Loss Of Innocence


Aug 27, 2005
omg poor vaughn.....
ok im totaly bias in concerning everything to do with him!
thanks for the pm
the chap was great i cant wait fro more



Mar 23, 2004
Michael discovering Sydney is a stripper is bad enough but I have a feeling he doesn't know about the drugs yet. Things are only going to get worse between Sydney and Vaughn before they get betther.

Thanks for the PM.

Oct 30, 2004
I wonder why Michael didn't say anything about the drugs? he didn't see them yet??? oh boy.... it's going to get worser... unless Sydney comes crying like a baby up to his door because something bad happened.

She wouldn't admit her feelings... maybe she does unconsciously, but she thinks she's not worth for Michael so she will never tell him what she feels.

:unsure: not good...

but niiiiiiice update!!!!!!!! I love angst :shamefullyembarrased:
Jul 29, 2006
Awesome update Mary. :hug: i cant believe she kicked him out though. :( and oh no did he see the drugs!?? :shock: :eek: . . . Please please update soon. . .Honestly its creul how long you make us wait for an update. :P lol


Feb 20, 2005
Ok, so it's been like what...two months? Deb told me to blame her so of course that's what I'm doing :LOL: But seriously, we're sorry for taking so long. We could come up with some excuses like being busy and stuff, but we just lacked some inspiration and sadly some motivation but we're trying to get back to writing :)
We also will try to update more often but both of us being stressed full-time students we can't make promises that go beyong the promise to try.
Anyway, we hope we still have readers :)

on with the chapter :)

Chapter 15

As soon as her work was finished, Sydney went back home. At first her head had been a jumble of feelings and thoughts that she didn't want to have. She was seething all the way back to her apartment after she finished her shift.

Walking tiredly in her apartment, she saw that all the lights were off. Guessing that David must have been out, she decided to take a shower. She quickly undressed and turned the shower on, waiting a few seconds for the hot water to start. After getting into the small shower and let the water run along her body, soothing the tired muscles. She was exhausted, both physically and mentally, the event of the day finally catching up with her.

She laid her palms against the wall of the shower in front of her, her head coming to rest against one of her arm. She couldn't believe how bad things had turned in just one day. This morning her life had been back to the way it had been before him and now...now he knew. He knew about her, maybe not everything but much more than she had ever thought of telling him. She just couldn't understand how he could have done something like that. Has she misjudged him that much? She never thought he would do this.

She pushed against the wall to get back to an upright position. Taking the soap and conditioner, she washed herself quickly. Before getting out of the shower, she rinsed off and then wrapped herself in a towel. She went back to her bed to get her night clothes; a pair of boxers and a shirt that belonged to David, before going to her kitchen to fix herself something to eat. She hadn't eaten since that morning and she was hungry.

She prepared a sandwich and sat down on one of the chair to eat it. Once she was finished she cleaned the kitchen and looked around her. Frowning at the mess that was her apartment, she got up and stepped over a pair of shoes lying on the ground before starting to clean up the few clothes scattered here and there. It had always been her thing since she was a little girl. When she was stressed, she cleaned and tidied up everything.

Once she had finished, she went back to her bed and sat down on it. She couldn't stop her thoughts from going back to Michael once again. She wondered what he was thinking of her now, even though part of her was angry at herself for caring. The look in his eyes when he had seen her coming toward them at the club and then later in the back room kept coming back into her mind. It was tearing her apart inside because she could still see the disgust in them. It was why she never wanted him to find out. He could never understand, could never accept what her life was and what it would probably always be.

As she tried to hold in the tears that she could feel coming, she went to her dresser and opened the small box that was laying on top of it. She took out the small bag and prepared what she needed. She laid it out on the bed and stared at the powder for a few seconds. She just needed to forget all the pain for a while.


It was completely dark outside, gloomy even. ‘Fitting’, Michael thought lying on the bed, ‘at least it goes well with my mood’. Lying on his bed, hands behind his head he was watching the darkness outside from his window. He hadn't moved from this position since he got back to his apartment after driving Eric back to his own place. Eric never said a word after they left the club, knowing his friend did not want to talk about it.

He was trying to wrap his mind around what he had learned and what he had seen tonight. And it wasn't easy. When he had found that address, he would have never thought that he would find that kind of club. He had never imagined finding Sydney in a place like this. As much as he tried he couldn't reconcile the Sydney he saw tonight to the one he got to know during those few weeks.

She was such a nice and sweet woman. Sure, he had found her a little bit closed off but he had just thought it was her character, that she was a private person. Or that she didn't want to give him false hopes since he was pretty sure it must have been obvious to her that he had started to have feelings for her. And after all, she had a boyfriend.

But seeing her there tonight had shocked him so much. He couldn't understand why she was working at a strip club. It was just not like her. Deep inside he knew he had no right to pass any judgment. She must have had her reasons to work in a place like this. It was just hard to imagine her working as a striper.

He had so many questions that were left unanswered. He wanted to know what had happened in her life for her to end up where she was today. He groaned as he thought about his reaction in the back room, knowing that he shouldn't have reacted like that. Sure the thought of her having to work in that place was something he positively hated but he was certain that she had taken it the wrong way, thinking it was directed at her.

He moved his hands from behind his head and crossed them over his face. Why had he done this? Why did he go through her bag? The hurt he had seen in her eyes was killing him. He had never wanted to hurt her. He cared about her too much. So why had he done this?

She would never forgive him if her reaction was anything to tell. He wanted to go back there and talk to her. He couldn't let her go like this. Her words had hurt but he needed to talk to her, make her understand that they were friends. That this didn't change anything. She was stubborn so he knew it wouldn't probably be easy to convince her but at least he had to try. Well, if he could pass the doors without being thrown out by the security guard first, the guy who had kindly told him yesterday when he was escorting him out to not mess with Sydney.

He didn't know how but he knew he would do everything he could to make this up to her. He had to try, he couldn't loose her even if friends were all they would ever be.

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Jun 19, 2006
I am glad that you are back with a new chapter. It's understandable being busy with life as long as you return to us at some point..This chapter is meant to describe their feelings after the frontation and a bridge to the things about to happen I think. I am eagerly waiting for their next meeting..take your time but be back please..
Oct 30, 2004
YAY you're BOTH still alive :LOL: as well as the fic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YAYNESS

*doesErichappyDance* (trust me that's not nice to see) :tongue:

Instead of procrastinatin, Vaughn should move his butt over to Sydney's and clear things out!!!!!!!!!!! Or... he doesn't know where she lives, right? Oh felgercarb... this sucks :sleep: (the situation, not your fic :LOL: )

Please keep trying to write... if only to finish of this fic... I know how hard it can be (since I keep doing it too)
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