Politics overdosing on pain medication

OMG maggie dont ever do that! 3 is the most! the tylonel takes about 15 min. to kick and if that isnt helping i suggest switching advil! It had different stuff than tylonal, but same results, advil works better for me personally then tylonal does


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Maggie, if you are getting bad headaches all the time especially migraines maybe you should see a doctor about getting perscription strength migraine medicine. I get migraines all the time and I have a perscription for migraine reliever, that stuff is amazing. I swear my headache is gone in about ten minutes (y)


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Maaaaaaggggiiieeeee... what you were thinking, hun?

Tylenol is more of a fever reducer. If you want to get rid of a headache in a surer way, try taking one Aleve. It's stronger than tylenol and advil. HOWEVER, since it's stronger, you have to take less. They recommend on the little label no more than 2 in an 8-12 hour period.

Gah. All these stories about wisdom teeth being pulled are not helping me. I'm supposed to get them pulled over spring break, and I really don't want to spend spring break with too much pain medication in me... especially since the original plans were for me to go to Paris (which obviously isn't happening anymore).

As for overdosing on pain meds... When I was in HS, I'd be dumb and take 12-15 little advils or a bunch of over the counter sleeping pills or nyquil or anything I could get my hands on. I knew I wasn't taking enough to kill me, so I don't know why I did it. But then last spring, I took 6 or 7 (I lost count) Vicodin pills and I spent 2 days unable to move in bed, lost 10 lbs from lack of eating and a lot of heaving, and spent the next two weeks basically recovering. I don't recommend it.
I was wondering, how much is too much...? Sometimes I take 10-15 tylonol, is this bad?
Yes this is way too much. I had a problem taking the tylenol pms because I was taking 4 or 5 a night but my doctor told me with tylenol you shouldn't take more than 2000 mg a day. That's 4, 500 mg pills. More than this and you will ruin your liver and your kidneys. STOP with the 10 to 15 right away. It's way too much.
it was like a two time thing ... not a habit of taking more than i should or whatever but thanks for the info! and leah, i'm so sorry about your trip to paris!! :( that sucks!