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Someone asked me about the story of K-PAX. I'll share it here.
There is a theory that people can have a "walk-in" soul. The Kevin Spacey character had had an ongoing communication with an ET, but the ET was apparently invisible. When Spacey came home and found his family in the process of being murdered, K-PAX walked into his body after he (Spacey) killed the intruder. His mind could not handle the grief, so K-PAX walked into him to relieve him of the horrible memories. Along with that walk-in experience, came some abilities, like being able to teleport whenever he wanted to, read minds, and do other paranormal things. That means that a person can, under certain conditions, have 2 souls in 1 body. The movie ends with the audience not being sure whether the ET, K-PAX, went back to his planet permanently or not.
Walk-ins were frequently shown in the movie, "GHOST", when spirits walked into Whoopi Goldberg's body.
K-PAX is one of those sci-fi movies that can leave an audience puzzled. :alien:


Code Monkey
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I always love when a movie allows different interpretations even years after its release and K-Pax is one such movie.

Imzada, what is your take then on what happens to Spacey's character after the ET left? At the end of the movie it would seem that his character ended up in bad shape.


The look on Kevin Spacey's face at the end of the movie showed a slight smile. It was left that the character might continue to "play" K-PAX, even though K-PAX might have really gone to his home planet.
I personally hope that K-PAX stayed in Spacey's body, so that he could be comfortable staying in a mental hospital, probably for the rest of his life. That would be very stressful for a person with a normal mentality.