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Mar 29, 2004
Ontario, Canada
Title: Part of Us
Chapters: 30
Author: Carolyn (sexcivaughn14)
Disclaimer: JJ Abrams owns all Alias characters, all others belong to me (au)
Ship: S/V (there is a tiny bit of S/S but the fic itself is S/V and that is obvious
Thanks: To my betas and readers...why do you put up with me?

Authors Note: With the exception of the PM sent out to let you KNOW about this fic, there will be NO pm's sent out

Part of Us:
Chapter 1

“If you two don’t shut the hell up I swear to god I am going to turn this thing around and we are gonna be parking our asses in Los Angeles for the next three days instead of gambling and blowing money on the strip!” Tara Mullen screamed at her best friend and fiancée who were currently bickering in the back seat of her Ford Explorer.

“Sorry” Sydney grumbled, “He started it”

“I did not start it” Michael Vaughn glared at her.

“Like hell you didn’t!” Sydney spat.

“Oh shut up!” Tara glared at both of them, “Do not make me pull this car over”

“I thought you were turning it around?” Eric Weiss piped in from between Sydney and Vaughn.

“Eric” Tara huffed.

“Sorry” Eric shrugged.

“I just…why can’t you two get along, for one weekend, just one?” Tara sighed as she brought her eyes back onto the road.

“Because he’s an ass and always has been” Sydney shrugged.

“Because she’s a self absorbed daddy’s girl” Vaughn told her.

“I am not!” Sydney tried to reach across Eric to hit him in the side of the head.

“Yes you are” Vaughn taunted her.

“Both of you!” Eric shouted, “Stop!”

“Whatever” Sydney folded her arms over her chest and stared absently out the window, “When are we stopping for food?”

“Like twenty minutes” Tara told her.

“Can we leave him at the rest stop?” Sydney smirked inwardly.

“Syd!” Tara groaned, “Please”

Sydney and Tara had been room mates at UCLA, both of them in a literature program so that they could go to teachers college, they had almost instantly become the best of friends. However, Sydney had known Tara’s fiancée Michael Vaughn for far longer than she wished to remember. They had met in the fifth grade and the two got along relatively well until they both hit high school. Not so say one had gone down the “popular” road and the other had become a loser, they both hung out with the same people, but the little known fact about the two was that Michael Vaughn had always held a crush on Sydney Bristow and Sydney had never felt the same way especially when she was dating one of his good friends Danny Hecht. That was when things went bad, the two went from being able to get along to being down right rude to each other.

“I don’t get why you hang out with him Danny” Sydney sighed as she saw Vaughn approaching the couple from his car.

“He’s my friend Syd” Danny shrugged.

“He’s an ass” Sydney stated simply.

“Syd” Danny groaned, “Not again”

“Hey Dan” Vaughn nodded towards his friend and then turned to Sydney, “Princess”

“Bite me” Sydney glared at him, “Where’s your sidekick? You know, the blond that does everyone”

“She’s with your mom” Vaughn told her coolly, but as soon as the words escaped his lips he regretted saying them. Sydney’s mom had died when she was only 12 years old of breast cancer, it was the one thing that Sydney would never talk about. It was the one thing that through all of their arguments Vaughn had never brought up. Until now.

“I’ve gotta go” Sydney looked at Danny, “Love you” she kissed his cheek.

“Syd” Danny sighed as he watched her walk away, “Jesus Mike!”

“Whatcha thinking about?” Eric poked Sydney in the ribs.

“Just high school” Sydney shrugged, “Nothing important”

“Sweet” Eric nodded, “You know, when we stop why doesn’t one of us sit in the front with Terr”

“Sure” Sydney nodded.

“Why do you always call me that?” Tara groaned.

“Because it sounds freaking cool” Eric told her.

“Not really” Tara shook her head and turned on the radio.

“Baby change the station please” Vaughn groaned as My Boo by Usher and Alicia Keys came on.

“Why?” Tara smirked, “I love this song”

“I do believe that everyone else in the car hates it” Vaughn told her.

“Yeah” Eric nodded.

“Syd?” Tara asked her best friend.

“Uhhh” Sydney sighed, “Please change it”

“Thank you!” Eric put his hands in the air triumphantly.

“Eric…” Sydney laughed, “Just…stop”

“Alright, we’re nearly there. We need munchies, washroom and drinks” Tara told them.

“And I need to call Julian”


Chapter 2
Mar 8, 2005
uh ohzzz he's engaged to her best friend! not good!
that was awful of vaughn!!! ger
heh they actually agreed on something tho!!


Aug 21, 2005
OO I like this!! (y)
I love how it starts out with tension and hate between them!!! :D
Loved it!! Can't wait for more!! Thanks for the pm!!


Jul 17, 2005
Loved the bickering and the flashback. I can't wait to see where this goes.

Pretty wallpaper.... :)

Great start. Thanks for the pm.


Mar 23, 2004
You tease the one you like. Michael admitted he liked Sydney.

Hmmm, I wonder who was considered popular in high school? It had to be Vaughn. I bet the girls chased after him and Sydney just dated the nerds.


Apr 26, 2003
This looks really cute. Who is Julian to Tara or wait...did Syd say that?
Anyway. Great start! I would ask for a pm, but.... ;0)

Are you going to post the new chapters on the first page?
Aug 27, 2005
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Ooh interesting start. I got really mad at Michael when he brought up her mother. It was mean. That was a low blow.

So, Michael always had a crush on her, eh? Maybe something will come of it... :naughty:


I'm fine with the no pms thing. It's pissing me off that they don't work.

Also, I'm good with Sarkney. :D That's how I started out in the fic world... but now I'm into both... so whatever happens is good with me. :)


welcome home
Mar 29, 2004
Ontario, Canada
This looks really cute. Who is Julian to Tara or wait...did Syd say that?
Anyway. Great start! I would ask for a pm, but.... ;0)

Are you going to post the new chapters on the first page?
I will TRY to post links to the next chapter at the end of the previous chapter, so at the end of chapter 1, i'll post a link to chapter two...make sense?

[no promises lol]


Dec 24, 2003
That was great ... aww Michael and Syd hate each other ... and Michael is enganged to Tara ... more soon please
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