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    Season 5 New Vaughn Rumour Of The Positive Kind

    Sorry, I thought new info had been released that I wasnt aware of. Clearly it is speculation then.
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    Season 5 New Vaughn Rumour Of The Positive Kind

    Jinnie, ICAM! What is disappointing is the way we were LIED to about everything. We were told that he wasnt going to be killed off, he wasnt going anywhere etc. This latest info PROVES that all of that was LIES,LIES and more LIES. Thats what gets me the most. I HATE being strung along by TPTB...
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    Season 5 vaughn....?

    Thanks for the info. May is 7 months away though!
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    Season 5 JJ addresses rumors

    Wow Ic ant believe S5 is about to begin, we reallya re behind in Oz. Spydancer, I too wasnt happy that Vaughn moved on so quickly after Syd had died, but I didnt quite see it as character assasination thankfully. The only real thing that bothered me was when he threatened Jack about almost...
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    Season 5 JJ addresses rumors

    Well Im holding out that the rest of the season will play out better than what Ive seen so far. Admittedly Ive seen all these episodes up to 10 already, someone copied them onto disc for me and I watched them on my computer. Even then I was not as intrigued, i thought it might be different...
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    Season 5 JJ addresses rumors

    Totally agreeing with you IrinaRules. S3 is what got me hooked onto Alias. After that I went out and bought S1 and S2 on dvd. All very good. However, I am very disappointed in S4. Its only started airing in Australia, but I dont have that excitement each week waiting for the next episode. And...
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    Season 5 ALL Vaughn speculation

    Call it denial, but I'll go with this theory lol!
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    Photo Finally!

    Thanks for posting that Elizabeth. Its amazing what a few changes can do (ie no glasses, hairstyle change etc)
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    Season 5 Is Vaughn Dead?

    Thats great news. I adore MV and would be so upset if he left.
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    Season 4 Sydney Bristow - what has happened te her?

    I actually found the sisterly moments between Nadia and Sydney almost off-putting and corny. Its odd because usually I liek this kind of thing, but with Alias, I dont like it at all. I hate the way they keep referring Nadia as 'your sister'. She has a name for pete's sake! I cant explain it...
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    Season 4 Vaughn's drawer at Syd's

    He has his drawr back, YAY!
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    Season 5 Vaughn spoiler

    You and me both!
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    Australian Addicts Unite

    I'll definitely agree with you on that! I dont even feel comfortable driving through there at night and I always make sure my windows are up and doors locked!
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    What country would u like 2 c syd visit?

    Australia, Australia, Australia, Australia!
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    Bring Back Will Petition :)

    Im in on this petition. I loved Will and loved the way he and Sydney interacted. Although as far as eye candy goes, Im happy with Vaughn!
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