One more time around


Space Elevator time again?
Since Arthur C. Clark's "Fountains of Paradise" in 1979, this item has been knocking around as a Blue Sky project.
Sounds good, but ...
What are your feelings on it and why?
Too expensive
Not yet possible
Too long to complete
Toxic underwriting
Many an Agency/Institution just trying to get their "snouts" in the trough of a forever Government project?
Too much "Abracadabra" in the ways & means
Obsolete before completion
distraction in current disparaging times
Too much dependency on "Moores Law" (efficiency to cost curve improves exponentially)(doubles every two years), to fill in the gaps of yet to exist technology
Wont work practically at all, much less than to touted amounts

These are the questions ... any thoughts ?
Yes I read the Clinton-Nanny-Network (CNN)(MIT) article, but did you read the Grad Student from Cal-Poly? Voted #1 Engineering School in America for the second year in a row? tsk tsk MIT.
He gives a thousand (exageration) reasons, even after the tower is up & a cable is in place, why it wont work.
perfect, weather, new science (in unimaginable bulk), all the luck there is, will "net" a 100 pound payload (max), traveling at 65 mph (max), one way at a time, up the 100,000 kilometer tower. That equates to small women & (most) children in space ... not man. I'd have to go up in three pieces.
I believe a bit "risky"? on the cost, for that benefit, eh?
There are physical handicaps, but the social (people) problems will surpass that ten-fold.
zoning, EPA, Green Peace, organized labor, politicians, flight hazard, liability hazard (falling over), OSHA, and the massive use of shuttles & rockets to build something that is to replace them.
Because they're too dangerous & expensive? Are we making coal out of diamonds?