How many cried at the end of the series


When the screen came up thanking the fans for 5 wonderful year, how many cried???

I'm man enough to put my hand up and admit i cried like a baby, and was very depressed for some weeks after.

I'm feeling sad again because it's usually this time of year i get my fix of alias again, but all i have to look forward to is the season 5 boxset and rambaldi artifact :(
I'm not from US as you can see. Due to that i downloaded the first hour of the final and wathched it in the evening. In "Reprisal" i started tottally crying after Sydney said the following "What have you done!". And after the 5x16 episode i cried about and hour (by the way i was learning for my english test after the "Reprisal" and i thought i will fale on that, but i didn't - I got the best result in the class). I went to bed about 12 o'clock and I couldn't sleap at all. I knew that the fianl episode will "arrive" before 6 am in the morning so I woke up and started watching "All the Time in the World". And in this episode I started crying more and more. I haven't cried for something like it before the Alias end.
About two weeks after ALIAS ended I was still in such a great pane. Most of it was caused by the negative talks about the final. But then I realized: it was the best final in the history of spydramas and the best series what I have ever enjoyed wathcing. I have three thanks to say:
a) thank you, the crue and cast of Alias, for these 105 episodes what have been made
b) thank you, the fans of Alias, who didn't give up... and enjoyed ALIAS from the first to the last episode.

All the Time in the World!


I didn't cry, but that's because I'm a double-hard bastard. ;)

However, seeing as how I've only ever seen ALIAS on DVD, I kind of put off watching the last 2 episodes for a while. I kept thinking to myself that as soon as that 80 minutes is up, that's it, no more ALIAS.

I have to admit, that whole 'Thank you for 5 incredible years' or whatever it said was a bit cheesy.
I cried a few times during the series finale, but since I didn't watch it when it was on the air (I have the DVDs now), I was in my room bawling. I laughed, cried, cheered, gasped....cried some more. I loved that series finale. One of the best episodes in the series.
I almost cried, i had to record it so i kept on fastfowarding through it because i couldn't believe it was over and i seriously almost cried, but i cried at the other parts in the season finale, like a baby!
Alias was a great show and the last episode alone made tears come up in my eyes, I mean Jack dying, its hard to say goodbye to Alias and I dont think I ever will.
I cried a lot!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I cried for Sloane , when he was stuck under that stone,
and I cried more when the thanks came up!
Well ,it wasn't my first time crying for Alias but this crying meant a lot more!

Alias will be my favorite show ,
All the time in the world

It will never end for me,
All the time in the world .......
I cried a lot even though I'd only been watching for a month! I just got addicted, and went out and got all the DVDs and kind of binged on them.

But the ending was so sad! I really wish they hadn't been canceled... just one more year would have been amazing!

I cried when Jack died, and then even more when Sydney told Dixon what her new baby was called. Then, what finished it off was the thanks for five wonderful years. It was so beautiful!
i know the feeling.

i didnt start watching alias when it first came out just cause my parents wouldnt let me watch tv so when they split my mum let me watch tv and i caught the last episode of season 1. at that very moment i ran around like a mad person and for christmas i got seasons 1, 2, 3 & 4 and watched all 88 episodes in less then 2 weeks. i didnt even go to school i stayed at home made some food watched tv and showered everyday i didnt do anything else virtually..... haha.... i did go to school but not everyday.

anywhoo then for this christmas this year i finally got season 5. and i watched all 17 episodes in less than 1 day.

i cried for alias on several occasions.

- When Emily Died
- When Irina Died
- When Jack Died
- When Nadia Died
- When I realised i had watched all of season 1, 2, 3 & 4 and didnt have season 5
- When season 5 ended
- When Sydney cried about vaughn dieing

and ummmmmm numerous other occasions..... my mum sent me to a councillor at one stage because she thought i had become too emotionally attached to the show. haha

i already miss it.

i also cried when sydney said that her baby was called jack and when marshall got tortured... hat made me so so so sad.