What games are you currently playing?


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May 26, 2006
Behind You
Currently, I'm entertaining myself by:

  • Moderating HH
  • Making a new sig for myself
  • Writing in-character "books" (Right now Darrt Rockstomper is writing An Exposition On the Century Old Subject of Dwarves versus Elves
May 10, 2010
What video game are you currently working on beating?

I currently don't have one as the newest game I have purchased is Bad Company 2 and I already beat that campaign.

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May 25, 2010
Daniel said:
With the key you are giving away or did you manage to acquire a new one?
Upon the opening of the Beta I have received myself 6 unique keys.
I have currently used 5 of them, the last one is up for the contest on the site.


Aug 4, 2010
I know this topic is a little old...but a great one, nonetheless. I just recently picked up Super Paper Mario again and I am intent on finishing it this time. Gave up last time...lol
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