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An Old Friend

I needn't say it, but read at your own risk.

Chainsaw Wicca Cheerleaders by Perri Pagonis added 8-15-04

Dark Glory by Rich Logsdon added 8-15-04

A Bright Idea by Sean Kilpatrick added 8-16-04

A Morbid Curiosity by M.J.Hewitt added 8-16-04

Unseen Influence by J. L. Navarro added 8-16-04

A Vision of Blood by M.J.Hewitt added 8-16-04

The Ferryman's Wheelchair by Nickolaus Pacione added 8-17-04

Unfairest of Them All by Steven L. Shrewsbury
added 8-24-04

Winter Monsters by Sean Crystal added 8-24-04

Even The Gods Must Die by Steven L. Shrewsbury added 8-24-04

Final Request by Nancy Jackson added 8-24-04

The Fandom Writer by Nickolaus Pacione
added 8-24-04

I'm Only A Ring Away by Ceara Jean Baxter
added 8-24-04

Within A Pale Darkness by Michael Lovell, Jr.
added 8-26-04

Unnamed Sources by Steven L. Shrewsbury
added 8-26-04

The Green Virus by Ryan Mayers
added 8-26-04

Eaten Away by Jeff Brown
added 8-26-04

The Devil's Whore by K.S.E
added 8-26-04

The Devil's Whore by K.S.E
added 8-26-04

Because of time constraints, this magazine will no longer have new issues but will be up-dated with new fiction as it comes in. Present fiction will stay for one month and be rotated to the archives. This is a better alternative for me than ending The House Of Pain like I had been thinking about doing ...... once again.

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Creative Writer
in the UK magazines are no longer on our shelves. being considered so specialised that in my city, which is retail hell, people have no chance of coming into contact with the new material.

only browsing the web and finding magazine info sites with links to buy subscriptions can us english get hold of this material. it's a shame really. i remember about 14 years ago when i found a newsagents selling Azimovs magazine, then it dissapeared due to lack of sales or maybe the shop changed suppliers.

dropping publication dates is a sign of dwindling interest and the possibility of the magazine dropping out of circulation totally