Should never have even the smallest role in Alias?

undercover_spy said:
^ now u really don't want her 2 c that! :lol:

Anyone who is singer probably shoudn't be on Alias. Imagine this, JOJO. HAHHAHAHAH, halarious!

~Andrea :cool:

God, I HATE Jojo! :angry: :angry: :angry:
Alias_Day said:
Mischa Barton should absolutely NOT have a role in Alias.  ^_^

Personally Mischa Barton should not have a role at all... Awful actress.

I also think if Pauly Shore were to ever appear on Alias I would break my tv... Imagine it... "Hey buuuddy!".... YACH!
The entire cast of Friends

I dunno about that... I could see Jennifer Aniston being a badass (anyone else see derailed?)

I dunno if someone has aready said this... but Scott Foley, cause that would just be bad, or Lindsay Lohan, cause I just can't stand her
justin temberlake,,,,,,uma thermen,,,,selma blair,,,,amy smart,ryan renolads,ryan phillipya,,,,benjamin mckenzie,adam brodie,,,,,,,,,,,,,and it goes on and on