It Was For The Best


Jun 11, 2007
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Mar 18, 2006
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It Was For The Best.

Irina_Derevko_Bristow: Good to see you again. Well, it's fiction and fiction is sometimes unreal. Just look at the show itself. Sloane dies, then falls into a red liquid, and suddenly rises from the dead and lives forever - talk about unreal. :LOL: Jack deserves happiness. I don't know if I'd agree with you on that - as you say they want to be around their parents and especially Nadia, since she's never experienced that. Jack really wants to make up for lost time as a dad in every way. :LOL: There was only room for a small part of the chapter. So I decided to delete that part, and post it in a new post. It's in this one.

TheDerevkoGirl: I'm glad you love Jack like that. :LOL: They really need to bond like a family. Well, back on SD-1, I told you that the story was pretty much boring all the way through to the end, and that's still the case. But there's always the sequel for me to go all saddistic. :devil:

sleep1t: I'm glad to hear it. :)

Dlenafan: Hi. :) Yeah, it's gotten pretty long. I'm surprised myself, and the story is not over yet. Though I think it will be soon. Thank you very much. I'm glad to hear it. :)

Chapter 40
The next morning the triplets woke up Sydney and Nadia, and wanted them to come snuggle with their parents, just as Nadia had done on the first morning she had moved in. Sydney and Nadia both woke up a little confused of how they’d gotten to bed. They looked at each other through sleepy eyes. “Is it my imagination or did dad carry me up here last night?”

“I don’t know if he carried you, but I think he might’ve carried me.” They didn’t really have time to think about it any further, because the triplets dragged them off to their parents’ bedroom. Sydney smiled broadly watching her parents sleeping in each others arms. Just like on Nadia’s first morning in the house she really didn’t want to wake them up, but once again the triplets woke them up in a matter of seconds.

The triplets got their usual morning greeting, but Sydney was a bit hesitant. Nadia too, though she had enjoyed it on her first morning in the house. “Are you girls coming or not?” Irina popped her head from her pillow, looking at them through nearly closed eyes. She hadn’t gotten that many hours of sleep. They walked over to the bed. The triplets made Sydney sleep in the middle. She had Maddie on one side of her and her mother on the other. Nadia took the spot on the edge of the bed next to her mother, and soon all seven of them were sleeping again.

After breakfast Irina was getting the triplets ready. Sergei had told them that they’d be going to the zoo that day. He had been taking care of them everyday when Jack and Irina were at work, and also during Irina’s training. Jack, Sydney, and Nadia were in the kitchen cleaning up. Sydney and Nadia looked at each other and then at their father. “Dad, is it just our imagination or did you carry us upstairs last night?” He looked at them and smiled.

“Yes, I did. You were both sound asleep that it was a shame to wake you. Had we let you sleep, you would’ve had sore necks this morning.” They smiled back at him.

“You didn’t have to do that.”

“I know, but I wanted to.” They smiled at him even more, and then walked over to him and gave him a kiss on the cheek.

At APO early in the afternoon Jack walked over to Dixon, who looked up when he saw Jack coming towards him. “I’m stepping out of the office for a while.”

“Is everything alright?”

“Yes, everything is fine. I just have a few things to discuss at CIA headquarters.”

“Anything Kendall and I should be involved in?” Jack shook his head a little.

“No. I just have to talk to them about a few minor things. But I’ll let you and Kendall know if anything comes up that include you.” Dixon nodded.

“Okay.” He gave Jack a small smile. “Enjoy your trip to headquarters.” Jack smiled in return, and gave Dixon a nod before he left. Dixon couldn’t help but be a little suspicious of Jack. He didn’t quite believe that Jack was going to headquarters, or that he’d gone to headquarters the other time when he said he did. But he also trusted Jack and knew that if he was hiding something, he had good reason to. Deciding not to think more about it, he returned to work.

When Jack had picked up his package, he went to one of his storage spaces and put it in the safe. He knew no one would find it here, and he could go and get it when he needed it. When he came back to APO, he told Dixon that there was nothing to tell about his meeting. He had a feeling when he left that Dixon didn’t quite buy into his cover about going to CIA headquarters, so he thought he’d just cover his tracks a little better, by bringing up the meeting again.

A couple of hours later he and Irina left the office to go home. “So, I was thinking that the two of us could go out on Saturday.” She looked at him a little puzzled.

“Do you mean like on a date?” He laughed a little.

“Well no, not really a date. We’re married after all. But just out to dinner alone without the kids. I mean don’t get me wrong. I love spending my evenings with the kids. All five of them. But I just thought we could have an evening to ourselves. We haven’t had that yet, and it would be nice.” She smiled at him and reached her hand over to caress his cheek.

“Of course it’ll be nice, and I think it’s a great idea. I’m looked forward to it already.” He took her hand and kissed it. “So, where should we go?”

“I actually already have something in mind.”

“That sounds intriguing. What did you have in mind?”

“It’s a surprise.” She laughed a little at him and shook her head.

“You have this whole thing planned out already, haven’t you?” He grinned, and she knew he had. “Then why did you even suggest it to me?”

“Because, now you have something to look forward to.” They both laughed

That Friday it was Sydney’s last night at the house. She, Nadia, and their mother were cooking. The triplets were coloring outside and Jack hadn’t returned home from work yet. “So mom, any idea where dad’s taken you tomorrow?” Irina looked at Nadia shaking her head.

“No, he won’t tell me a thing.”

“I take it that annoys you a little?” They all three laughed.

“Yes, it does a little. I mean, I think it’s absolutely sweet and romantic that he’s planning the whole thing and wants to surprise me. But honestly, he doesn’t give away as much as a tiny detail, and that’s a little annoying.”

“What’s annoying?” They all turned to look at Jack, who came walking towards them. He walked over to Irina and gave her a kiss. He gave Sydney and Nadia a kiss on the cheek, before turning his attention back to Irina, waiting for her to answer.

“You are.” She grinned at him and he smiled back.

“Okay. Why am I annoying?”

“Because, you won’t tell me anything about tomorrow. Absolutely nothing. Can’t you just tell me something, anything?”

“No, I’m not telling you a thing.” They both grinned and she shook her head at him.

“You’re not being fair.”

“I don’t care. You just have to wait until tomorrow.” He leaned in and kissed her again. She put her arms around his neck.

“Are you sure there isn’t anything I can do to change your mind?” She started kissing him more passionately, and Sydney and Nadia covered there eyes shaking their heads.

“Hey, hey. Cool it.”

“Yeah guys. Kids in the room.” Jack and Irina looked at them and couldn’t help but laugh. They gave each other one more kiss.

“Okay, you can remove your hands now.” Irina shook her head at her daughters, while they just rolled their eyes at her in return. They stepped away from their parents a little to continue with dinner. Jack leaned closer to Irina and whispered in her ear, so that Sydney and Nadia wouldn’t hear.

“No, there’s nothing you can do to change my mind. But please feel free to try all you want tonight.” He kissed her on her neck, and a small moan escaped her mouth. Seconds later a dishtowel hit their heads, and they saw that their daughters were shaking their heads at them again, with their backs turned to them. Irina rolled her eyes, and then shook her head. Jack smiled at her, and then stepped back a bit.

“I take it the triplets are outside.” She nodded at him. “Then I’ll just go and say hi. I’ll go and change after, and then come and help you with dinner.” He gave Irina a quick kiss before leaving.

They had a nice dinner and a great evening. They’d asked if Sydney wanted to do anything on her last night at the house. She said, she wanted to be tucked in by her parents, have a bedtime story read to her, as well as Jack singing a lullaby. Jack had gotten a little embarrassed at that request, but had agreed to it. Sydney and Nadia fell asleep shortly after he’d finished, and just like with the triplets Jack and Irina had stayed for a little while watching them sleep. In their own bedroom Irina had tried time and time again to get Jack to tell her anything about the next day. But despite her best efforts, he hadn’t told her a thing.

The next day early in the afternoon everyone was enjoying the day outside. Since Jack and Irina wouldn’t be home in the evening, Sydney was spending the evening there, and Vaughn and Isabelle would come to the house for dinner. Eric and Sergei would be coming too. Jack looked at his watch and stood up. “I have some things to take care of, so I’ll be taking off. I should be home in about two to three hours.” Irina looked at him surprised.

“You’re what? Two to three hours? That means you won’t be home, until somewhere between 3.30-4.30. Where are you going?” He smiled at her.

“I can’t tell you that.” He walked over and gave her a kiss. She smiled back at him.

“Does it have anything to do with our plans for this evening?”

“I can’t tell you that either.” He walked over to say goodbye to the kids, and Irina rolled her eyes at him. She followed him into the house, and blocked the front door. He smiled at her. “I’ll be home sooner if you let me out.” She smiled back.

“I’ll let you go, but at least tell me something about tonight.” He shook his head. “Oh come on Jack. At least tell me where we’re going, so that I’ll know what clothes to wear.”

“Wear anything you’d like.” She rolled her eyes at him and laughed a little.

“That’s not being very specific. So, are you telling me that I can wear sweatpants?” Jack nodded.

“Yes, if that’s what you feel like wearing, then by all means wear that.” She laughed a little.

“What are you wearing? Or can’t I know that either?” Jack thought for a moment, then looked at her.

“I think, I’ll be wearing a nice pair of shorts, a short sleeved shirt, and sandals. Now that I’ve answered one of your questions, can I go?”

“No, you’re not getting off that easy.” Jack rolled her eyes at her. Then he pulled her close, gently pushing her against the door, and kissing her passionately and deeply. After a few moments, they both needed air. He didn’t let her catch her breath for very long, before he kissed her the same way again. This time he let her away from the door, and turned them around so that he was closest to the door. When they broke apart again, she was a little disoriented, and he laughed a little at her before opening the door.

“I’ll be back as soon as I can sweetheart. And really, you can wear anything you want.” Then he was gone before she could say or do anything.

The doorbell rang at Sydney and Vaughn’s place, and Vaughn opened the door. “Hi Jack. Come on in.” Jack gave Vaughn a smile and greeted him back, and they walked into the kitchen where Eric was.

“Hey Jack.” Jack greeted Eric as well. He looked at the kitchen table.

“Thank you for putting out all the stuff for me.” Vaughn gave him a nod.

“Sure thing. Do you need any help?”

“No, thank you. I’ll manage.”

“Okay. If you need our help just let us know. And feel free to look around for whatever you might need. If there’s anything you need and you can’t find it, just let me know.” He gave Vaughn a smile and a nod. “Well, Weiss and I will get out of your way, and let you get to work. We’ll be watching TV, in case you need anything.” Jack nodded at them again, and they left him alone.

Twenty minutes later Eric walked into the kitchen to get two beers. He looked at Jack for a little while, who didn’t look up from what he was doing. On the way back to the TV, Eric shook his head a little. Vaughn noticed that. “What’s wrong?”

“It’s just Jack. I have no problem with him killing people, with him giving people his death glare that sends chills down people’s spines, with him torturing people, with him rigging a place with explosives, with him doing anything in his powers to protect his children. I’m perfectly fine with all that. But seeing him in the kitchen humming and making a chocolate cake is a little disturbing. I must admit, it creeps me out a little bit.” Vaughn looked at him a little wide eyed.

“Well, I saw the ingredients and noticed the chocolate, but I didn’t expect him to make a chocolate cake.” Vaughn grinned a little. “Oh, I have to see this for myself.” He went to the kitchen and looked at Jack. Then he went to the fridge to get two beers, so that it would seem that he was not just there to check up on Jack. He took another short look at Jack after closing the fridge before leaving. However, he didn’t get far.

“Vaughn?” Vaughn turned around to look at Jack, who was concentrating on making his chocolate cake.

“Yes, Jack.” Jack still didn’t look up.

“Eric has just been out here and grabbed two beers, and now you’re doing the same. You do realize, in a few hours one of you will be behind the wheel of a car with my granddaughter. Do you really think it’s wise to have more than one beer?” Vaughn was just about to answer, but didn’t get the chance. “If you’re so interested in my cooking skills, then why don’t you just simply pull up a chair and watch, instead of making up some pathetic excuse, just so you can go to the kitchen and sneak a peak?” Vaughn swallowed a little. “I might not be looking up at you, but I’m still watching you.” Now he looked up at Vaughn. He smirked at him a little. “You should know that about me by now.” Vaughn let out a laugh and then nodded.

Vaughn put the beers back in the fridge, and then went to tell Eric that Jack had called his bluff. Since there really wasn’t anything worth watching on TV, they decided to go into the kitchen to watch Jack cook. While the chocolate cake was in the oven, Jack was making part of the meal he and Irina would be enjoying that evening. When he had finished with everything needed for the evening, and the chocolate cake was out of the oven, he spent a few minutes with Isabelle. He then handed her back to Vaughn.

“I should get home. Drive carefully on your way to the house. I don’t want the chocolate cake to get ruined or any of the other foods.” Vaughn smiled.

“We’ll drive safely, and make sure that everything is securely packed.” Jack nodded in return.

“I’ll meet you out in the driveway, so that we can put the food over in my car.” They nodded at him, and he gave Isabelle a kiss before he left.

When Jack pulled into the driveway, he saw that the others were getting out of their cars carrying a few bags. They waited for him to get out of the car. He walked over to them. “I take it you went shopping.” They nodded. He walked closer to Irina. “So, what did you buy?” He was about to take a look in her bag, but she pulled it behind her back.

“Oh no, you don’t. If I can’t know where we’re going, then you can’t see what I’ll be wearing until we go.” Jack just shrugged.

“Fair enough. I can wait. It won’t be long anyway.” He grinned at her, when she realized she couldn’t annoy him by keeping the clothes a secret, like he annoyed her by not telling her where they were going. She hit him playfully on the arm, which just made him laugh a little more.

When Vaughn, Eric, and Isabelle arrived Jack quickly got out of the door. Irina was getting ready, so in a way he knew he had plenty of time. But still he wanted to hurry in case she all of a sudden showed up. He looked over the food to see if it was alright. Vaughn and Eric looked at each other shaking their heads.

Irina had made Jack change in one of the guestrooms, and he was now waiting for her by the foot of the stairs along with everyone else. When he saw her he almost couldn’t breath. She was wearing a floral skirt, a shirt that was matching with one of the colors in her skirt, and high heeled sandals. She couldn’t help but smile, when she saw the look on his face. He swallowed a few times, and gathered himself before reaching his hand out to her, when she was at the last steps. When she reached the floor, he was still just looking at her without saying a word. She smiled lovingly at him. “I take it, this is better than sweatpants after all?” He returned the smile, and leaned closer to whisper.

“You look beautiful and sexy no matter what you wear. But yes, I would agree that this is better than sweatpants. You look absolutely stunning. Just simply wow.” She blushed a little from the compliments she was getting and he gave her a soft lingering kiss.

“You look very handsome yourself.” They stood looking at each other for a little while longer, with Sydney and Nadia looking at each other smiling. Then Jack and Irina said goodbye to everyone and left. When they got in the car Irina turned to Jack. “So, now can I know where we’re going?”

“No.” She shook her head laughing and he laughed a little too. “You’ll know soon enough.” After driving for a while Irina started to recognize the places they were passing. It took her back in time, and she turned to Jack and smiled.

“Sweetheart, are we going to the cave on the beach?” Jack couldn’t hide his huge smile, and she smiled even more.

“Yes, we are.” She leaned over and gave him a kiss on the cheek, and then caressed it.

“You are a wonderful man. I love you.” He took her hand and kissed it.

“I love you too, sweetheart.” A while later they parked the car in their usual spot that hid the car well from anyone else. He told her on the way that the food was in the trunk, when she’s asked about dinner. She cocked an eyebrow at him smiling, when she saw that there were also sleeping bags, blankets, and pillows in the trunk.

“Are we spending the night?” Jack smiled at her.

“Yes, why break with tradition.” She smiled back at him, but suddenly got a little worried.

“Jack, what about the children? They think we’re coming home later.”

“No, they don’t. I’ve told them that we won’t be home until around noon tomorrow.” She gaped a little at him.

“So, you told everyone about tonight, except for me? Everyone was in on it?”

“Yes and no. I’ve told no one where we were going, because this is our secret hideaway. When I took off this afternoon, I went to Sydney’s to make some of the food. Vaughn and Eric were there, and they’ve known part of my plans for a few days. However, our children and Sergei know nothing about our dinner plans. I only told them that we were not coming home. But I guess the guys have filled them in by now.” She laughed a little and then started to take out the things in the trunk. She looked in one of the bags, and then cocked an eyebrow at him again smiling.

“So, I guess we’re keeping with tradition again, and going swimming later?” She held up part of her bikini, and he nodded. She leaned closer to him, and spoke a bit huskily. “Why did you even bring our bathing suits at all? As far as I remember, we often skipped the clothes and went skinny-dipping.” He swallowed a few times remembering fondly those times, before looking at her.

“I don’t know if I have the courage to do that anymore. I thought it was best to bring the bathing suits. You never know if anyone is looking.” She grinned a little at his shyness.

“No one is able to see us, unless they wander all the way out on the rocks. Remember we checked back then?” He laughed and nodded. “Well, we can always start out with wearing the bathing suits, and then take them off later on.” She winked at him and he smiled.

When they reached the cave Irina stood for a few seconds outside reminiscing, before she walked in. Once inside she gasped from the inscription in the wall. It read Jack and Irina forever and a day. She ran her fingers over it and a tear escaped her eye. Jack saw her and went over and wrapped his arms around her. “I told you that one day I’d put our names on the wall as an everlasting mark of our love for each other.” He kissed her cheek and she turned in his embrace. When he saw her crying a little, he kissed her tears away, and she wrapped her arms around him hugging him tightly.

“You’re too good to be true, you know that?” He laughed a little and then took her face in his hands, when they stopped hugging. He dried away the new fallen tears with his thumbs. “I love you so much. So very much Jack.”

“I love you too. So very much.” He kissed her and then they hugged again for a little while before getting started on dinner. When they unpacked Irina laughed a little, when she saw one bottle of white wine, and two bottles of champagne in the cooler, and one bottle of red wine in a bag.

“Intending on getting me drunk?” He laughed when she held up the bottles.

“Most certainly not. The white is for the first course. The red is for the second course. One of the champagnes is for dessert, and the other is for later. And it takes stronger liquor to get you drunk.” She smiled back and laughed a little. He got the disposable grill started, so that they could cook the meat for the second course, while they were eating the first course.

They had a great time at the beach, enjoying the food and wine. Before dessert they went for a swim wearing their bathing suits. However, when they got back to up, Irina pulled down Jack’s swimming trunks and flipped him onto his back on their blanket. She removed the swimming trunks completely and stripped out of her bikini, and then sat down on top of him, before he could react. “Irina, what do you think you’re doing?”

“What does it look like? I think we need to work up an appetite before we have dessert.”

“What if someone sees us?” She shook her head at him laughing.

“Jack, no one will be able to see us here. No one can see us from above, and no one can see us from the sides. And I don’t know about you, but I don’t see anyone out on the ocean. We’ve made love in this spot before, and no one saw us back then either.” She ran her hands up and down his chest. “You’re tense sweetheart. Let me help you relax.” She bent down and kissed him hard and deeply. When she broke the kiss he could hardly breathe. “But hey, if you want me to stop, just say so.” She rubbed against him and he moaned out load, gripping the blanket and closing his eyes.

“Oh god no, don’t stop.” She smiled down at him and bent down to kiss him again. They made love twice and then went to take a dip in the ocean to cool off, after they had caught their breath.

When he unpacked the chocolate cake and the fruit, she just stared at it and then looked up at him smiling. “Your famous chocolate cake. We used to have this too, whenever we came here.” He nodded and smiled, and she leaned in and kissed him. He got the cake ready and the fruit too, and then popped the champagne. After he poured them the champagne, he gave her a glass and took one for himself. They raised their glasses to each other.

“A toast.” She nodded. “To new beginnings.” She smiled back at him.

“To new beginnings.”

After they finished the champagne and a large part of the cake and the fruit, they went for another swim. This time also wearing their bathing suits. They were swimming around a bit and had fun in the water by the edge. When they got back up Jack went inside the cave. He put his short back on and looked over his shoulder before he put the package he picked up the other day in his pocket smiling. When he got back outside, Irina looked at him curiously. “Why did you put your shorts back on? I hope you don’t think we’re done with the ocean.”

“I just wanted to have on a pair of dry shorts. And no I certainly don’t think we’re done with the ocean.” She stood up and gave him a kiss.

“Well, in that case can I borrow your shirt?”

“Of course. I always thought you looked great in my shirts.” She kissed him again, and then went to the cave to get his shirt.

When she got back, they went down near the water’s edge, and danced to the sound of the ocean. She was leaning her head on his shoulder when he let go of her hand and used his hand to raise her head. He held her face by her chin and then brought her lips to his giving her a soft kiss. He let go of her face and stood there caressing her chin, looking deeply into her eyes, smiling lovingly at her. She looked back at him the same way, but couldn’t quite get over the look in his eyes.

“Jack, what’s up with you? You’re like in a world of your own.”

“I’m just thinking of how much in love with you I am, and how lucky I am to have you back in my life again.” She kissed him and rubbed her nose against his.

“I feel the same way.”

“But still, something is missing.” She looked at him confused.

“What are you talking about? Things couldn’t possibly be better. We’re together, happy, and in love.” He nodded.

“Yes, you’re absolutely right. We’ve got our second chance, but to me there’s still something missing.” He took her hands in his and dropped to one knee. She stared wide eyed at him, not able to speak. “Irina I love you. Although we’ve promised each other a new beginning, and a second chance, I want to make it more official. I know our love was real from the start and that our marriage was too, but I want to be married to the real you in every way. I want to say I do to Irina, and I miss the ring on my finger, and miss seeing the ring on yours. I want that again, and I want the world to see that I belong to someone without having to tell anyone. Will you marry me?” Tears were rolling down her cheeks by now, but she still stared at him dumbfounded. After a few seconds she dropped to her knees, threw her arms around him and kissed him passionately. Jack grinned. “So, is that a yes?”

She kissed him allover his face, and several times on his mouth. “Yes, yes, yes, yes, a thousand times yes.” She kissed him soundly and passionately on the lips, and then looked him in the eyes smiling through her tears. “I love you, I love you, I love you. I was wrong. Things could definitely get better.” They laughed and he pulled the ring out of his pocket. He took her hand in his, and placed it on her finger kissing it after. It wasn’t a huge diamond, but not tiny either. It was just right. She looked at it and shook her head in amazement. “Jack, it’s beautiful.”

“I had it custom made. I actually help make the design.” She looked at him dumbfounded and he couldn’t help but laugh at the expression on her face. “The phone call I made on Nadia’s first night at the house was not to Washington, but to a jeweler. Every time I’ve said I was going to headquarters, I’ve gone to the jeweler and marked the cave with our names too. On Sydney’s first night at the house, I got the call that the ring was finished and the day after I picked it up.” She shook her head smiling at him.

“I don’t deserve you, but I thank my lucky stars for you every day.” She kissed him again, and they sat in the sand for a while, just making out.

“What do you say, to opening that second bottle of champagne?”

“I say it’s a great idea.”

The spent the night drinking champagne, skinny-dipping, and making love. They hadn’t slept an eye, and were now sitting watching the sunrise. Jack was leaning against one of the rocks, while Irina was leaning up against him. They were wrapped in blankets, and Jack had his arms wrapped around her, while she rested her arms on top of his. They were tired and sated from making love all night long, but also deliriously happy and in a daze.



“Can we move here?” He laughed and kissed her neck.

“Well, considering that the cave is really nothing more than a studio apartment, I think it’s going to be too crowded with the two of us and the triplets.” She nodded laughing. “But we can always keep it as a vacation house for just the two of us.” She laughed again nodding.

“Let’s do that then.” They were quiet for a while longer, enjoying the sunrise and each other.

“Where do you want to get married? We can get married in Russia if you’d like?” She turned in his arms smiling at him.


“Yes absolutely. We can get the time off, and so can everyone else. I can talk to Devlin. He’ll understand.” She gave him a kiss.

“Thank you for offering. But this is the country we fell in love in, and the country we’ll live in. I want to get married here.” He nodded. “Any idea of when we should get married?”

“Well, I know we promised each other a new beginning. But since the first time we got married was real for the both of us, I thought that we could get married on the same day. I know, it’s next month, but I wasn’t really planning on a huge wedding.”

“I’d love to get married on our original wedding day. So, since we’re not getting married in Russia and we’re getting married next month, do you have any suggestions as to where we should get married?” He smiled a little embarrassed.

“Actually I do. Remember that small inn up the coast? The one we’ve stayed at a few times?” She nodded smiling at the memories. “Well, the place still exists. I called the day after I talked to the jeweler, and the entire place was free in the days surrounding our wedding day. I booked the entire thing just in case. It has that platform overlooking the ocean, and I thought we could get married there. The inn has that beautiful garden that we could have the wedding party in. I’ve talked to them, and they’re more than happy to have the wedding there. It’s not my attention to make all the arrangements without asking you. If you don’t want to have the wedding there, then we’ll find somewhere else.” She smiled at him lovingly and kissed him.

“I couldn’t think of a more perfect place. I’d love to get married there.” He smiled back at her, and kissed her. Their kissed more passionately and found out that they were not so tired and sated after all.

They ended up sleeping for a little while before heading home. They had the rest of the chocolate cake and fruit for breakfast, and went by a Starbucks on the way home to get some coffee. They walked in the house smiling and couldn’t hide how happy they were. When they couldn’t find anyone in the kitchen or living room they heard them outside in the back yard. They stood looking at them for a while without saying anything. Finally Nadia spotted them. “Hi guys. Did you have a nice evening.” They nodded and smiled even more. Jack nodded at Irina and she gave him a quick kiss, before they walked closer.

“Yes, we had a real nice evening. A real nice evening indeed.” She held her hand out with her engagement ring on, so that they all could see. Everyone stared at it and then at Jack and Irina.

“Does that mean what I think it means?”

“If you think that it means your father and I are renewing our wedding vows, then you’re completely right Sydney.” The triplets ran towards their parents excited about the news. Jack and Irina bent down to their level and received hugs and kisses from them, and gave them hugs and kisses in return.

Sydney and Nadia stood just looking at them with tears of joy running down their cheeks. They’d both secretly wished that their parents would renew their wedding vows, but since it hadn’t been mentioned, they thought it wouldn’t happen. When Jack and Irina looked up at them, they smiled at their daughters, and seconds later Sydney and Nadia practically flew over to them and threw their arms around them. Jack and Irina hardly got up, and were nearly knocked off their feet. They received huge hugs from them too, and kisses. Vaughn, Eric, and Sergei let them have their little family moment before they walked over and congratulated Jack and Irina as well.

Chapter 41
They had all enjoyed a nice lunch together where Jack and Irina had told them where the wedding would be and when. Sydney and Nadia had both thought it sounded like the most romantic place to have a wedding, and they thought that their father had been really romantic. Jack had gotten a little embarrassed, and he had only gotten a little more embarrassed when Vaughn and Eric had gone on about him preparing the food. Later in the evening Jack and Irina were the only ones in the house, besides the triplets who were sleeping. Since the wedding was next month they had started making plans. “No, Irina. Absolutely not.”

“Why not Jack?”

“You tell me why.”

“Because he helped me get a pardon, and he looked out for Sydney those years ago. They two of you are also getting along better, or you’re getting better along with him.” Jack shook his head a little.

“That’s still no reason why we should invite Kendall.”

“Think of it as an icebreaker. If we invite him, it can only strengthen our work relationship. We work in black ops, and as close as some of us work, we need to have a strong bond.” He rolled his eyes at her, and then nodded a little.

“Fine. We can invite Kendall.” She smiled at him, and then wrote his name on the list.

“We also have to invite Marcus, Stephen, Robin, and Hayden.” Jack looked at her curiously.

“Hayden?” Then realization dawned on him. “You mean Chase?” She nodded. “Oh no, Irina. We’re not inviting her. I’m putting my foot down on that one. I can’t believe you want to invite her, after the way she’s treated you.”

“I don’t really want to invite her, but she’s dating Marcus, and….” She didn’t get to finish her sentence.

“We’re allowing our guests to bring dates?” Jack couldn’t believe what he was hearing. She laughed from the expression on his face.

“No, not really. Just Marcus, but that’s only because we know who his girlfriend is. Oh and Rachel too. I have a feeling she and Will Tippen are dating.” He shook her head at her even more.

“Sweetheart all I wanted was a small wedding. Just the two of us, our children, Isabelle, and Sergei.” She looked at him curiously.

“What about Michael and Eric?”

“They’re not invited.” She laughed even more at that.

“Jack, Michael is engaged to Sydney, and he’s Isabelle’s father. And Nadia and Eric are practical….”

“Don’t Irina.” He had held his hand up in the air, and stopped her before she could continue. “It’s bad enough that I’ve already lost Sydney. I’m not ready to lose Nadia too.” She smiled lovingly at him, and then gave him a kiss on the cheek. She rested her head against the side of his head.

“Jack you haven’t lost any of them. They might be grown-ups and have lives of their own, but they’ll always be your little girls. They’ll always need you and love you.” He smiled a little shyly, and she gave his cheek another kiss. “But you have Maddie and Caitie. It’ll be years before they start dating.”

“Years? No, no. Try never. I’m never letting go of them.” She rolled her eyes at him, and then threw one of the cushions in his face. They both laughed.

“Getting back to the guest list. Look, I don’t really want to invite Chase, but that might be an icebreaker too. If she sees that we’re including her, then maybe that’ll help her to be a little friendlier towards me.” He sighed, giving in.

“Okay. If you think it’ll help, we can invite her.”

“Thank you.” He smiled back at her. “Now, Rachel goes on the guest list too, and I’ll put a guest for her to bring. Or should we send an invitation to Will, and then cross off a guest for Rachel to bring?”

“Will Tippin is Sydney’s friend. Not mine.”

“Oh come on Jack. After everything he’s been through, and after everything you’ve done to help him out. He was also here at the house.”

“Fine, invite him. But send out an invitation to him, and don’t allow Rachel to bring a guest. I don’t want her showing up with some stranger. I want the wedding to include guests we actually know.” She nodded as she wrote down their names.

“Then we need Marshall, Carrie, and Mitchell.” She wrote down those names as well. “Are we missing anyone? Do you want to invite Ben?” Jack thought about it for a moment, and then shrugged.

“I don’t know. I mean, he helped you too, but the two of us hasn’t really been that good friends for years.” He thought about it a little more. “Why not. Since we’re inviting Kendall, it’s only fair that we invite Ben.” She wrote down his name and then looked at the guest list.

“Okay, I think that’s it.” They looked over the list and nodded. Irina started to feel a little sad. She didn’t show it much, but Jack still noticed. He caressed her cheek and spoke softly.

“What’s wrong?” She turned to him smiling.

“Now why do you think anything’s wrong?” He smiled back.

“Because, although you think I didn’t notice you looking a little sad, I did. And I’d also like to think I know you.” She took his hand and kissed it.

“It’s nothing Jack. Really.”

“Don’t tell me it’s nothing. Something’s clearly making you a little sad. If you can’t tell your own husband then who can you tell?” She nodded.

“It’s Katya. She’s my sister and she won’t be at my wedding. I know she’s not your favorite person, but believe me Jack, she wasn’t trying to kill Sydney.”

“You’re right that she’s not one of my favorite people. But if you say she didn’t try to kill Sydney, I believe you.” She smiled at him.

“Thank you. And if it makes you feel any better, she’s not one of my favorite people either. Not after she tried to get her claws into you, when I specifically told her, you were off limits. Even when you tried to get away from her, she still came at you. I know you went to her, but she shouldn’t have made any advances at you in the first place. And she also never apologized for doing that, and I don’t think she ever will. But she’s still my sister and I love her, and I would’ve loved for her to be at our wedding. Now I know that you probably wouldn’t want her there, and I’d respect that. You’re after all the man I love, and will spend the rest of my life with.” He smiled lovingly at her.

“Thank you.” She leaned in and gave him a soft kiss.

“But that being said, do you think there’s anything you could do to get her a pardon?” He was taken aback by her question. “I know I’m not in a position to ask that of you. I’m not looking to abuse your power as a CIA director. But Katya is smart and has a lot of knowledge. She could be helpful to the CIA.” He looked at her stunned.

“You want Katya to work for the CIA? I seriously doubt she wants to do that.”

“I’m pretty sure she doesn’t. She never wanted to be part of that kind of life. But I also know she eventually would like her freedom, and this might be the only way for her to get that. If those were her odds, then I’m sure she would want to work for the CIA.”

“I’ll agree with you that she’s a smart person, and I’m sure the CIA could benefit from her knowledge. But I don’t know if they’d agree to it.” She nodded her understanding and looked down a bit. He took her hand in his, giving it a squeeze. “But I can always ask.” She looked at him surprised.

“You would really ask the CIA about that?” He smiled compassionately at her.

“Yes, I’d do it for you. Besides she probably has a lot of information that would be of value to the CIA. If she gave up all her information and agreed to work for the CIA, I think they might agree to a pardon. And it would be in the CIA’s best interest to have her work for us with her knowledge and skills.” She smiled at him, kissed him, and then hugged him tightly.

“Thank you.” He smiled back at her.

“Don’t thank me yet. We don’t know if it’ll work. I’ll call Ben tomorrow, and then at the office tomorrow you can tell me if there’s anything Katya might know that will be of value to the CIA. I can then give that information to Ben. That might help things along.”

“After everything Katya has done to you, you still want to help her out, and that means more to me than you’ll ever know.” She kissed him softly. “Now getting back to our wedding plans. I’m going to ask Sydney and Nadia to be my bridesmaids, which means that you need two best-men.”

“What? That’s easy for you to say. You have it easy with being able to pick our daughters. Who on earth am I going to pick?”

“You have lots of choices.” He rolled his eyes at her.

“Fine. I guess I choose Sergei and Marcus then.”

“You can’t choose Sergei.”

“What? And why not?”

“Because, I need someone to give me away, and I plan on asking him. But Marcus is a good choice, so now you only need one more.” He rolled his eyes at her again and she laughed. “What about Marshall?” She had a hard time controlling her laughter, and even more when he glared at her un-amused.

“Oh very funny. You’re enjoying this a little too much. None of us will be able to get a word out when were saying our vows, because Marshall will be crying too much.” She laughed out loud and he did too a little. “Just leave the decision up to me. I’ll think of someone else.” He put an arm around her and pulled her closer. “Why don’t we let the plans be for a while and enjoy our engagement.” He started kissing her neck and she moaned a little.

“I’d love to, but Nadia will be back from the movies sooner or later, and I doubt she’d be thrilled to find us naked on the couch.” He laughed against her skin, which tickled her, and she wiggled a little.

“Why don’t we go to our bedroom then?” He looked at his watch. “It’ll be at least another hour before she gets home. We can have fun in the bedroom, and then go for a swim after to cool off. She won’t be able to tell that something has been going on.” She looked at him seductively.

“I like that idea.” They got off the couch quickly, not wanting to waste precious time.

The next day at APO everyone was excited to hear about Jack and Irina’s engagement. Sydney and Nadia told their closest friends how their father had the ring custom made, and Jack got a little embarrassed and a little uncomfortable by the way Marshall was looking at him, with big puppy dog eyes and smiling lovingly at him. Later Jack and Irina talked about Katya and then called Devlin. Irina told him a lot about her sister and that she wasn’t trying to kill Sydney, and how she trusted her sister with her own life, and knew for a fact that she wouldn’t endanger the CIA. She also gave Devlin a few leads that might be worth checking out that could help Katya. He agreed to look into the leads and go over what Irina had said, and said that he, Jack, and Irina should have a meeting to discuss the matter further.

Later that day the invitations went out in the mail, and two days later Kendall walked into Jack’s office with the invitation in his hand. Irina was in Jack’s office too, going over some work. They both looked up when Kendall knocked and entered. “I was just curious. Is this a joke?” He waved the invitation at them and looked at them curiously. Irina smiled at him.

“No, the invitation is no joke. We would like you to be a guest at our wedding.” He looked at her a little surprised and at Jack too.

“Oh well, thank you.” She nodded at him. “I’m sorry, but I wasn’t sure that you were being serious. I’d love to come.” She smiled broadly at him.

“We’re glad to hear it.” Jack gave Kendall a nod and a small smile. Kendall smiled back.

“Well, I just came to make sure. I’ll let you get back to your work.” He gave them a nod and then left.

Thirty minutes later Dixon walked into Jack’s office. Irina was still there. “Do you guys have a minute?” They both nodded and Dixon gave them a small smile in return. “It’s regarding the wedding invitation. First of all thank you for wanting to include me in your wedding and my children too.” They both gave him a warm smile. “We would love to come. But about Hayden.” Irina looked and spoke sincerely.

“Marcus, we didn’t invite her to mock her. I would like for things to go better between myself and her, and I thought inviting her to the wedding could be an icebreaker. Please don’t think that it’s anything but that.” He gave her a reassuring smile.

“I don’t believe that, and I appreciate you inviting her, even when you have no reason to do that. But I think Hayden might take it the wrong way.” She nodded her understanding. “I’ll ask her if she wants to go, and then give you her answer later.” They smiled and nodded. He gave them a nod indicating he was leaving. Irina nudged Jack, and he knew what she wanted him to do.

“Marcus.” Dixon turned around and looked at Jack. “I need a best man, and I would be honored if you would stand up with me.” He was giving Dixon a warm sincere smile, and Dixon returned it.

“Thank you Jack. I’d be honored to stand up with you on your wedding day.”

“Thank you.” They gave each other one more nod, before Dixon left.

Later Marshall and Carrie walked into Jack’s office. Jack and Irina looked up from their work when they came in. Marshall smiled widely. “Thank you so much for the invitation. That’s really sweet of you. I mean super sweet. That you would want us to be part of your special day, is really a beautiful gesture. I just wish Carrie and I could’ve returned the favor. I mean we couldn’t really return the favor to the both of you, since you weren’t here Irina. Come to think of it, you weren’t here either Jack. You were on a mission.” He looked at Irina. “Oh you see, Carrie and I weren’t married when she got pregnant. In fact she didn’t really want to marry me, but when junior came along…actually he’s not really junior. It’s not like he’s name is Marshall junior. His name is Mitchell or Mitch if you prefer. But anyway, she went into labor and all of a sudden wanted to get married, and I was in the middle of helping Jack and the gang out with their mission from my office. So, thinking quickly, I get Eric ordained over the internet. Just like that…” He snapped his fingers. “and he was ordained and married us. We of course, wanted all our friends to be there, but it was quite impossible. But maybe we can return the favor by throwing a party at some point or something?” Jack glared at him, Carrie shook her head because of his constant and at times annoying rambling, whereas Irina smiled sweetly at him.

“It’s sweet of you to offer, but there’s no reason to return the favor. We weren’t there when the two of you got married, but we’re here now for any future celebrations you might have.” He smiled back at her and was about to speak again, but Carrie beat him to it. She didn’t want him to ramble again.

“What Marshall and I came here to say, is that we would love to come to your wedding. All three of us.” Jack smiled now and gave Carrie a nod.

“We’re happy to hear it.” Marshall was about to say something again, but Carrie grabbed him and dragged him out of the office before he got a chance to say anything. Jack turned to Irina and rolled his eyes at her. “And you wanted him to stand up with me.” They both laughed, but not too loud. They got back to work, but Irina couldn’t help but think about what Marshall had said.


“Yeah.” He looked up at her from his work.

“We have figured out where to have the wedding, when the wedding will be, which guests to invite, having sent out the invitations, but we haven’t talked about who’s going to marry us.”

“No, you’re right. We’ve completely forgotten about that. I mean, we only got engaged the other day, but it’s kind of important to get that out of the way early.” She nodded.

“I was thinking about what Marshall said.” He let out a small laugh.

“You’re actually able to make out what he’s saying?” She laughed a little and then hit him playfully on the arm.

“Be nice. Yes, I am.” She shook her head at him. “I was thinking about the part where he said that Eric married them. Why don’t we get Eric to marry us too?” He looked at her surprised. “None of us are religious Jack, so I see no point in getting a priest to do the ceremony. But having a friend, or practically a family member, performing the ceremony that would be something special. And he knows us, and is funny, so who better for the job.” He eyed her.

“You’re actually being serious.” She nodded and he thought about what she’d said. “Well, I guess that wouldn’t be such a bad thing. Come to think about it, it would make the wedding more special.” She smiled back at him. “Let’s ask him.” He picked up the phone and called him at his desk. A few minutes later Eric walked in and looked at them in mock seriousness.

“Am I in trouble?” He laughed and Irina laughed at that too. Jack just rolled his eyes.

“No, but we have a favor to ask of you.” Eric looked at them a little surprised.

“Well that certainly sounds intriguing. Shoot.”

“Jack and I would love for you to marry us. Will you do that?” He looked at them completely surprised. He hadn’t expecting them to ask him that.

“You want me to marry you?” They both smiled at him.

“Yes. Marshall just told us that you married him and Carrie, and we thought you would make the perfect choice for the person to marry us. You know us, and you’re family. It would make the wedding more special.” He smiled at them broadly after the words had sunk in. He walked over to them and spoke sincerely.

“Thank you very much for asking me to perform the ceremony. I’ll be honored to do it.” Irina stood up and they hugged. She gave him a kiss on the cheek.

“Thank you Eric. That means a lot to us.” He smiled back at her, and then reached his hand out to Jack. He took it and shook it.

“Thank you Jack. I’m honored.”

“Thank you for doing it Eric. It means a lot to us.” Eric got all excited.

“This is great. Can I go tell everyone or do you want to tell people?” Jack and Irina looked at each other, both knowing the answer to Eric’s question just by looking in each others eyes.

“Go ahead and tell everyone.” He smiled broadly.

“Thank you, thank you, thank you.” He was out of the office in a matter of seconds, and Jack and Irina couldn’t help but laugh.

A few minutes later Sydney and Nadia walked into their father’s office and told them how happy they were that Eric was performing the ceremony. Nadia was especially thrilled and thanked her parents a lot. Throughout the day the others told them how exciting it was that Eric would be performing the ceremony, and Rachel also told them that she was coming to the wedding.

Later in the evening Dixon and Chase were at his place having dinner alone. Stephen and Robin were out to dinner with their grandparents. Dixon walked over to a drawer and got the invitation for the wedding out, and gave it to Chase. “What’s this?” She read it and got mad and annoyed. “Yes, the rumor about their marriage reached the office. I can’t believe the nerve she has of inviting me to their wedding. She just wants to throw it in my face that she’s free and able to do what she wants, doesn’t she?” Dixon didn’t really want to get in the middle of things between Chase and Irina. He felt for Irina, and thought Chase was going too far. But he couldn’t very well choose Irina’s side over his girlfriend. So he tried to stay as neutral as possible.

“I asked them about it, but they sincerely want you at their wedding. They want it to be a start for our working relationship to grow stronger.” She scoffed at that idea.

“Oh please. That’s a joke. She is what she is. A criminal, who belongs behind bars. Jack is a smart man and a brilliant agent. I can’t believe he’s allowing himself to get fooled by her again.” She threw the invitation on the table. “Well, I’m certainly not going to be fooled by her. You can tell them we’re not going.”

“Actually I’m going.” She looked at him dumbfounded.

“You’re what?”

“Jack is my friend and he’s asked me to be his best man, which I’ve agreed to. And Irina. Well, she’s in a way my friend too.” He had kept his voice calm and neutral, but she was looking at him even more wide eyed, but also looked at him a bit angrily.

“You can’t be serious?” He simply nodded. “Well, I guess I should’ve expected that, since you worked with her and also helped her to get her a pardon. Fine, if you want to be fooled by her, then by all means do so. But don’t let me tell you later on that I told you so.” He simply went on with eating his food. “I assume that Stephen and Robin will be staying with their grandparents or with friends when you’re at the wedding?” He looked at her.

“No, they’re invited and are coming too.” She looked at him not believing what he’d just said.

“You can’t be serious? You’re honestly going to bring them and let them near Derevko?”

“Yes, I’m serious and they’ve met Irina before. You know that.”

“You can’t do that to them.”

“They’re my children, so yes I can.” There was a little harshness to his tone. When it came to his children no one else had a say in the matter. No one was going to question his abilities as a father. He spoke to her calmer now. “Can we just go back to eating our dinner, and talk about something else?” She still stared at him, and was still a bit angry. But she picked up her fork and continued eating.

The next day, Dixon told Jack and Irina that Chase wasn’t able to go. They told him it was a shame, but knew that in truth, she didn’t want to go. They had also received a phone call from Will, who was honored to be included in their wedding and would gladly attend. Devlin had called them too, and said he was happy about being invited, and was looking forward to the wedding.

A few days later Jack, Irina, and Devlin had a meeting going over a possible pardon for Katya. Some of the leads Irina had provided had been successful. They also talked on the phone with other highly ranking CIA directors, who would help to figure out if Katya could get a pardon. A week after that they all met again and this time Kendall was there too. The pardoning agreement had come through, and now all Katya had to do was agree to it. The pardoning agreement stated that Katya would travel around the US to the CIA offices when her help was required, and also offer assistance abroad. She would also be attached to APO, and work with them from time to time. Kendall had agreed to be the person in charge of her, and whenever she came to APO, he had to be present and sign her in. If he was unable to be there, only Jack or Dixon could sign her in. As director of APO, Jack would have overall responsibility for everything involved with APO and all agents attached to the black ops division, but she would mainly be Kendall’s responsibility. When Jack and Irina drove home from work, on the day of finding out about Katya’s pardoning agreement, Irina eyed Jack. She was a little hesitant.

“Jack, are you sure you’re okay with the agreement? About Katya working at APO?” He smiled and then reached over and gave her hand a squeeze.

“I can handle it, and I’ll have you to look out for me.” They laughed a little. “Besides, she won’t be at APO that often. Sometimes more than others, but don’t worry I’ll be fine. Though, I’m glad that she’s mainly Kendall’s responsibility.” He smiled a little evil, and she shook her head at him.

“Now that’s a little cruel. Kendall’s a nice person. You should know that by now.” He nodded.

“Yeah, I know. But still, better him than me.” They laughed a little again, and then he spoke sincerely. “I’ll be fine regarding Katya. But we don’t know if she’ll say yes yet.” Irina nodded.

“No, but we might be able to find out tomorrow, when we go and visit her.”

“Yeah.” She was about to speak, but he beat her to it. “The answer is yes. I’m fine with going to visit her.” She smiled at him and kissed his hand, when he’d figured out the answer to her question. “After all, I have you by my side.” She held his hand tightly.

“Yes, you do. Forever and day.” He looked at her for a brief moment and smiled, knowing how true her words were.



Jun 11, 2007
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Awww they are renewing their vows :2love:

I loved their get away to their cave and Jack's proposal :cloud9:

I'm really starting to dislike Chase :mad:

I think it's great that they asked Eric to marry them, he seems like the perfect person. And if they can get a pardon agreement for Katya she will also be able to attend, I hope she will attend because then she will finally realise that Jack is of limits, he Irina's and ONLY Irina's. :whistle:

Thanks for the PM, I can't wait to read about the wedding.


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Wow what an awesome updates. :thumbup:

“No.” He turned his attention to Nadia. “Bedtime young lady. Right now.” She shook her head at him, but then smiled from ear to ear. She gave him a huge hug and a kiss on the cheek.
I love protective!Jack. He's so adorable. :sideroll: And he made chocolate cake. Yum. I'd love to get a slice. :eat:

I'm glad that Jack and Irina are renewing their wedding vows. :2love: But I'm so annoyed by Chase. What is it with her and Irina. :superangry:

Thanks for the PM. This is not the end is it ? :Ponder:
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Not only did katya attempt to kill syd, she stabbed vaughn, I don't think either one of them is gonna be happy to see aunt Katya. :LOL: Katya will probably hit on everyone at apo even marshall. :LOL: An katya probably still will go after jack. :LOL: Is sloane going to be brought into this story agan? and will we find out who anastasia is??? Chase is on my nerves too, what the heck could irina be after since she tried to bring down sloane she has no reason to betray jack again. Why is jack being such a diva about the guest list?lol An I still wish jack was my husband, where can a find a man like him???:)


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It Was For The Best.

Thank you for the comments and for reading. Everything is greatly appreciated. :)

Dlenafan: It seems like the right thing to do. Though they're already married, Jack needs to say I do to Irina. I'm glad you loved that. The place is special to them, so it was the perfect place. Chase isn't being real nice, and who knows, maybe she'll never come around. Exactly - Eric is the perfect one. Katya might not agree to the pardoning agreement. Katya has no interest in Jack whatsoever. She knows that Jack is off limits, but she's never had a real interest in Jack.

nicewoman: Thank you. Yeah, Jack really is a sweetheart. I wouldn't mind getting a slice myself. :LOL: I'm glad you feel that way. Jack needs to marry Irina, and not have a marriage that started out with Laura. Chase takes her job seriously. Maybe a little too seriously. Maybe things will always be like that between them. Nope, it's not the end. It's the final chapter when it says 'The End' at the bottom of the page instead of 'TBC'.

Irina_Derevko_Bristow: No, Katya never tried to kill Sydney. That has been said many times in the story, and most recently in the previous chapter. Everything Katya did, she had to do, because her own life was in danger. That being said everyone probably won't be happy with her around to begin with. But she has to agree to the pardoning agreement first, and maybe she won't do that. If Katya agrees to the pardoning agreement, she won't be hitting on anyone. Not even Jack, because she never had a real interest in him. Nope, Sloane won't be back for the rest of this story, but there's always the sequel. :devil: You'll find out about Anastasia in the sequel. Chase just takes her job seriously, and thinks Irina can't possibly change. Maybe that's just the way she'll always feel. Jack just wants a small intimate wedding, and he still thinks of Sydney and Nadia as his little girls. I want Jack to be my husband too. :LOL:

Chapter 42
The next day Jack and Irina went to the prison, where Katya was. Just before walking down to her cell, Irina turned to Jack. “You’re absolutely sure about this?” He wanted to give her a kiss to reassure her, but a guard was with them. Instead he gave her a reassuring smile.

“Yes, I’m absolutely sure.” He also gave her arms a gentle squeeze. She gave him a nod and they walked off to Katya’s cell.

Katya was sitting looking at the wall. She heard someone approaching but didn’t look. Jack stood in front of her cell, and Irina purposely hid behind him. The guard who was with them stood off to the side. No one said anything and a few minutes later Katya turned around. When she spotted Jack she gave him her usual seductive smile. Jack gave her a stern glare in return. She got off her bunk and walked closer to her cell door.

“Hello handsome. Have you come to finish what you started that night at my place?” Just then Irina stepped out from behind Jack, and stood beside him. Katya was surprised to see her, but then she looked at Jack sternly. “Don’t tell me you brought me a cellmate Jack?” Irina looked at her angrily and spoke to her in the same way.

“No, he didn’t. He got me a pardoning agreement, and I’m now a CIA agent.” That surprised Katya too. “We’re also back together, and we’re renewing our vows.” She held her hand with the ring up for Katya to see. Katya cocked an eyebrow and then gave Irina a slight nod.

Jack turned to the guard. “Open the cell.” The guard did as he was asked and took a step back. Jack turned to Irina. “Take all the time you need, and come out when you’re ready.” She nodded smiling lovingly at him, and was just about to step into Katya’s cell, when the guard stepped closer.

“I can’t let you go in there, and I certainly can’t let you be here alone.” Jack turned to the guard and gave him his Bristow death glare.

“I say she can.”

“Well, I say she can’t.”

“And why exactly can’t you let her go in there?” His voice matched the expression on his face.

“She’s a Derevko, and so is she.” He pointed at Katya. “For all I know they could be planning something corrupt.” Jack walked closer to the guard and spoke in a low and threatening voice.

“Number one,” he pointed at Irina “she’s my wife, which makes her a Bristow. Number two, she’s a CIA agent. Number three, I’m a CIA director, and it would be unwise for you to go against a superior officer. Now tell me, which one of these points that I’ve just made, are not clear to you?” The guard swallowed a few times, intimidated by Jack. “You will keep your thoughts regarding my wife to yourself, and you will not go against my orders. If you go against my orders, I will have you locked up for disobeying a superior officer, and you’ll be occupying the cell next to Miss Derevko. Do I make myself clear?”

“Ye..yes sir.”

“Good. Now you and I will leave and let them have their privacy.” The guard was still frozen in place. “Now.” The guard quickly spun around and walked out fast. Jack turned around to look at Irina. “Take your time sweetheart.” She nodded again and he left. Irina stepped into the cell, and she and Katya just stood there looking at each other for a while.

“Well, I guess congratulations are in order on the pardoning agreement and on your upcoming wedding. When will you be renewing your vows?”

“On our original wedding day.”

“So, did you just come to tell me that, or is there another purpose to your visit?”

“No, I didn’t just come to tell you that. I also came to give you this.” Irina handed Katya the documents she had in her hand regarding the pardoning agreement. Katya read it, and then looked at Irina not believing what she had to agree to.

“You can’t be serious? I have to join the CIA in order to be free? And even if I do I’m not really free.”

“You’ll have plenty of freedom.”

“There has to be another way.”

“There isn’t. I had to join the CIA too in order to get pardoned. But I must admit I don’t mind.”

“I never wanted this kind of life, and you know it.” For the first time, Irina looked at her sister more softly, and spoke with the same softness.

“I know. You got into this business because of me, and I’m sorry about that. But the CIA doesn’t look too kindly on someone, who points a gun at one of their agent’s heads. This was the only way to get you out of jail. If you accept the agreement, you’ll be able to spend time with your nieces and nephew. You’ll be able to see Sergei, and we’ll be able to spend time together.” Katya eased up on her stern look too, and spoke softer.

“By my nieces, I’m sure you’re only referring to Maddie and Caitie. Well, possibly Nadia too, but I’m sure Sydney wants nothing to do with me.” Irina gave Katya a small smile.

“I’m sure Sydney will come around. She just needs to get to know you better, and you need to get to know her better too.” Katya gave Irina a small nod. “Just please consider the pardoning agreement. It would make me very happy, and you won’t be under constant surveillance. You’ll really be giving a lot of freedom.” They looked at each other for a little while longer without saying anything. “Just think about it.” Irina turned to leave.

“If I agree, will I’ll be able to go to your wedding?” Irina looked back at Katya, with a sad look on her face.

“Katya you’re my sister and I love you. I would love for you to be there on my wedding day, but Jack doesn’t want you there. I’m sure you can understand that.” She nodded at Irina. “I don’t want to go against his wishes. I have no right to do that.”

“I understand.” They looked at each other for a little while again, and then Irina stepped forward and hugged her sister.

“I love you Katya.” They let go of each other and smiled at each other.

“Give my nieces and nephew a kiss and a hug from me, and say hello to Sergei from me.”

“I will. Bye Katya.” They smiled at each other, and Irina left closing the cell door. Seconds later the guard returned to lock it.

When Jack and Irina drove back to APO, they didn’t speak much, but after a while the silence got to Jack. “So, did Katya agree to the pardon?” Irina sighed.

“I don’t know. She didn’t say, she was going to, but I told her to think about it.” He nodded. “I really want her to accept it.” He reached over and squeezed her hand.

“I’m sure she will.”

“Okay, let’s talk about something else. Have you decided who your second best man will be? You do know that the wedding is only a few weeks away, and you still have to go and get clothes?” He nodded.

“I actually have someone in mind, but I don’t know how you feel about it.” She grinned a little.

“Don’t tell me you’ve decided to go with Marshall.” He laughed.

“No.” They laughed a bit more, before he got a little serious. “I thought about asking Vaughn, but I won’t if you’ll have a problem with that.” She picked up his hand that she was still holding, and kissed it.

“I don’t have a problem with you asking Michael. I have no problems with Michael, you know that. He probably still has problems with me, no matter how much we get along. I did after all kill his father. But I don’t have a problem with him standing up with you. He might have a problem with it though.” Jack nodded.

“He might, but I can always ask him, and see what he says.”

“I think it’s sweet that you’re asking him. You two have been through a lot together, and it’s seems right that you’re asking him. Sydney will be thrilled, just as Nadia was thrilled that we asked Eric to perform the ceremony.”

“Well, he has to say yes first.” She nodded and they continued talking about other things on the way to APO.

When they got back to APO, they told everyone that Katya hadn’t agreed to anything, but that she’d think about it. Later Jack called Vaughn into his office. “Hi Jack. You wanted to see me?”

“Yes, have a seat.” Vaughn looked at Jack a little oddly, but took a seat.

“So, what’s up?” Jack looked at Vaughn not really knowing how to ask him. Irina had been right that he and Vaughn had been through a lot together. Vaughn was also engaged to Sydney and the father of his grandchild, and he couldn’t be happier that Sydney had found someone to spend her life with, though he would never admit that to anyone. Vaughn had also proven to be a good and trustworthy man, so it seemed right to ask him. But also in reality, he didn’t have that many choices left, for who would fill the position of the second best man.

“As you know Irina has asked Sydney and Nadia to be her bridesmaids, and I’ve asked Marcus to be my best man. But I need a second one. I was wondering, if you’d consider standing up with me?” Vaughn looked at Jack completely surprised.

“Are you serious? Are you really asking me for real?”

“Yes, Vaughn I’m really asking.” Vaughn still sat there feeling surprised by Jack’s request. “If you don’t want to because of Irina, I’ll understand.” Vaughn finally got over his surprise a little, and smiled at Jack.

“No, Jack, Irina’s not the problem. I’m just really surprised that you would ask me. Thank you that means a lot.” Jack gave Vaughn a half smile.

“Well, I didn’t really have that many options left. Eric’s performing the ceremony, and Sergei is giving Irina away. That only leaves me with you, Marshall, Will, Devlin, and Kendall. Devlin and I are not that close friends that we once were, and well, you can imagine how close friends I am with the rest of them, and maybe see why I don’t choose Marshall.” Vaughn smiled at Jack even more.

“So, you think of me as your friend?”

“No, I didn’t say that.” He was still giving his half smile, and Vaughn couldn’t help but laugh a little. He’d seen that smile on so many occasions, one of them being when Jack took him to one of his storage spaces.

“Okay Jack. Whatever you say.” He looked at Jack more sincerely. “Thank you Jack. I’d be honored to stand up with you.” He stood up and reached his hand out to Jack. Jack shook it and nodded.

“Thank you.” He gave Vaughn a nod, which Vaughn returned. Before walking out the door, Vaughn turned around to Jack.

“You really do like me.” Vaughn had a grin plastered on his face, and Jack gave him the same half smile he’d just given Vaughn a few seconds ago. Vaughn walked over to his desk smiling all the way. Sydney noticed and walked over to him.

“What did dad want?”

“He asked me to be his best man.” Sydney looked at Vaughn surprised, and he couldn’t help but laugh a little. “Yeah, I think that was my expression when he asked me.”

“Dad seriously asked you?” Vaughn nodded, and Sydney smiled. They hugged and talked for a few minutes, before Sydney went to see her father. She knocked on his door, and when he motioned for her to come in, she just stood there looking at him, with a huge smile on her face. Jack smiled back at her.

“I guess Vaughn told you?” She nodded and then walked over to him, throwing her arms around him and hugged him.

“Thank you dad.” They smiled at each other and Jack let out a little laugh.

“Get back to work.” She let out a small laugh too, and gave him a kiss on the cheek before leaving.

Irina was thrilled that Vaughn had agreed to stand up with Jack. She talked to him a little later, after Jack had told her, and they ended up having a nice talk. Indeed they were getting closer. Everyone else was thrilled that Vaughn was the second best man too.

The next day they were all gathered for a morning meeting. When they had just finished and were about to leave, Eric stopped everyone. “Can I talk to you two?” He pointed at Jack and Irina. “Well, the rest of you can stay as well.” They all nodded and sat back down. “Well, since I’m performing the ceremony, I just have a few questions, if that’s alright?” Irina smiled at him, and was happy that he was taking such pride in performing the ceremony. Jack smiled too.

“Sure go ahead.” Eric nodded, and took out a piece of paper from his briefcase. Nadia smiled too, at how much seriously Eric was taking all of this.

“Okay number one.” He looked at Jack and Irina. “Will the two of you be writing your own vows?” Jack and Irina looked at each other. “I take it the two of you haven’t talked about that?”

“No, we haven’t. I can’t believe we haven’t thought about that. What do you think Jack? It might be fun, and it’ll be our words, our truth we give to each other.” Jack smiled at her. At first he hadn’t been that thrilled by the idea. He wasn’t sure if he could stand there talking about his feelings in front of everyone. But Irina’s reasons made sense, and it would make the wedding more special.

“I think that’s a great idea.” She smiled back and nodded at him.

“Great. I’ll just make a note of that.” Eric wrote it down and moved on to his next question. “What kind of music do you want to be played at the beginning of the ceremony?” Jack and Irina looked at each other again shrugging.

“Also something we haven’t thought about. We’ll have to get back to you on that one.” Eric nodded and made a note.

“Okay, I just have one final question.” They all nodded and looked at Eric. He looked up at them, looking as serious as he had looked at the other two questions. “Do you intend to live in celibacy until your wedding night?” Jack stared wide eyed, Irina started to laugh, Nadia and Sydney sent Eric angry looks, Vaughn, Dixon, Kendall, Carrie, and Rachel started to laugh a little, and Marshall couldn’t hold back either. Eric still maintained his serious attitude. “You know, if you stay celibate, it’ll make the wedding night more special.” That made Vaughn, Dixon, Kendall, Carrie, Marshall, and Rachel laugh even harder and Irina too. Jack was now giving Eric an angry glare and Sydney and Nadia were shaking their heads in embarrassment. “Well, are you?”

“Oh come on Weiss. You’ve seen them in action. I think you know the answer to your own question.” Now Vaughn received an angry glare from Jack. Everyone was still laughing, except for Jack, Sydney, and Nadia. Irina looked over at Eric and shook her head, which cause Jack to get a little red in the face.

“Okay, now that most of you have had fun at our expense, I suggest we get back to work.” He got out of his chair.

“No wait, I have something to ask.” Everyone looked at Vaughn and Jack gave him a glare. “No honestly, this is not another remark.” Jack rolled his eyes and sat back down. “Since you now have chosen your two best men, and most of us, who’re going to the wedding are here, I think it’s time we start planning your bachelor party.”

“I’m not a bachelor.” He started to get out of his chair.

“Oh come on Jack. You’re getting married again, so you need to have a bachelor party. A real, original bachelor party.” Nadia turned her attention to Eric, and cocked an eyebrow at him.

“And by a real, original bachelor party, do you mean one that includes strippers?”

“Oh come on honey. Every man has strippers at his bachelor party. It’s tradition.”

“Yeah.” Vaughn supported his friend, but received the same look from Sydney that Nadia was giving Eric.

“Oh really? So I guess that means that you’ll be having strippers at your bachelor party?”

“Well, I won’t be the one planning my own bachelor party, so I really can’t say honey.”

“Let the boys have their strippers. I’m sure Irina wouldn’t mind a couple of male strippers herself, when we throw her a bachelorette party.” Sydney and Nadia looked horrified at Carrie, and Marshall looked at her a little nervous. Carrie just shrugged. “Sorry, I know the two of you are the ones, who’re supposed to plan the party as the bridesmaids. But I assume I’m invited, and it would be fun with some male strippers.” They were still looking horrified at her, and Carrie just shook her head at them laughing. “Would you mind Irina?” Carrie looked at Irina, who looked at her amused.

“No, I actually think it would be quite fun.” Jack looked at her horrified too a little, and then looked at her a little annoyed.

“Mom, we’re not going to a strip club with you, or having some strippers over. You can just forget about that. There’ll be none of that.”

“Now sweetheart, you have to admit that there’s nothing like a well build man wearing a white naval dress uniform, and then seeing him stripping down to nothing.” Jack, Sydney, and Nadia all stared wide eyed at her, but they only had time to do that for a few seconds.

“Oh yes.” Now everyone turned to look at Rachel, who was lost in thought by the image Irina had just described. She suddenly felt everyone looking at her, and she instantly turned red in the face with embarrassment. “Sorry.”

“See. Your mother wants strippers, Rachel wants strippers, and I want strippers. You two are clearly outnumbered.” Sydney and Nadia were shaking their heads at Carrie, not believing she’d started this whole thing. She laughed at them. “Just think about it.”

“Yes, and Jack you think about strippers at your bachelor party.” Jack looked at Vaughn annoyed and his voice matched his mood.

“I’ve already told you that I’m not a bachelor. Therefore I’m not having a bachelor party, and I’m certainly not having strippers anywhere. Now back to work.” He got up and left the conference room, and headed back to his office. The guys got together and started making plans for a party for Jack, and the girls got together too, after Sydney and Nadia had gotten over their shock. Irina walked to Jack’s office.

“I think you should let the guys throw you a bachelor party:” He looked up and glared at her.

“Oh, so I should just let them throw me a party and have strippers over, or let them take me to a strip club? You would really be okay with that?” She just shrugged.

“Yeah, I’d be fine with that. You’re not going to be doing anything with them. It’s not like you’re cheating, and neither would I be, by having strippers at my party. Which by the way, I’m having.” He looked at her dumbfounded. She grinned at him. “I meant I’m having a party. It’s up to the girls if they want to take me to a strip club or have strippers over.” He was still annoyed.

“So, you’d actually go to a strip club or have male strippers at the party, and have them dancing all over you, and it wouldn’t bother you?” She shook her head. “Well, it would bother me.” She laughed.

“I’m sorry sweetheart, but it’s my party, and you just have to accept that.” He stared at her wide eyed and she smiled at him. “I should get back to work. Bye.” She waved at him and left. The truth was, Irina didn’t want to have strippers at her party, nor did she want Jack to have strippers at his. But since she knew, he didn’t want to have strippers, she could have a little fun with him, by saying she wanted strippers at her party.

Jack sat in his office for several minutes annoyed by the whole situation. He didn’t want Irina to have strippers at her party, and he certainly didn’t want to have strippers at his. He knew by now that he would be going to a party regardless of how he felt about it. The guys would insist, and they would get Sergei in on it, and no doubt Marcus would be convincing too. The only woman he would ever want to see strip in front of him, was Irina. That thought suddenly gave him an idea, and he suddenly remembered that he’d once helped out a guy, who’d told him that he owed him a favor. Jack had never needed that favor until now.

When he got home from work that night he found the phone number and gave the guy a call.

Jack had been out of the office a lot during the next couple of days. He’d told everyone that he couldn’t tell them where he was going, and everyone assumed that it meant he was meeting with a contact. On some occasion, he’d said he was going to headquarters. Even if that had been his same cover story for when he had the ring made, no one suspected any differently this time. He had also told Irina that he had to work late. It was four days after the whole bachelor party talk at the office, when Jack and Irina went to bed. Irina was already in bed. She was reading a book and was waiting for Jack to get out of the bathroom. She thought it took longer than usual, but she was also busy with her book that she didn’t say anything to him.

When she heard the door to the bathroom open she put down her book and looked in Jack’s direction. Her jaw dropped and she stared wide eyed at him. He walked out of the bathroom wearing a white naval dress uniform, with insignia, medals, and the hat. He walked like a military man, making the right turns. She watched him with desire in her eyes as he walked to their small desk and placed the chair at the foot of their bed. Then he proceeded and walked over to Irina and picked her up.

“Jack, what are you doing?”

“No talking please.”

He sat her down on the chair and continued his military walk over to the stereo. He pressed play, and got back to Irina and turned his back to her. When the music started to play, he started shaking his hips and butt, to the rhythm. He turned around and started dancing in front of her, walking closer and closer. He placed his legs, so that her legs were in between his as he moved his body in her face. Then he took a step back and turned around, bending so she could look at his butt. He shook it, and then grabbed it, placing a hand on each of his butt-cheeks, squeezing, and running his hands all over his butt. He looked back at her, and when he saw that she was just about to touch, he gently slapped her hand away.

“No touching please.”

He ran his hands all the way down to his ankles, and looked at her through his legs. He could see that she was completely turned on. When he got back up again, he smiled a little to himself. He walked a bit forward in the room, putting some distance between them, before turning around. He started to unbutton his jacket, very slowly. She followed his every move very intensely. He danced and moved to the music, and when the jacket was completely unbuttoned, he slowly let it slide off his shoulders and arms. He kept it on one wrist, and then swung it over his head, before finally throwing it to the side.

Moving closer and dancing, he was once again standing very close to her. He grabbed his white t-shirt at the top and ripped it down the middle. He then stripped out of it, and started to run his hands all over his chest. Irina was licking her lips, just watching him, and wishing she could run her hands all over his chest too. He turned around and backed up against her. Bending down, he put his hands between his legs and pulled Irina’s legs together, so that he could sit on her gently. He moved up and down her thighs with his butt, and also started moving his butt a bit higher to her stomach. She swallowed many times and kept on licking her lips.

He stood up, walked a few steps and kicked off his shoes. He kept dancing and then put his hands on his pants and ripped them off. Irina stared wide eyed, when she realized he was wearing a thong. He took off his hat, putting it in front of him, and then turned around, swaying his hips as he walked towards her. He stopped when he stood in front of her, and then pulled the thong off. He swung it around a bit, before throwing it away over his shoulder. The song that was playing now was ‘You Can Leave Your Hat On’. When it ended Jack removed his hand and the hat stayed on.

They kept looking at each other both of them with eyes that were filled with lust and desire. He smiled at her and she smiled back at him. “Now can I touch?” He grinned.

“Yes, please.” She was out of her chair in an instance and threw her arms around him, kissing him hard, passionately, and deeply, running her hands all over his body. He let out a little yelp. She looked at him confused.

“I think it’s best to remove the hat.” She grinned at him a little, taking the hat and putting it on her head. “It suits you. However, at the moment your clothes don’t.” He quickly helped her remove her clothes and soon she was as naked as him, with the exception of the hat. He picked her up and placed her on the bed, where they made love slowly and passionately. The hat fell to the floor rather quickly.

Later they lay in each others arms catching their breaths. When Jack had gotten some control of his breath he looked at Irina. “So. Do you still want strippers at your party?” She looked at him and grinning.

“Jack, I never wanted strippers at my party. I only said I wanted to, to have a little fun with you, because I knew you wouldn’t want any at yours, and that you’d be annoyed when I said, I wanted some at mine.” He stared at her dumbfounded.

“You mean I went to all this trouble for nothing? I took lessons for nothing?”

“Oh no Jack. It was not for nothing. It was amazing. You’ve got talent, and I really, really appreciate what you did. Believe me.” She spoke to him huskily, and then kissed him passionately. When they broke the kiss, she looked at him oddly. “Wait. Did you say, you took lessons?”

“Yeah. That’s why I’m been out of the office so much lately, and the reason why I’ve been home late the last couple of nights.” She looked at him dumbfounded.

“How did you know where to go for lessons?” He laughed.

“Well, a few years ago, I was out walking around town. I came down a street, and I noticed in an alley that a guy was about to be beaten up by five guys. I couldn’t just let them beat him up. First of all he was outnumbered, and second of all he sounded innocent. Well, I walked over there and told them they should leave him alone. They laughed in my face, saying that I should get out of there before I got hurt. I said the same thing to them. That only pissed them off, and they came after me. Well, they were the ones, who ended up getting hurt.”

“Of course.” She smiled proudly at him, knowing that it would take more than a couple of hoodlums to be able to harm him. He smiled at her.

“Anyway, they ran off, to the best of their abilities since they could hardly walk. The guy I’d helped thanked me and wanted to repay me. I said there was no need to, but he still insisted. He ended up giving me his card, and said that if I ever wanted to give my significant other a special treat, he would be more than happy to give me free lessons in how to do a strip show.” Irina laughed out loud.

“Oh, I would’ve loved to have seen your face, when he told you that, and he gave you his card.” Jack laughed too.

“Yeah, I thought he was nuts. Well, somehow I ended up holding on to his card, and luckily enough he was still working at that number, and he remembered me. He was thrilled to give me lessons and even got me the costume.”

“Well that was certainly nice.” She kissed him passionately again. “So now, do you have to return the costume, or do you get to keep it?” She looked at him with desire.

“I get to keep it.” She licked her lips.

“So, hopefully that means, you’ll be putting on another show some day?” He grinned and so did she.

“We’ll see about that. Right now I think we have more important things to attend to.” He started kissing her neck and moved his hand up and down her body. Irina moaned in pleasure.

“Yes, please.”



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I'm finally over here! And I've missed 7 wonderful chapters, so I must catch up.

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Great Chapter,

I really loved Irina's posessiveness towards Jack in the beginning of the chapter :madfire:

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OMG, I can't belive Jack stripteased for Irina, how romantic :love:
And your describtion of Jack in the navy suit was just :drool:
Now, it's only fair that Irina return the favor some time, maybe on their honeymoon :rolleyes:

Thanks for the PM, I can't wait for the next


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Miss a day miss alot. I love the updates. Weiss marrying them that should prove interesting. I always liked that character definetly not a afraid to speak his mind. Love his questions. Looking foward to see what happens with Katya (speaking of a character not afraid to speak what is on there mind.) should prove very interesting if she takes the pardon agreement.
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OMG jack in the navy suit was hilarious but delicious at the same time. :LOL: Katya better take the deal. Weiss just makes me laugh. :LOL: Strip joints are so not irina and jack's thing.
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I started to read your story yesterday and just finished it up to now. It's long, it's I/J and it 's fluffy, more than I could ask for :woot: thank you, loved it.. :thumbup:


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“Okay, I just have one final question.” They all nodded and looked at Eric. He looked up at them, looking as serious as he had looked at the other two questions. “Do you intend to live in celibacy until your wedding night?” Jack stared wide eyed, Irina started to laugh, Nadia and Sydney sent Eric angry looks, Vaughn, Dixon, Kendall, Carrie, and Rachel started to laugh a little, and Marshall couldn’t hold back either. Eric still maintained his serious attitude. “You know, if you stay celibate, it’ll make the wedding night more special.” That made Vaughn, Dixon, Kendall, Carrie, Marshall, and Rachel laugh even harder and Irina too. Jack was now giving Eric an angry glare and Sydney and Nadia were shaking their heads in embarrassment. “Well, are you?”
LOL. :ROFLMAO: Oh man, this is soooo funny. :laughing:

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“Okay, I just have one final question.” They all nodded and looked at Eric. He looked up at them, looking as serious as he had looked at the other two questions. “Do you intend to live in celibacy until your wedding night?”
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“Years? No, no. Try never. I’m never letting go of them.”
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It Was For The Best.

Next update is here. Thank you all for reading and commenting. It means a lot. :)

AliasMuse: Thank you. Great to hear from you again. :)

Dlenafan: Yes, she's certainly possessive, though Katya doesn't want Jack. I'm glad you liked that conversation, and that it made you laugh. Thank you. He's quite romantic. I'm glad you thought so. It's easy picturing Jack in that suit, because Victor Garber wore one in a mini-series called Dieppe. You won't get to hear about the honeymoon. She might do it there, but she might also do it sooner.

sleepy1t: Glad to hear it. Thank you. Weiss might just turn the jokes down on that occasion. No, he's not. :LOL: I'm glad you loved that part. Well, I certainly hope, she takes the agreement, but we'll see.

Irina_Derevko_Bristow: Yes, quite delicious in my opinion. We'll see if she does. He's certainly one funny guy. No, it's not. :LOL:

Sydney Derevko Bristow: Thank you. It's always great with new readers. I'm glad you love it.

nicewoman: Yes, he's one funny guy. :LOL: I can recommend Dieppe that Victor Garber was in. His character is nothing like Jack, but he's great in it, and looks great in the uniforms. I hope she accepts the agreement. Have a great week. :)

dandan: Yeah, it's quite long. Thank you for reading.

TheDerevkoGirl: Thank you. Yeah, he's quite funny. :LOL: Yeah, he's a sweetheart.

Chapter 43
The next morning Irina was standing in the kitchen thinking of the previous night. Jack was helping the triplets bring out some coloring books, and Nadia was just finishing getting ready to go to work. She couldn’t believe that Jack had done that for her, but she certainly appreciated it. And she’d made sure to thank him plenty last night. She was lost in thought with a big smile on her face, when Jack walked back into the kitchen. He looked at her smiling, and walked over to her.

“What have you all smiling?” She looked a little surprised to see him standing in front of her.

“I’m sorry, what?” He laughed.

“I asked, what have you all smiling?” She smiled back at him.

“You do. I can’t get your performance last night out of my head. You were amazing. Thank you.” Jack blushed a little. She gently stroke his chin with two fingers.

“Thank you too. But you thanked me last night several times, remember?”

“Yeah, I know, and I’ll thank you several times still.” She leaned in and kissed him. She then proceeded to put her arms around his neck, and kissed him more deeply. He put his arms around her, so that they were as close as they could possibly get. When they broke the kiss they still stood as close as they could possibly get.

“Well, I’ll be looking forward to you thanking me.” They both grinned.

“I also can’t get over the fact that you wore a thong.” Jack grimaced a little.

“That wasn’t all that pleasant.” She laughed.

“Too bad you can’t wear the uniform at the wedding. I’d let you wear boxers underneath.” He shook his head at her. She narrowed her eyebrows and looked at him with desire. “Any chance of you bringing it on the honeymoon?” That made him laugh even more. “Wait. Are we even going on a honeymoon.” He smiled at her.

“Yes. I cleared it with Devlin. We’ve got a week. We could probably have gotten more, but I didn’t want to get too much time off. I don’t want anyone to get angry with us for taking too much time off, or particular you, since you’re so new to the business. I know that no one at APO would be angry with you, but there are others.” She nodded.

“You mean like Chase.”

“Yes, her, and that guard at the prison wasn’t pleased with you either. He’s nothing, and for that matter so is Chase. I don’t give a damn about the people, who can’t see that you’ve changed, or can’t see that you’re not the person, we thought you were for years. But so that you won’t take any heat for it in the future, I thought it was best to only take a week.”

“I agree.”

“I’m also a director and have a responsibility, even though the place could run just fine with Marcus and Kendall running things. But I was also thinking about the triplets. I’m sure they’ll understand why we’re going away alone, but since they haven’t had both of us in their lives much, I think it’s best, not to stay away too long.” She smiled lovingly at him.

“I don’t want to stay away from them too long either. Believe me, I’m looking forward to having you all to myself with no interruptions and not having to put on pajamas, but I’m still going to miss them terribly.”

“Yeah, me too. But just think that one day we’ll have the best of both worlds.” He wiggled his eyes at her, while she looked at him curiously.

“What do you mean?”

“One day the triplets will be too old to come and snuggle with us, and like you said, we won’t have to put on pajamas.” She laughed at him shaking her head, and he laughed too. “Don’t get me wrong. I love that they come and snuggle with us, and I’m sure it’s a sense of security for them, but I really enjoy having your naked body next to mine.” She smiled at him.

“Me too.” They kissed again. “Now, about the honeymoon. Have you planned where we’re going?”

“No, I thought we should do that together.”

“Then shouldn’t we do it soon? The wedding is soon, and we actually have a lot of details to sort out still.”

“I know, but I didn’t think it would take that long to figure out. It’s only a week, and I don’t think that we’ll have much trouble getting in anywhere. Money is not a problem, and Devlin said we could use one of the CIA planes to get back and forth. So we only have to agree on a location. I must admit I’ve actually thought about Venice, or near Venice. That way I could see your restaurant.” She smiled lovingly at him.

“That certainly sounds like a great place to go for our honeymoon, and very romantic. We should talk about it tonight.” He nodded smiling. “That’s really nice of Devlin to let us use one of the planes, seeing as it’s for personal use.”

“Yeah, it is. I think, he considers it as a part of our wedding gift. But I also think, he wants to apologize for the way Chase’s been acting. I think, he feels a little responsible for her behavior.”

“He shouldn’t feel that way, but it’s still nice to give us the plane. Now about clothes. I need to find a dress for me, dresses for all of the girls, and you need to find clothes for you, Ethan, Michael, and Marcus. That’s one of the details we have to sort out, and we should do it soon.” He nodded.

“I’ve thought about going tomorrow. I don’t think that’ll take too long either.” She shook her head at him.

“Men. You have it too easy. All you have to do is throw on a suit, and you’re home free. You don’t have to put as much thought into it as women do.” He laughed.

“I promise I’ll put a lot of thought into it, and you can wear anything you want. Remember I told you that you look beautiful and sexy no matter what you wear.” He kissed her.

“Yes, I remember. But this is a special occasion, so I need to put extra thought into it.” They smiled at each other, and then they kissed again. They stopped kissing by the sound at the doorbell. They both sighed. Irina looked at her watch. “Why did Sergei have to be punctual now that we were enjoying ourselves?” Jack let out a small laugh.

“Yeah, I agree, but we also need to get to work. But don’t worry. We’ll have lots of fun tonight, I promise.” They looked at each other with desire in their eyes, and kissed one last time before heading off to work.

At APO Jack had arranged with Vaughn and Dixon that they’d go out to get clothes the next day. Irina had just made plans with Sydney and Nadia, and Carrie and Rachel joined them now by the coffee maker. “So Irina, are you still up for having strippers at your party?” Sydney and Nadia sent Carrie an annoyed glare, whereas Irina smiled at her.

“I’m sorry to have to tell you this Carrie, but I never wanted strippers at my party.” Sydney and Nadia let out a sigh of relief. “I just said that to tease Jack.” Carrie nodded while Rachel looked a little disappointed.

“So, do you want us to keep up the act, so that you can keep on teasing Jack?” Irina shook her head.

“No, I told Jack that I was only teasing, and that I don’t want strippers at my party.” Carrie nodded but then cocked an eyebrow at Irina.

“Just what made you decide to tell him so soon that you were only teasing?” Irina smiled with a grin in her eyes. Sydney and Nadia instantly felt very uncomfortable with the look in their mother’s eyes, and Carrie had a feeling what it meant too. She couldn’t resist asking, knowing that it would make Sydney and Nadia uncomfortable. “So, the look in your eyes. Does that mean that Jack put on a show for you?” Sydney and Nadia gaped at Carrie.

“Carrie we don’t want to know that.” Sydney turned to her mother. “Mom, we don’t want to know that. Don’t answer that question.” Irina couldn’t help but grin and blush a little.

“I don’t think your mother has to say a thing. The laugh and the look on her face say it all.” Sydney and Nadia looked at their mother briefly. Sydney then closed her eyes and shaking her head, while Nadia just closed her eyes shut.

“Mom, I live in that house with you. I don’t need to know what goes on.”

“I never said anything sweetheart. Carrie guessed.”

“You might not have said anything, but you indicated it. You could’ve hid it better.”

“I’m not ashamed of my love life. And while I might not go around parading how it is, out of respect for your father, I’m not going to hide it completely.” Sydney and Nadia groaned.

“I’m quite sure, dad doesn’t want you to as much as even indicate as much as you were doing, even though you didn’t say anything.” Irina shrugged and laughed a little.

“Probably not. But who’s going to tell him? Are you two going to tell him?” That made Carrie and Rachel laugh, while Sydney and Nadia shook their heads. “I guess that’s a no?” Sydney and Nadia gave their mother an annoyed look, while she just smiled back at them amused.

“I think it’s about time we got back to work.” Sydney and Nadia were about to leave, when Carrie stopped them.

“Wait. Rachel and I came to talk about the party. I know that you two are the bridesmaids, but Marshall said that the boys planned on throwing Jack a party on Wednesday, so we thought we could have a party for Irina on Thursday. None of us expect the party to be wild, so we thought we could have them on a week night. What do you say to that?” Sydney and Nadia looked at each other, then at Rachel, and then at their mother.

“Sure I’m fine with that.”

“Me too. Mom?”

“Yes absolutely.”

“Then it’s settled. We’ll have a party on Wednesday. We can plan the details later.” Everyone nodded. Carrie turned to Irina. “And I promise no strippers. But I’m sure you can always get Jack to put on another show.” Irina and Carrie shared a laugh. Rachel grinned too, while Sydney and Nadia gaped again. Without saying anything the other three returned to work. Sydney and Nadia were still standing there. They looked at each other shaking their heads and grimaced before they too returned to work.

The next day the guys went out to get clothes as did the girls. Jack and Ethan had gotten home sooner than the girls. Jack was now preparing dinner, and Ethan coloring when the girls got home. Maddie and Caitie walked over to their father greeting him with a hug, and then walked over to do some coloring with their brother. Nadia said hi to her father, and then walked over to her siblings. Irina watched Jack for a moment smiling, before walking over to him.

“Hi sweetheart.” He smiled at her, and she gave him a soft kiss.

“Hey yourself. So, did you find a dress and dresses for everyone?”

“Yes, we did. I assume you found something too?”

“Yes, we did. And I put a lot of thought into it.” They shared a laugh that left the kids wondering what on earth was so funny.

“I’m looking forward to seeing you in your suit, looking as handsome as ever.” She smiled lovingly at him and they put their arms around each other.

“I can’t wait to see you in your dress either. You’ll take my breath away, like you did the first time we got married. Like you always do.” He leaned in and kissed her softly.

“So, did the boys talk to you about your bachelor party on Wednesday?” He groaned a little.

“Yes. I really don’t want a party. I’m not a bachelor.”

“Oh come on Jack. It’ll be fun.”

“But I’d rather spend the evening with you.” She kissed him.

“You’re sweet. But before you know it, the party is over and you’re back home with me. Just humor the boys. They’re throwing you a party, because they care about you.”

“If they cared about me, they’d respect my wishes of not having a party.” She shook her head at him grinning. “Well, at least they promised me no entertainment. So as long as there’s none of that, I’m happy.”

“I told the girls that I don’t want any entertainment either. We’re just having a nice girl’s night.”

“Good.” They smiled at each other and kissed again. The kids had been looking at them the entire time. They hadn’t heard what had been said, but unlike their parents they’d noticed how Jack and Irina had stood there swaying from side to side, dancing a little. Nadia and the triplets looked at each other smiling, and returned to coloring and leaving their parents to dance.

On Wednesday evening Jack had reluctantly gone to Sergei’s place for his party. Eric had picked him up, telling Jack that he could then drink as much as he’d like. Jack had insisted on driving himself, and said that he had no intention on drinking much. However, Irina had told him that he should let Eric pick him up, since it was a nice gesture. When Jack and Eric arrived every man, who’d be attending the wedding was there, with the exception of Devlin, Ethan, and Stephen.

“So Jack, are you up for some fun?” Jack gave Dixon a small smile.

“Honestly no.” They both laughed a little. “But I’m here, and promise to have a great time.”

“Good. Don’t worry. The party isn’t going to be wild. Let’s get you something to drink.” Jack walked with Dixon further into the living room and greeted everyone, while Vaughn and Eric walked into the kitchen. When they were there, they faced the door, so that Jack wouldn’t all of a sudden sneak up on them.

“So, did you get it?” Vaughn nodded and pulled out a small bottle with a clear liquid.

“Yes. This stuff is tasteless, works very quickly, and will knock him out for about an hour.” Eric smiled.

“Great.” He looked at his watch. “It’ll be hours before we need to use it. Why don’t we order some food, and enjoy the evening?”

“That’s a great idea.” They smiled at each other and walked off to the living room.

The evening was quite pleasant. They played cards, talked, and laughed. Everyone had been looking at Jack and noticed he hadn’t been drinking a lot. Eric looked at his watch and then looked around at the others. Dixon nodded at him, knowing that it was time. He stood up and got his empty bottle of beer. “Well, since I folded, I think I’ll just get myself another beer. Can I get anyone something to drink? Jack?” Jack looked up at Dixon and smiled a little.

“No thanks. I don’t want anymore to drink.” Everyone looked around at each other. Dixon tried again.

“Are you sure? Not even some water, juice, or any other non alcoholic drink?” He didn’t sound desperate but kept his tone casual, so as not to make Jack suspicious. Jack looked at Dixon again and smiled.

“It’s kind of you to offer, but no thanks. I’m not thirsty.” Vaughn gave Dixon a look indicating that he’d take it from here.

“What about a glass of champagne Jack? We have two bottles in the fridge for the occasion. You can’t have a bachelor party without champagne.” Jack let out a small laugh.

“Okay, champagne it is. Since you bought it, I’ll have a glass.” Vaughn nodded and threw down his cards.

“I’m out. I’ll go and get the champagne ready.” Vaughn stood up and so did Sergei.

“I’ll get the glasses.” They both walked off to the kitchen. When they got there Vaughn got the champagne and Sergei got the glasses out. He put them on the table and looked over his shoulder to keep an eye out for Jack. He shook his head at Vaughn. “I can’t believe I’m helping to do this.” Vaughn grinned a little at Sergei.

“Every bachelor deserves entertainment. I know Jack doesn’t consider himself a bachelor, but he’s getting the entertainment regardless.” Sergei grimaced a little, which made Vaughn laugh. “Don’t worry. I doubt you’ll hear about it. Jack’s not the sort of guy to tell.” Vaughn opened the bottle of champagne just as Dixon walked into the kitchen. “Just in time Marcus. Could you guard the door, so Jack doesn’t walk in?” Dixon nodded and Vaughn poured the champagne into the glasses. He separated Jack’s glass from the others, so they wouldn’t get mixed up. He then put the clear liquid in Jack’s glass and took it in his left hand. “Okay Marcus, you can come and help with the glasses.” The three of them carried the glasses into the living room, and everyone was standing up now. Vaughn handed Jack his glass, while everyone received a glass as well. Dixon raised his glass.

“A toast.” Everyone raised their glasses too. “Jack, congratulations on getting married again. May you and Irina have a long and happy life together. To Jack and Irina.”

“To Jack and Irina.” Everyone said it simultaneously and Jack smiled around at everyone, before they all took a sip of the champagne.

“Thank you. I appreciate this evening, and your support for Irina and me.” He raised his glass again, as did everyone else, and they all took another sip. They sat down on the couches and chair drinking their champagne. Suddenly Jack started to feel dizzy and his vision got blurred. He looked around at everyone, and could make out that Vaughn and Eric were smiling broadly. “What the hell did you put in my champagne?”

“Sleeping drugs. You didn’t want any entertainment, but every bachelor deserves that. You wouldn’t agree to it voluntarily, and we knew we couldn’t overpower you consciously and tie you to a chair. So the only way for us to tie you to a chair and get you to watch the entertainment, was to drug you.” Jack got more and more dizzy, as he looked at Eric explaining.

“I….I…told you, I don’t wan….want en…ente…..ent.”

“Entertainment.” Vaughn finished his sentence. “Yes, we know. But we still think you’ll enjoy it.” Jack was about to get up from the couch, but he ended up falling back on it, and he was out like a light. They waited for a moment, not wanting to go anywhere near Jack, in case he wasn’t out completely. After a few minutes Dixon walked over to him and looked at him.

“He’s out like a light alright.” Eric walked over to him.

“Good. Now let’s get on with the plan.”

Jack started to wake up sometime later. He could feel that he was tied to a chair and instinctively started to wiggle out of his ropes. The more he moved the more awake he became. He gave up trying to get out of the ropes for a moment and blinked several times, adjusting his eyes to the light and surroundings. He was quickly fully awake as he recognized the surroundings. He was tied up to a chair in his own bedroom.

“It was about time you woke up.” Jack tried to turn around when he heard Irina, but she appeared on the other side of him. “Here I am.” He turned around and his jaw dropped to the ground, as he saw Irina standing before him in a very small and sexy French maid’s uniform. “So, do you like the entertainer?” Jack looked her up and down without being able to say anything. She couldn’t help but smile, and then bent down to kiss him, after another few moments went by without him speaking. Even that took him a few moments to respond to. But when he finally did respond, he responded eagerly. After a few minutes they both needed air. Jack swallowed a few times.

“Yes, I like the entertainer very much.” She smiled at him.

“Good. I hope you like the entertainment too.”

“I don’t doubt that I will. But before you get started, could you please untie me?”

“No, you’ll stay tied up. It took all of my self control and strength not to touch you the other night. And although you have a lot of self control and strength, I know you can’t hold out as long as I could. And you’re not allowed to touch until after the show is finished.” She kissed him again, before turning on the music and started dancing for him, and slowly stripping.

Jack watched her entire performance with his mouth open, looking her up and down, and keeping his eyes on her intensely the entire time. She had been right. If he’d been untied he’d be allover her. He would’ve been allover her from the start. His eyes grew wider and wider with every item of clothes she took off. She was down to only her panties by now. She turned her back to him and started to give him a lap dance. He immediately started to kiss her naked back with big open mouth kisses. She turned her head to look at him.

“Hey, hey. I told you, you couldn’t touch me.”

“You should’ve gagged me then.” She got off his lap and turned around so she was now facing him. He was about to start kissing her chest, but she gently took his head in her hands, so that he looked up at her, while she continued to give him a lap dance. She smiled at the pleasure and desire she saw in his eyes. He had a hard time keeping his eyes open though, and he kept swallowing.

“I take it, you’re enjoying this?”

“Yes, very much. But if you’re not going to remove the ropes, could you please remove my pants and boxers? They’re starting to get a little tight.” She leaned into his ear and sucked a little on his earlobe before speaking huskily into his ear.

“Yeah, I can feel that.” She licked her lips. “It feels nice. You feel nice Jack.”

“I personally, would feel a lot better, if you untied me, and I would feel better if I could touch you. Please Irina, untie me.”

“But the show isn’t over yet Jack.”

“I’ll make it up to you, I promise.” Irina took her time to think about, while she continued with the lap dance.

“Hmmm, no. I’m going to finish the show.” He groaned.

“You’re torturing me woman.”

“But it’s a good kind of torture, and your release will be so much better.” He groaned again as she went on with the lap dance. She eventually got off of him and danced again. He had a hard time focusing, but did so to the best of his ability. The remainder of her clothes fell to the floor. He fought against the ropes as she touched herself allover her body.

“Irina please untie me. I can’t take it anymore.” She finished dancing as the music finished too, and then walked over to him kissing him. She looked at him and then smiled.

“I’m a little sweaty, so I’ll just go and take a quick shower. You just sit,” she looked down at him, and then looked up at him again “tight, and I’ll be back in a couple of minutes.” She gave him a quick kiss, and walked off towards the bathroom. Jack stared wide eyed at her leaving.

“What? No Irina, you can’t do that to me. Come back here. Irina, Irina.” He wanted to call out to her louder as she disappeared into the bathroom, but he also knew that he couldn’t, in case he woke up the triplets or Nadia. He tried to get out of his ropes, and looked up at the direction of the bathroom, when he heard Irina laughing. She turned off the lights in the bathroom and walked towards him still laughing. Jack gave her an un-amused glare. “Very funny.”

“I’m sorry sweetheart, but I couldn’t resist. You should’ve seen the look on your face, when I said I wanted to take a shower.” He rolled his eyes.

“Ha, ha, ha, you had your laugh. Now untie me. Everything on me is really tight right now.” She gave him a passionately kiss before going to the drawer to get out her knife. She quickly cut the ropes, and he got out of them, as she put the knife back in place. He took his shirt off, and was about to take his pants off too, when she stopped him.

“Allow me. I tortured you, so I should release you.” He held out his arms, and let her take off his pants, boxers, shoes, and socks. She then let him to the bed, where she gently pushed him down on it, and then looked down on him for a few seconds. “And now let me help you with a different kind of release.”

After having caught their breaths after the first round of lovemaking, Jack rolled to his side to look at her. “You were right. The release was much better.” They laughed and he kissed her passionately. “Thank you for the entertainment. I loved it. But I can’t believe the guys drugged me. What’s even worse, is that for them to do that, they knew what you had planned to do to me. You do realize that Vaughn and Eric will tease me about this, right?” She laughed.

“I told them to keep the teasing to a minimum. And they don’t know exactly what I had in mind. I only told them I wanted to give you some kind of entertainment in connection to your party, and they suggested helping in drugging you and tying you up. Well, they did bring you here, and tied you to the chair, so I’m guessing they have a pretty good idea.” He groaned, and she kissed his cheek. “I’m sorry. I just wanted to repay you for the amazing show you put on the other night. When they suggested drugging you, I thought the set up would be perfect. It was your bachelor party, and they would get you the entertainment the party needed.” He smiled at her.

“Well, like I said, I loved the entertainment, so I guess it’s not that bad that they have an idea what went on. And you were right. Tying me up was the right thing to do, because I wouldn’t be able to keep my hands off of you. And the only way to tie me up was to drug me. Well, had I known of your intentions, I’d probably had let you tie me up.” She smiled seductively at him.

“That’s good to know. Next time I’m putting on a show for you, I’ll know that you’ll voluntarily let me tie you up.”

“Next time? So there’ll be a next time?” She kissed him.

“You didn’t rule out the idea of putting on another show for me, so I can’t very well rule out the idea of putting on another show for you.” She pulled him to her, and kissed him passionately. “But right now, I think we have more important things to attend to.” She wiggled her eyes at him, and they kissed passionately again.

The next morning at APO all the guys were giving Jack a look and a grin whenever the women weren’t looking. They had promised Irina that last night wouldn’t be the talk of the office. Jack had noticed the looks and grins, and he was a little annoyed with them, even though he’d definitely been happy about the entertainment. Later the morning meeting came to an end, and everyone was about to get up.

“Could all the guys please stay for a few minutes?” Everyone looked at Jack. The guys had a feeling that he would mention the entertainment last night, Irina knew that he had something else in mind, whereas the rest of the women were clueless. Jack saw the puzzled look on the faces of Sydney, Nadia, Carrie, and Rachel. “I just need to thank the guys for last night that’s all.” They all nodded and left. Irina shook her head and smiled at Jack, when all the guys had their backs turned to her, and she was standing by the door. Jack saw her, but remained casual so that he wouldn’t make anyone suspicious. When she left the guys started laughing a little, looking around at each other, before looking at Jack.

“So how was the entertainment Jack?”

“Admit it, you enjoyed it.”

Everyone laughed again, and Jack smiled around at everyone. But in a split second he turned on his Bristow death glare, and was staring them all down. The all stopped laughing immediately. Marshall was a little nervous, Kendall was a little taken aback too, Vaughn and Eric froze a little, whereas Dixon remained calm. He knew that whatever the entertainment was, Jack had enjoyed it, and that he wasn’t really mad. He just wanted to get the upper hand and stop the looks and grins. Jack voice was low and threatening, and it matched the expression on his face perfectly.

“Don’t you ever drug me again. Ever. I don’t care if it’s to help with a plan my wife has. If you drug me again, I’ll have you locked up. Do I make myself clear?”

“Absolutely Jack.” Jack looked at Dixon, and knew he hadn’t fooled him with his death glare or icy tone. Dixon didn’t do anything to give away that he didn’t buy Jack’s threat, but Jack knew he hadn’t fooled Dixon. The other guys were another matter.

“Of course Jack.” Kendall nodded at Jack, and Jack looked from Kendall to Marshall.

“Um….uh….ye….yes….Ja…Mr Bris….um I mean Director Bristow. It won’t happen again. Honest. Sorry.” Jack looked at Vaughn.

“Sorry. It won’t happen again.” Eric was next.

“Yeah, sorry Jack. But shouldn’t you really be telling Irina this? I mean she suggested she’d entertain you, so isn’t she really as much to blame as the rest of us?” That only earned Eric an even more deadly glare, which caused Eric to freeze a little more. “Sorry. You’ve got my word that it’ll never happen again.” Jack gave everyone a nod.

“Good. Now back to work.” He left the room and smiled a little to himself. He might not have been able to fool Dixon, but he could still scare the hell out of everyone else.

Everyone back in the room looked around at each other. Kendall shook his head and stood up. “The next time you get a bright idea, or hear of a bright idea, keep me out of it.” He left a little annoyed. Vaughn looked at Eric.

“You’ve got to admit that we came up with drugging him. And I’m sure that Irina made up for the part she played in all of this last night.” Eric nodded.

“Yeah, I know. I just wish he would lighten up. I’m sure the entertainment was great, so at least he could be a little nicer.” They both shook their heads and left. Marshall was still a little frozen in his place. Dixon looked at him.

“Marshall, are you alright?” He looked at Dixon.

“Huh? Oh yeah, I’m fine. It’s just Jack. I mean, he can be the sweetest guy, but he can also scare me to death.” Marshall gave Dixon a nervous look and then stood up. “I better get back to work.”

Dixon sat back in his chair amused by the whole situation. He didn’t really know when Marshall had seen Jack acting like the sweetest guy, but he must admit that Jack had definitely changed a great deal. But he was also quite happy that he could enjoy seeing how much Jack could scare everyone. After sitting by himself for a few minutes, enjoying what had been going on in the room, he too returned to work.

Later in the evening Jack reluctantly let go of Irina, when Carrie came to pick up Irina and Nadia. The three of them and Rachel were meeting at Sydney’s for a girl’s night. Vaughn had gone with Isabelle to spend the evening with Eric at his place. Irina and Nadia went to the door while Carrie got some bags out of her trunk. Sydney greeted her mother and sister when she answered the door, and then waited for Carrie. She looked at the bags she was carrying.

“What’s in the bags?”

“Booze.” Sydney stared at her, and Carrie just smiled. “Since we’re not having strippers, we should at least have booze.” Sydney rolled her eyes at her but grinned.

They had a nice meal at Sydney’s place and talked. Later in the evening they’d moved to the living room and Carrie got out the booze and shot glasses. “May I suggest a game?” Everyone looked at Carrie interested.

“I’m intrigued. What did you have in mind?”

“It’s called ‘I have never.’ What you do is, you mention something that you’ve never done. The rest of us, who’ve done it, must drink a shot of vodka. The vodka is in honor of you Irina.” Irina smiled proudly at Carrie.

“Thank you. Well, I’m up for that game. How about the rest of you?” Everyone else nodded, and Carrie poured everyone a shot of vodka, and put out bottles around the table, so that they could pour themselves a shot, when they needed to refill their glass.

“Nadia, why don’t you go first?”

“Okay. Let me see. I’ve never been on a bus here in LA.” Everyone else drank and refilled their glasses. Sydney was next.

“I’ve never had ice-cream for breakfast.” Carrie and Rachel drank. Carrie was relieved that it was her turn.

“Well, I’ve heard that having sex on the washing machine is supposed to be quite a pleasurable experience. Something about the spin drier. I’ve never had sex on a washing machine.” Sydney, Nadia, and Rachel gaped a little, and Sydney and Nadia gaped even more, when Irina drank. Irina smiled at Carrie.

“It most certainly is a pleasurable experience. It’s a very pleasurable experience. I definitely recommend it.”

“Mom, please stop.” Sydney shook her head, while Nadia just stared out into space. Rachel was next, and she thought, she’d join Carrie’s way of thinking.

“I’ve never joined the mile high club.” Both Irina and Sydney drank. Irina looked at Sydney amused.

“It’s seems you’re not so innocent yourself sweetheart.” Sydney turned a little red in the face, and filled her glass without looking at her mother. Both Sydney and Nadia were a little afraid now that it was their mother’s turn. Irina thought for a moment, and then smiled a little wicked. “I’ve never faked an orgasm.” Sydney and Nadia closed their eyes shut, shaking their heads and then drank along with Carrie and Rachel. Irina stared a little wide eyed at her daughters. “I must say, I’m a little surprised with you two. You have my genes, so I didn’t think it would be possible for you to fake it. I apologize for that.” Sydney and Nadia gave their mother an un-amused glare. Nadia shook her head.

“My turn again. I guess, I might as well join in the direction this is going. I’ve never called out another guy’s name while having sex with the a different guy.” Carrie was the only one that drank, and the others looked at her a little surprised. She just shrugged.

“It happened once. I accidentally called Marshall, Tony, which was the name of an ex-boyfriend of mine. He was curious why I’d called him that name, and I told him it was because, he was like that tiger, adorable like him, but at the same time rough in the right ways.” Irina laughed out loud, Nadia and Rachel snickered too, while Sydney stared a little wide eyed.

“You mean, you referred to Marshall, as Tony The Tiger from the cereal?” Carrie nodded.

“Yeah. The worst part is, now he’s actually saying great, the same way the tiger does it, every time we’ve made love.” That had everyone roaring with laughter. Carrie shook her head. “I can’t believe, I just told you that. I’m not drunk. I can hold my liquor.” Irina cocked an eyebrow at her.

“Care to put that to the test?” Carrie saw the challenge in Irina’s eyes.

“Are you saying you can out drink me?”

“I’m Russian. I can hold my liquor.”

“I’m younger.”

“Which means, I’ve got that much more experience.”

“Bring it on.” Irina looked around at the others.

“Are the three of you in?” Rachel nodded, while Sydney and Nadia looked at each other grinning a little.

“What are we supposed to do? Just drink and drink?”

“No, we can keep playing drinking games. That’ll eventually lead us to just drink and drink. The one, who doesn’t throw up, wins.” Sydney and Nadia looked at each other again, and then back at their mother.

“You’re on. We’re half Russian, so we should be able to hold our liquor as much as you.” Irina laughed a little.

“We’ll see.”

“A bit cocky, aren’t we, mom.”

“No, simply stating the facts sweetheart.” Everyone laughed and continued with the drinking game.

Several hours later Rachel had conceded defeat. She’d thrown up and was now sleeping it off in one of the bedrooms. They’d emptied a lot of bottles, and were still drinking, but without playing a drinking game. They were all drunk but none of the others had thrown up yet. They were talking about everything, and most of the times they just talked about whatever popped up in their heads.

“I wish that Marshall was taller.” Carrie drank straight from the bottle and passed it on to Irina.

“Yeah, I really like that Jack’s taller than me. And I love his big, strong hands. I love him touching me allover my body with those hands. Oh and his tongue. He does wonders with that too.” Sydney laughed and Nadia looked at her confused, not having heard a word.

“What’s so funny Syd?”

“It’s just what mom said. She said that she loves dad’s strong hands allover her, and that he does wonders with his tongue.” Sydney laughed again, but realized what she’d just said, when Nadia grimaced. She turned to her mother, who was laughing at her. “Eeeeewwww, mom. Don’t say things like that.”

“Yeah, mom really. Stop saying things like that. Syd, hand me the bottle. I need to drink that image away.” Sydney handed Nadia the bottle and she drank a large mouth full. When she swallowed, she grimaced. “I think I just made a big mistake.” She got up, giving the bottle to Sydney, and stumbled towards the bathroom. Irina laughed and called out to her.

“So much for your Russian genes sweetheart.” Irina took a swig of the vodka and Carrie signaled for the bottle.

“So Irina. What’s Jack like in bed?”

“Don’t answer that mom.” Irina laughed.

“Why don’t you go first Carrie.”

“I never slept with Jack.” They both laughed. “Okay, I’ll go first. Marshall is absolutely great most of the times. But on a few occasions, and I mean a few, he could be better. I mean, he gets the job done, but still, on a few occasions he could be better.”

“Brutal honesty. I like that.” She took another swig and smiled lovingly. “Jack’s amazing every time. He always leaves me completely satisfied, but still hungry for more.” Sydney groaned and Irina laughed. “So Sydney. What’s Michael like?” Sydney gaped at her mother, and was just about to say something when Nadia returned.

“Eric’s fantastic, in case you’re wondering. Two thumbs up.” She indicated that with her fingers and fell back on the couch.

“Are you okay sweetheart?”

“No, not really. I’m never drinking again.” They all laughed at that.

“So, Sydney. What’s Vaughn like?” Sydney gave Carrie a glare.

“Oh come on sweetheart. Just tell us.”

“Fine, fine. Vaughn’s great. He’s the best. Are you happy now?” Irina and Carrie both smiled.

“See. That’s quite a complement you gave Michael. You should tell him that. I complement your father all the time.” Sydney and Nadia groaned. “I really miss your father now.”

“Yes mom we know. And you miss his big, strong hands, his amazing tongue, his firm butt…” Sydney cut off Nadia.

“When did she mention dad’s butt?” Nadia looked at Sydney confused.

“She didn’t mention that?” Nadia looked at her mother. “You didn’t mention that?” Irina thought for a moment, and then shook her head.

“No, I don’t believe I did. But your father certainly has a firm butt. Not to mention great lips.” Sydney groaned again and turned to face Nadia.

“See what you started. I hope I don’t remember any of this in the morning. I need something to drink. Where’s the vodka?” Irina laughed.

“It’s in your hand sweetheart.” Sydney looked in her hand and just stared at the bottle for a few seconds, before taking a big swig.

An hour later Vaughn’s phone rang. He noticed that it was Sydney and smiled immediately. “Hi honey. It’s it time to go and get Marshall, and pick up your guests?” Vaughn had arranged with Marshall that he’d come by his house and pick him up. That way, Marshall could pick up his car and drive, Carrie, Irina, Nadia, and Rachel home.

“No, no, no. We’re having fun.” Vaughn could hear that Sydney was clearly drunk. Her speech was slurred.

“Syd, how much did you have to drink?”

“A lot, a lot, a lot. But I’m still awake. Rachel isn’t and Nadia is not completely awake either. But I just called to let you know that you are great in bed. You really are. Mom said I should complement you on that. So thank you Vaughn, for always satisfying me. Now if you’ll excuse, I have to go thrown up.” With that Sydney hung up the phone, leaving Vaughn with a horrified look on his face. Eric saw the look on Vaughn, and got a little worried.

“What’s up buddy? Is Sydney alright?”

“Uh, yeah. She’s drunk, and so is the rest of the party I think. We better call Marshall, and tell him it’s time to pick them up, and I think it’s best if you come too. Rachel is apparently sleeping, and I see no point in waking her. But I think it would be best, if you helped Marshall get Irina and Nadia home.” Eric looked a little puzzled by the still horrified look on Vaughn’s face, but nodded and got off the couch.

Vaughn walked through the door to his place a little while later carrying Isabelle, with Eric and Marshall behind him. They noticed Irina and Carrie drinking, while Nadia was asleep on the couch. Irina and Carrie smiled when they saw them.

“Hi boys.” They all waved at them.

“Where’s Syd?” Vaughn looked around.


“Okay. I’ll just go and put Isabelle down, and check on her.” He left and Marshall walked over to Carrie, while Eric walked over to Nadia.

“Honey, I think it’s time I got you home.” Carrie shook her head at Marshall.

“But we still have more to drink.”

“I think you’ve had enough.” She looked at him and shrugged.

“Yeah, I think we also better get you home, Irina and Nadia.”

“Good idea, because I really miss Jack.” Eric tried to wake Nadia, which wasn’t quite successful. He finally decided just to carry her to the car. Vaughn got back at the same time as Eric did.

“Well, Syd is out cold, and so is Rachel. Can the two of you manage to get them home?” Eric and Marshall nodded. “Okay, let me just get some plastic bags in case they throw up in the car." Irina and Carrie both laughed saying that they wouldn’t, but they were both placed in the car with a plastic bag in their hand.

Jack was just about to head to the kitchen to get something to drink, when he heard laughter outside the front door, and what sounded like someone, not being able to get the key in the door. He walked to the door and opened it, and was shocked to see Irina drunk and laughing her head off with her key in her hand. He was also shocked to see Nadia drunk, and how Marshall and Eric struggled to keep a hold of both of them. Nadia was in the middle of them while Eric had a hold of Irina on the other side of him. However, when Irina saw Jack, she got out of Eric’s arms and threw her arms around him, crashing her lips and tongue allover his mouth. He backed into the hall with her, and Eric picked up Nadia and carried her into the hall with Marshall following him behind. After a few seconds Irina let Jack catch his breath. She spoke huskily against his lips.

“I’ve missed you.” Then she crashed her lips on him again. She then proceeded to kiss his neck and throat. Jack was completely stunned but snapped back to reality, when Eric was about to carry Nadia upstairs.

“Where do you think you’re taking her?” Eric rolled his eyes at him.

“I’m putting her to bed Jack. If you can wrestle Irina off of you, so that you can put Nadia to bed, be my guest.” Jack shook his head. “Don’t worry, I’m just putting her to bed. I’ll be as quick as I can.” He walked upstairs with her, while Jack tried to wrestle Irina off. Irina still had her mouth allover Jack’s, but now let go and grabbed his belt with her hands.

“Time for Mr. Fun to come out and play.” Jack stared wide eyed and noticed Marshall doing the same, and quickly put his hands on top of Irina’s stopping her.

“Irina, stop.” She still tried to unbuckle his belt, but when they heard Carrie throw up, she stopped and they all turned to look out the door. Irina started laughing and threw her arms up in the air.

“I win.” She turned around and crashed her lips on Jack again, and then starting kissing Jack’s neck again. Jack looked at Marshall curiously, but he just shrugged at Jack, not knowing what Irina had won or why. She grabbed Jack’s belt again, and looked down in that area. “Time to get up and come out and play Mr. Fun.” She was just about to grab Jack’s zipper, but he stopped her staring wide eyed at her, and was really embarrassed with Marshall there.

“Irina stop. Not now.” Marshall looked away from Jack and Irina and looked towards the car.

“Um, I should probably go and check on my wife, and leave you, Irina, and Mr. F…” Marshall stopped himself, and turned to see the horrified look in Jack’s eyes, at what Marshall had almost said. “Um, I’ll just leave. Tell Eric I’m waiting in the car. Bye.” He ran out of the house, and Irina tried to unbuckle Jack’s pants again.

“Irina, not here. Eric’s still in the house. Would you please stop?” She looked up at him with hungry eyes.

“But I want you Jack. I want you badly, and I want you now.” She crashed her lips and tongue allover his mouth again, and Jack was relieved that she threw her arms around him. She then moved her hands allover the back of his body. On his back, on his butt, and also in his hair. Eric walked down and saw Irina squeezing Jack’s butt. He quickly got down the stairs and headed for the door.

“Nadia’s all tucked in, and I’m leaving. Bye.” He waved quickly and shut the door behind him. Irina smiled at Jack.

“Now Mr. Fun can come out.” She went straight for his belt again, but he stopped her.

“At least wait till we get to the bedroom.” He was finally able to wrestle her off of him, and he walked over to set the alarm. “Come here.” He grabbed her by the hand and took her to the kitchen. She gave him a wicked look.

“I thought you said the bedroom, but I’m up for taking you in the kitchen. Or you taking me.” She pondered that for a second, and then shook her head. “We’ll take each other.” She leaned against the fridge. “We never did it up against the fridge. I can just imagine the sensation of the cold fridge on my back with the rest of me being all warm, because you make me hot. Was that what you had in mind too?” He gaped at her at that image she’d just put in his head.

“No, I just wanted to get you aspirins. You’ll feel better in the morning if you take two now.” She stumbled towards him, when he was pouring her a glass of water.

“I don’t need aspirins. I need you. You’ll make me feel better. You always do.” She crashed her lips on him again, the second he turned around. He tried to fight her off with one hand, and managed to turn his face, so that her mouth was now allover his cheek.

“Irina, just take the pills and you can have your way with me as much as you want.” She tried to roll her eyes at him, but was a bit unsuccessful, because she was too drunk. She took the pills out of his hand, put them into her mouth, and drank the entire glass of water. When she was done, she opened her mouth, to show Jack she’d swallowed the pills. He grinned at her. “Good girl. Now let’s get you to bed.”

“You have no idea, what a turn on that is.” She crashed her lips onto his again, and then started to drag him off towards the bedroom. She stumbled and he decided to pick her up and carry her. “You’re so romantic.” She sucked on his earlobe, as he carried her upstairs. When they got inside, she got down and slightly pushed him towards the bed. She locked the door and then ran towards him, crashing her lips on him once again. They fell on the bed with her on top of him. She started out kissing his neck, but then stopped. She stopped completely and Jack was a little puzzled.

“Sweetheart. Irina." He gently lifted her head and noticed that she’d fallen asleep. He couldn’t help but laugh a little before he took off her clothes and got her under the covers. When he had done that, he quickly looked in on Nadia, and laughed a little at her too, knowing that she’d no doubt feel miserable in the morning. He gave her a kiss on the head and walked back to his bedroom, getting under the covers next to Irina. She snuggled close to him in her sleep and he kissed her forehead, wrapping his arm around her. “We’ll bring out Mr. Fun tomorrow.” He closed his eyes and went to sleep with an amused smile on his lips.

Jan 16, 2006
The Bristows are some oversexed freaks. :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: I always thought irina was a freak, but Poor nadia/syd they keep getting forced into knowing about their parents sex life, I would be traumatized. :LOL:
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