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    Horrible Professor! Horrible classmates!

    Ha!Ha! That's funny :D The whole making names up to hide their identies sounds like somthing that me and my sister would do.
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    Horrible Professor! Horrible classmates!

    I just needed a place to vent about the horrible professor I have and his alfawl class! I have this terible bussiness teacher who has made group work 55% of our grade and has really taught us nothing about bussiness. Then he forces us to work with people whether we want to or not. Well, I am in...
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    Agony Aunts

    Since he trusted you enough to tell you that he was gay I think that you can trust him enough to tell him how you feel. Afterall, he took a risk when he told you about being gay. He wasn't sure if it would mess up your freindship but he trusted you and did it. So I think that you can trust him...
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    Worst Book you've read?

    I toatlly agree with you on Farinhiet 458 :wacko: It was so boring. If we didn't have to read it for class I never would have finished it. Or started it for that matter! :D
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    Public Speaking

    I found myself this year taking public speaking. I thought it was a class that I would never have to take but I did. I was so worried about it and thought that it would be the worst class I ever took, because I hated even the thought of speaking in front of groups. I have found that I actually...
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    Valentine's Day

    There is this guy at my church that I've had my eye on for awhile. Since Wedensday is Valentine's day and there's church, I'll probably see him. I thought that it would be super cute to let him know in a unique way that I'm interested in him, but i don't know what to do. He's super shy so I...
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    I know what you mean about the separation thing. Me and my twin have never been apart even for a full 24 hours and next year I'll be going off to college and she won't be going there. It will be weird to go days without seeing her. But I'm sure that we'll still be together on our birthday...
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    24 movie

    I think that the movie will be different since its not going to be in real time and it will be in another country, but we still know that with Jack, its going to be good. Plus, seeing all that he can accomplise in one day, just imagine what might happen to him in more than day!
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    Day 6

    I love 24! Its always exciting to see the new season and what the new threat is. I was staritng to wonder about Jack there at the beginning. He seemed a little weak at first, but then he bit that guy to death, and I realized, JACK'S BACK! He's in for another long day. I saw somthing on last...
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    If anyone can help, I really need some advice. My twin is like my best and one of my only freinds. We use to do everything together, and she was always there for me. She use to care about me. But 6 months ago she met this guy and now she's just dumped me in the trash. She will only hang out with...
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    Romantic Advice

    Thanks for the advice guys :) I'll try it and we'll see what happens.
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    Romantic Advice

    Doesn't anyone have any advice here? :( I am at a loss at what to do. How do I get this guy to notice me when I don't have that much time with him and only see him at work. What could I do to get his attention? Should I hint, or should I just tell him out straight out? Anybody know what to do...
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    Romantic Advice

    I was wondering if anyone had any advice on the situation I am in. I have to admit that I'm not an expert when it comes to guys. There's this guy that I work with and am interested in. The problem is that I hardley ever work with him, only about 5 or 6 hours a week and when he is there he's so...
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    Little House on the Prarie

    I would love to go to DeSmet, South Dakota and see the Little Town on the Prarie or see the Wilder farm but I can't see to get anyone to go with me yet.
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    Love Advice

    my advice would be to just keep talking to her and show her how much you care for thru your actions and then see what she does. Maybe she'll start to have the same feelings for her. But I wouldn't declare your love or anything dramatic like that; that might just make her mad.
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