going to be about micheal vaughn? i'm kind of disapointed because I love the whole idea of butt kicking sydney.

I need titles of any good books. I'm currently reading Hamlet and the 3rd Gossip Girl! I don't like the cover of the third Gossip has suddenly gotten kind of graphic....people in skimpy bathing suits. my sci teacher already interogated my friend for reading "on the bright side I'm now the girlfriend of a sex god" and my other friend for reading "the true meanign of cleavage" and the covers weren't even suggestive.

Speaking of covers do you notice that alot of teen books are not putting full pictures in? like they will be snippits of people's leh or eveyrthign but their head in weird angles. or m i just reading weird books? lol.


oh I 4 got about the Jungle and Uncle Tom's Cabin. those I really enjoyed. to kill a mockingbird was destroyed by the two five page essays and tons of test, worksheets and projects on it, highly enjoyable book though. same to romeo and juliet....not fun when it is followed by so much work.