Season 4 Fave Vaughn Line/Jack's Lack Of Furniture

Vaughn: "So this is where your dad lives?"
Sydney: "What did you expect?"
Vaughn: "I don't know...a BUNKER or something?"

Did you notice how little furniture there was in Jack's apartment? Also there's no artwork or anything colorful I was thinking that perhaps Jack has submerged so much of his personality that he has lost a sense of who he is...Does this make sense? Maybe he's color-blind (like the guy in the asylum in Season 1)...
And the only photograph of any kind in the place is one of Sydney (the only real thing in his life), and it's one from 15 years ago, when she was still in high school...
But later in Season 5, we see Jack with his apartment fully furnished, and Jack is playing the piano, like he did before Irina broke his heart and gutted his soul... :cool: