Horror Stranger Things (Netflix)


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Mar 20, 2004
I still haven't watched S3! 😲
... and, thanks to the Labor Day long weekend, I'm now caught up and finished S3. :D

S3 was good, it makes up for S2's 'road trip' storyline. Character wise the only one that bugged me was Lucas's little sister, Erica. In the past she was a feisty but charming kid and garnered some fans, in S3 she is just an outright brat. If you binge watch it, just be sure to hang around a few minutes after the last episode of S3 when the credits start rolling for the news video clip.

Visually it's another great timepiece look back at the 80's and the music & mall scenes brought back a lot of memories for me, especially since I worked at a bakery in a mall in the mid-80's. Fun times.

Possible spoilers if you haven't watched it yet...

My only thing about S3 is that it says it takes place one year after the ending of S2 but I can't accept that in the span of just 365 days that the Russians were able to find Hawkins, bribe the Mayor, survey the area to find the locations they needed, and then not only assemble a full-blown Russian military unit on US soil but to also construct a massive amount of infrastructure. We know their operations went into action after S2 because Alexi makes a point of saying that Hawkins was their ideal location because the gate at this spot was now weakened and still healing (from the events of S2). The only possible explanation is that the Russian operation was already going on during the events of S1 & S2 with it being just one of multiple locations that were being developed and that after the ending of S2 & what takes place in the intro of S3 that it became their primary location.
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