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[FONT=arial,helvetica]Profile[/FONT] [FONT=verdana,arial,helvetica] Biography: A narrative of Julian Bashir's life story
Quotes: Memorable lines from the series
Multimedia: Pictures and sound clips of Julian Bashir Alexander Siddig: The actor who made Julian possible
[FONT=arial,helvetica]Infirmary[/FONT] [FONT=arial,helvetica] Senior Officer Profiles: Crew listing of the senior staff
  • Benjamin Sisko: Commander, now Captain Sisko
  • Kira Nerys: Major, now Colonel Kira, of the Bajoran militia
  • Miles O'Brien: Chief of Operations
  • Odo: Constable Odo, who has since rejoined the Link
  • Jadzia Dax: The late Lt. Commander Jadzia Dax
  • Ezri Dax: The new Dax
  • Worf: Lt. Commander Worf, now Federation Ambassador
[FONT=arial,helvetica] Starfleet Medicine
[/FONT] [FONT=arial,helvetica]Xenobiology Database
  • [FONT=arial,helvetica]
    [*]Bajoran: Peaceful, religious people applying for entrance to the Federation. Deep Space Nine orbits the planet Bajor.
    [*]Betazoid: Long time Federation members, the Betazoids are known for telepathic abilities and peaceful nature.
    [*]Borg: A race of cyborgs that has evolved to a highly structured hive society that lives for "assimilating" other species.
    [*]Breen: Enigmatic species whose alliance with the Dominion caused Cardassia to pull out.
    [*]Cardassian: Proud, intelligent, but militaristic race that once occupied Bajor. It is now recovering from the devastating Dominion war. The Obsidian Order, in its days a terrifying intelligence agency, was eradicated by the Dominion.
    [*]Changelings: Also know as the "Founders", this species has the ability to shapeshift at will. The Founders created the Dominion to instigate "peace" and "order" throughout the galaxy.
    [*]Ferengi: A race based on Capitalist theories of maximizing profit and employing ruthless business tactics.
    [*]Jem'Hadar: Genetically engineered fighting machines, the Jem'Hadar are the warriors of the Dominion.
    [*]Klingon: The most famous of alien races in Star Trek, the Klingons have allied themselves with the Federation during the years of Dominion attack. Warriors with strong bodies and wills of steel, the proud Klingons uphold honor above all else.
    [*]Q: The Q are extradimensional omnipotent beings who exist outside of the causal order. Most choose to stay away from the fray of the Milky Way, but one Q has been known to "visit" Starfleet officers often.
    [*]Romulan: With Vulcan ancestry, but not the Vulcan mentality of peace and logic, the Romulans have xenophobic tendencies and only joined the war efforts at the very end. Their own intelligence agency, the Tal Shiar, was also eradicated by the Dominion and is in the process of rebuilding.
    [*]Trill: Federation member planet, the Trill are capable of joining with symbionts .
    [*]Vorta: Also a genetically altered species, the Vorta serve the Founders as diplomats and leader of the Jem'Hadar. Their loyalty to the Founders may be genetically programmed.
    [*]Vulcan: The oldest members of the Federation, next to Earth itself, the Vulcans are well-known for their logic and lack of emotion. Vulcans are capable of great physical strength, a weaker form of telepathy, and great intelligence. "Vulcans in the sciences" is almost a cliche.
[FONT=arial,helvetica]Deep Space 9[/FONT] [FONT=arial,helvetica][/FONT] [FONT=arial,helvetica][/FONT] [FONT=arial,helvetica]Personal Log[/FONT] [FONT=arial,helvetica][/FONT] [FONT=arial,helvetica] Media Feature: Our Man Bashir
This special media presentation of the episode "Our Man Bashir" features a gallery of pictures that guides you through the story.