Aliens Out-Of-Place-Artifacts


Feb 13, 2016
Ivan T. Sanderson coined the term Out-Of-Place-Artifact to describe an anomalous object found in a geological formation where it should not be located, according to conventional science--because it is "too advanced" for the time period. Discovery often leads to speculation about alien intervention in human history. Check out the book trailer for my new novel, The OOPArt, here:

Randal R.

Apr 18, 2015
Ohio U.S.A.
I recall, many many years ago. An Artifact was discovered inside a Smooth Oblong Stone.
Was the only time I have ever heard about it. X Rays determined it was a advanced metallic object inside the rock.
Have never heard of it again. Was believed to have been 100's of thousands to millions of years old.

Some of the things of recent viewing suggest we are actually in the 6th or 7th Great Civilization on Earth.
And it looks like it's bout to reset/recycle again.

Bimini Road. is one also of the possible remnants of a past civilization.
and have heard suggested may be a 100 buried remnants of past civilizations.
Prison Planet?
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