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Discussion in 'Creative Writing & Arts' started by Kristina, May 5, 2003.

  1. Kristina

    Kristina Rocket Ranger

    Feb 28, 2003
    I decided to start to write this to make myself believe that Syd and Vaughn are not over. Please review and if you have any questions please ask. The first chapter is pretty much like the last few minutes last night. I will do a flashback of what happened after Syd disappered.

    Sydney woke up in the middle of the street. The last thing she remembered was that horrible night. The night when she was almost killed by Allison. She kept playing that fight over and over again in her head, she remembered finding Will in the bathtub the same way she had found Danny. Sydney tried to stand up but her legs told her otherwise she collapsed back down to the ground. She took a few minutes and regained her balance, she stood up and walked to the pay phone. She dialed the all too familiar number.
    “It’s me, I woke up in Hong Kong, I, I don’t know how I got here.” Syd said waiting fir Kendall’s answer. About 15 seconds later he finally answered. “Go to the safe house, do you remember where it is?” He asked
    “Of course.” She said she hung up the phone and walked toward the ruined down building, it was once used as a hotel but now held Agents in need.
    “Wait in here for your contact.” The man told her he walked away. Sydney walked into the warmly lit room and sat on the bed.
    -Vaughn’s POV-
    Vaughn sat looking up at the stars. Wondering where she was. If she was still alive. If she was thinking about him. If he had made the wrong decision. The phone rang and Vaughn jumped, startled. He got up and picked up the phone.
    “Vaughn residence.” Vaughn answered
    “Vaughn?” Kendall asked
    “Yes.” Vaughn answered
    “It’s Kendall, I have some very good news.” Kendall said
    “What is it.” Vaughn asked anxious
    “Agent Bristow has turned up in Hong Kong, I need you to meet her and explain to her what happened, I don’t think she knows how long she has been gone.” Kendall said
    “She’s, she’s alive?” Vaughn asked again in disbelief
    “Yes, she called here 30 minutes ago. There is a plane waiting for you at the airstrip. You are okay with this right?” Kendall asked
    “Yes, I’ll leave right away.” Vaughn said. He hung up the phone, a single tear escaped from his eye. “She’s alive.” He said outloud.
    “Who’s alive sweaty?” Kate asked. Vaughn wiped the tear from his cheek.
    “I have to go to work.” Vaughn said
    “At 10:30 at night?” Kate asked
    “Yes, it’s an emergency.” He said he grabbed his keys and ran out the door.
    “I love you.” She called to him, he didn’t answer. She continued to fold the clean towels.
    Sydney found some spare clothes and decided to take a shower. She carefully took off her clothes, what she saw puzzled her, a single scar, she couldn’t remember how she got it, she never had a scar there. She stepped into the shower and turned on the hot water. She felt like she hadn’t had one in weeks.
    -Vaughn’s POV-
    Vaughn stepped off of the private plane and got into the cab waiting for him, he told the driver the address and they were off. Vaughn couldn’t wait to see her he was shaking so bad that when the cab stopped the whole car shook. The driver looked kind of worried.
    “Sir, are you okay?” The driver asked
    “Yes, I’m sorry, I’m just nervous.” Vaughn said
    “Let me guess you are going to see and old friend?” The driver said smiling.
    “Kind of, I haven’t seen her in two years.” Vaughn said
    “Ah, so it is a girlfriend?” the Driver asked
    Vaughn sighed “Maybe one day.”
    The driver was kind of confused and didn’t speak another word until they got to there destination.
    “Here we are.” The driver said. Vaughn paid him the money and stepped out.
    “Goodluck.” The driver said and he took off.
    “I’ll need it.” Vaughn said to himself. He knew the moment he saw her all of the feelings would come rushing back. He stepped into the building. Vaughn looked around before speaking.
    “I’m looking for agent Bristow.” Vaughn said, just saying her name made him feel warm all over.
    “Yes, room 47 upstairs.” The man said pointing to the narrow stairwell. Vaughn nodded a thank you and started to walk up the stairs. He took short slow steps until he reached room 47. He went to turn the knob but stopped before turning it. “Should I do this?” he asked himself. After thinking about it for a few minutes he turned the knob and walked in. There sitting on the bed in front of him was the women that had caused his heart so much pain, Sydney Bristow in the flesh. She immediately got up and ran toward him. She threw her arms around his neck and he embraced her. “I knew it!” he thought to himself, all of the feelings he had for her came rushing back. He wanted to kiss her but he couldn’t. She sobbed into his shoulder.
    “Francie’s was the double.” Syd said
    “I know.” Vaughn said
    “How are Will and Francie are they dead?” Syd asked
    “Will’s okay.” Vaughn said
    “What? How?” Syd asked
    “You’ve…” he stopped “Sit down.” He told her. She sat on the bed and he kneeled in front of her. He just started at her, she saw pain and grief in his eyes.
    “Vaughn?” Syd said. Tears formed at his eyes.
    “We thought you were dead.” He said softly. Syd just sat confused.
    “Syd, since that night, you’ve been missing.” Vaughn said tears rolling down his cheek. He rubbed his eyes.
    “Vaughn why are you wearing that ring?” Syd asked. He didn’t answer.
    “You’ve been missing for almost 2 years.” Vaughn finally said. Syd sat there like a zombie. She had no idea how to react. Vaughn was starring at the floor.
    “What?” Syd asked still starring at him.
    “We gave up looking 3 months ago.” Vaughn said
    “What are talking about?” Syd said now overcome with fear.
    “Syd, you don’t remember anything?” Vaughn asked
    “Yeah, I remember you said you were going o pick me up to go on vacation, then I fought Allison. I shot her and then everything went black.” Syd said tears still in her eyes.
    “Vaughn why are you wearing that ring?” Syd asked again. The words that he was about to say would burn both of their souls forever.
    “Syd, I’m married, to someone, else.” He said slowly. AS if a reflex her hand came up and slapped his freshly shaved face. He held his jaw.
    “How could you? Why? Why? After all I have done for you. And you stab me in the back?” Syd said now angry.
    “I never meant to…” Vaughn couldn’t finish
    “What, you never meant to fall in love with me?” Syd said
    “Syd you know that’s not true.” Vaughn said standing up.
    “Isn’t it, if I never would have come into your life you wouldn’t be so messed up.” Syd said
    “Messed up? Syd what’s wrong with you.” Vaughn asked
    “Here I thought that you were the only person I had left and now I find out I’m all alone after all.” Syd said. “I wish I would have died that night.” Syd said raising her voice. ‘I hate you! I hate you! I hate you!” She yelled as she pounded on his chest. She finally collapsed in his arms. She was sobbing uncontrollably.
    “I’m so sorry Sydney, I’m sorry.” He said.
    -2 months later-
    “Will I’m going for a jog, want to come?” Syd asked from the kitchen.
    “Yeah hold on a sec.” Will said. Syd took out two water bottles. Will came running out and Syd handed him a bottle.
    “Thanks, you ready.” Will asked
    “Yeah, let’s do it.” Syd said. They ran through the park, there were people having picnics and playing Frisbee. Suddenly Syd stopped dead in her tracks. Will continued to run until he finally noticed he was alone. He walked back up to Syd.
    “Syd you okay?” Will asked. Syd was starring at the couple that was eating lunch, It broke her heart to see him, to see Vaughn with another woman. Tears formed at Syd’s eyes.
    “Yeah, I’m fine.” She finally said, She began to run again. Will glanced quickly at what she was starring at, he saw Vaughn and Kate sitting in the shade eating pizza. All Will wanted to do was go and kick Vaughn’s ass for hurting Syd like this, she didn’t deserve this, not now, not ever. Will ran after Syd trying to catch up but every stride she took she ran faster, not even knowing where she was heading.
    “Syd! Syd wait up!” Will called. Syd finally stopped and bent down her head in her hands she cried until Will finally caught up to her. He bent down and picked her up. She hugged him looking for comfort.
    “Will, I can’t take this anymore. I can’t live like this.” Syd said
    “It’s okay, it’s going to be okay.” Will said rubbing her back. This felt wrong to Syd, Vaughn was the one who did this for her, who provided her comfort when she was in needed.
    “Come on. Let’s go home.” Will said walking her back toward her house.
    -Syd’s house-
    Will opened the door and led Syd to the couch and sat her down.
    “Stay here I’ll be right back.” Will said heading into the kitchen, he opened the freezer and taking out a bucket of ice cream he grabbed a spoon and went back to Syd.
    “Here.” He handed her the ice cream.
    “Thanks.” She said she began to eat it. “Will, I’m sorry about back there.”
    “Hey, it’s okay. You still love him?” Will asked “I’m sorry it’s none of my business.” Will said
    “No, it is okay, I think I should talk to someone about it.” She paused “He was the first person I saw in 2 years, even though to me it seemed like a day. When he told me he was married,” she paused “I felt like my soul was taken from me, like I did when I lost Danny.” She said
    “Well, if you ask me, it’s his loss.” Will said trying to make her feel better.
    She smiled “Thanks.” She said.
    “You know I can’t finish this all by myself.” Syd said pointing at the ice cream. Will smiled, grabbed another spoon and helped Syd finish the ice cream.
  2. kate_jones

    kate_jones Rocket Ranger

    Apr 10, 2003
    It's great so far! I realy like it and I hope you keep writin soon. Good job!
  3. Xtremelimits08

    Xtremelimits08 Rocket Ranger

    Apr 19, 2003
    post more soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!i wanna see were this leads to!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Very good start!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. kylo4

    kylo4 Rocket Ranger

    Mar 12, 2003
    I like this story so far. Keep on writing. I think that this is what might really happen in the premiere of Alias next season. It's that good!
  5. goofygal

    goofygal Rocket Ranger

    Dec 17, 2002
    new york city (that's were i was born)
    wow. that was really graet. i hope that you keep on writing. ~me~
  6. VaughnFan13

    VaughnFan13 Rocket Ranger

    Feb 28, 2003
    this is great...
  7. Ilikesloane

    Ilikesloane Rocket Ranger

    Dec 12, 2002
    wow cool right more
  8. pennstatechic

    pennstatechic Rocket Ranger

    Jan 26, 2003
    Florida (Now PA for college)
    Cool,I like it! Write more asap! Great start

  9. Kristina

    Kristina Rocket Ranger

    Feb 28, 2003
    Thanks guy's I'm glad you all like it. This is just something to get me through the summer, i can't wait until september.
  10. sbmv12

    sbmv12 Rocket Ranger

    Apr 1, 2003
    Me neither!!! I hate the writers of alias right now, but I guess you guys have already figuered that out!

    Great story by the way!!! Up-date soon!

  11. Nad

    Nad Rocket Ranger

    Dec 13, 2002
    Very nice, though I have the hopeful belief that Vaughn is jsut engaged or even better, the ring is to remember Sydney by.
  12. allie

    allie Rocket Ranger

    Mar 21, 2003
    i luv this fic!!! post some more! i still havent gotten over the end of the season finale (absolutely amazing)
  13. Moriel

    Moriel Banned

    Feb 27, 2003
    Mafia Headquarters
    i keep letting myself think that vaughn isn't married, just to make myself happy and excited for next season, but if he really ends up being married i am going to go insane. seriously, but with jj you never know what will happen on alias. so we all can have our theories but i doubt that any of us are right about everything.

    anyway great job, i think it might actully happen. (well, i hope not) but, if it does itleast i'm prepared for it.
  14. alias8000

    alias8000 Rocket Ranger

    May 26, 2003
    Oooooooo.....I love it! Can't wait to see where you are going with this!
  15. Crawstinium

    Crawstinium Rocket Ranger

    Jan 15, 2003
    this is great! im excited for the rest, who knows, maybe it will turn out exactly like this :)
  16. Mrs. Karie Vartan

    Mrs. Karie Vartan Rocket Ranger

    Apr 4, 2003
    Yea!!! Thank you so much for making Vaughn be married to ANYONE other than ALICE!!!!...I don't know why I hate her so much....I just really do!!!! :P
    Great start!! Can't wait for more!! :D
  17. Kristina

    Kristina Rocket Ranger

    Feb 28, 2003
    I hate Alice too, but someone else had him maried to Alice so i had to use someone else. By the way i am a total Syd/Vaughn shipper so don't worry about their relationship. That would be cool if it turned out like this wouldn't it. Anyway luv u guy's i will post more soon. I was just working on it. Spoiler- Vauhgn may return to the CIA. Is Kate really who she says she is? hum. dum dum dum dum. :D
  18. Ames47

    Ames47 Amy Strikes Back

    Mar 31, 2003
    the outskirts of HELL
    oh this is so good and im so glad that you are a s/v shipper!! they will get back together!! they will!! and its great that you are writing this cause i need something to save me from goin insane while waitin for the new season!!! :D (y)
  19. Sophie

    Sophie in love

    Mar 5, 2003
    Who's this Kate ??
    As Nad said it, the ring is probably to remember Syd
    Good start ! what about jack ??
  20. Kristina

    Kristina Rocket Ranger

    Feb 28, 2003
    Hey guy's here is some more hope you like it. :D

    Why did I do this, why didn’t I keep looking. I still love her, but she probably hates me for doing this to her. For leaving her out there to die.
    “Michael?” Kate said. Vaughn snapped out of the trance.
    “What?” He said.
    “Are you okay, you have been kind of distant lately.” Kate said
    huh, I’ve been distant since the day I met you. He thought to himself. Kate was starting to annoy him like Alice used to. The headaches were back, the ones that felt like someone took an ax and split his head open.
    “I’m fine, I just have a headache.” Vaughn said.
    “Do you want to go home?” Kate asked
    “Yeah, I do.” Vaughn said getting up and taking the blanket.
    -Vaughn’s house-
    “I’m going to sleep.” Vaughn said walking up stairs.
    “Okay, hope you feel better.” Kate said
    yeah right. Vaughn thought to himself. Kate walked into Vaughn’s office and closed the door. She took out a number on a small white piece of paper. She picked up the phone and dialed.
    “Hello, yes, everything is set. One more thing, she’s back!” Kate said. She quickly hung up the phone when she heard Vaughn come down the stairs. She quickly ran out of the room and sat on the couch in the living room.
    “Do we have aspirin?” Vaughn asked
    “Yeah, in the cabinet.” Kate said. Vaughn walked into the bathroom and took the aspirin. He then headed back upstairs and fell asleep.
    Sydney walked into the briefing room and sat down.
    “Sorry I’m late.” Syd said
    “It’s okay, just try not to make a habit of it.” Kendall said. Ever since Syd’s been back Kendall has been less harsh on her, after all she has been through he knew she couldn’t be pushed.
    “Well I have some good news, we got Intel about Sloane. He is apparently back in Mexico City.” Kendall said.
    “Who sent the Intel?” Syd asked
    “We don’t know.” Kendall said
    “So how can we trust it?” Syd asked
    “We did surveillance and it is true.” Kendall said “We believe Sloane is trying to set up the device again. He most likely thinks that we wont expect him to go back to the same place twice.” Kendall said. “This may be our only chance to catch him. Bristow you will go in alone. That is all.” Kendall said. Everyone left the room.
    -Mexico City-
    “BootCamp I am moving in.” Syd said
    “Okay Sloane is on one of the top floors.” Jack said through the com. Syd, made her way up to the top floor. She shot down four guards, before coming to a dark room. She cautiously walked into the room, gun pointed in front of her. Some one hit her from behind knocking her to the ground. She turned around to see a guard pointing a gun at her head. Then out of the darkness came the man she hates the most.
    “Sydney, how nice to see you again.” Sloane said. “I’m afraid you picked the wrong day to come after me.”
    “Sydney! Are you there? Sydney answer me.” Jack said from the other side of the com.
    “Jack, it’s so nice to hear from you, don’t bother coming after me, because if you do something bad might happen to your dear Sydney.” Slaone said back through the com.
    “You SOB, if you touch her, I swear I will hunt you down.” Jack said
    “Good-bye Jack.” Slaone said
    “Sydney! Sydney!” Jack called, no answer. Jack burst into Kendall’s office.
    “The operation failed, Sydney was captured. “ Jack said
    “What?” Kendall asked
    “Sloane’s got her. We are going to get her back.” Jack said. Jack ran out of the office.
    “Jack! Jack!” Kendall yelled
    Jack walked up to Marshall.
    “Marshall, the tracking bug that Sydney has in her cell phone, does it still work?” Jack asked
    “Well yes, I think so.” Marshall said
    “I need you to find out where she is.” Jack said
    “Okay, it’ll take me a few minutes.” Marshall said
    “Tell me when you got it.” Jack said he walked back to Kendall.
    “We need to organize a team to extract her.” Jack said
    “No, it may be another trap.” Kendall said
    “Another trap, my daughter went missing for 2 years, I’m not going to lose her again.” Jack said
    “Jack, if you take action against me you will regret it.” Kendall said. Jack knew he couldn’t do anything about it but he knew who could.
    -Vaughn’s house-
    Knock knock. Vaughn heard on the door, he opened it and found Jack standing in front of him.
    “Jack, is everything all right?” Vaughn asked
    “No, it’s not. I would never ask this of you unless I had to, Vaughn, Sydney is in trouble.” Jack said
    “What? Don’t tell me she’s missing again, don’t tell me that.” Vaughn said
    “No, Sloane has her, I would go my self but Kendall won’t allow me. You are the only person I can trust to bring her back. I am not usually a begging man, but please, help Sydney?” Jack said. Vaughn thought for a minute.
    “Where?” Vaughn asked
    “Marshall is finding her as we speak.” Jack said
    “When?” Vaughn asked
    “As soon as possible.” Jack said.
    “So what’s your answer?” Jack said
    “You bet you’re a** I’ll help.” Vaughn said.
    “Good, meet me at the airstrip in 1 hour.” Jack said he walked away. Vaughn walked back into his office and locked the door. He He opened his bottom drawer and took out his gun that he hadn’t used in 2 years, he picked up his CIA badge and walked toward the door.
    “Mike, where are you going?” Kate asked
    “To get her back.” Vaughn said to himself, “To get her back.”
    -On the plane with Vaughn and Jack-
    “Thanks for coming.” Jack said as Vaughn sat down in the comfortable leather seat.
    “No problem.” Vaughn said “So did Marshall get a location?”
    “Yes, we are going to Kashmir. Slaone has some connections there. Most likely she will be in the basement of this building.” Jack said showing Vaughn the map of the large temple like building. The ground floor is used as a place for worship but underneath is a private storage area. The only way to get down there is to become one of Sloane’s guards. There is a truck leaving for the compound in two hours it carries fresh uniforms. You’ll have to sneak onto the truck and change into one of the uniforms, then when the truck arrives pretend to help them unload the truck, the storage room is right next to the basement stairs, you should have no problem from there on out. Any questions?” Jack asked
    “Where is she being kept exactly?” Vaughn asked
    “We don’t know the tracker stop transmitting, my guess is that the walls a re too thick to receive it’s signal.” Jack said. Vaughn nodded in understanding.
    “I know you are taking a risk here, and I respect you for that.” Jack said.
    “Sir, 5 minutes until destination.” The pilot said
    “Good, right on time.” Jack said. When the plane landed Vaughn got his gear and headed off the plane.
    -2 hours later-
    Vaughn waited for the truck, he was hidden by the large green bushes that sat in front of him.
    “Boyscout the truck is heading your way.” Jack said from the Com.
    “Copy that.” Vaughn said. The truck pulled up in front of the large gate into the compound. Whi8le the guard checked the I.D. of the driver Vaughn snuck into the open back of the army truck. He changed into the army uniform and picked out a mask that would make him less noticeable. The truck came to a halt and Vaughn jumped out. The driver walked to the back of the truck surprised to see Vaughn.
    “Hey, you’re a sneaky one, I didn’t even see you.” The man said with a accent. Vaughn laughed.
    “You know where these go right?” the man asked. Vaughn nodded.
    “Not much of a talker huh?” The man laughed. Vaughn grabbed the uniforms and walked to the storage room. He set them down on the shelf and when he was sure no one was watching he snuck down stairs. He saw 2 guards standing in the middle of the hallway smoking. Vaughn walked up to them.
    “Hey where is that girl that sloane caught being held?” Vaughn asked
    “Uh, I think she is in the torture room.” One said
    “Yeah sloane said the B**** had it comin.” The other said. They laughed, Vaughn just wanted to punch the guys lights out.
    “I got direct orders from sloane, I am supposed to transfer her.” Vaughn said
    “We didn’t hear anything about that.” One said
    “Well he told me in person.” Vaughn said hoping they would believe him.
    “Oh. Well she is just down the hall.” He said
    “Okay, thanks guy’s.” Vaughn said then he walked down the hall to the torture room. There through the big glass window he saw Sydney strapped to a chair. She looked like hell. There was a man next to her holding a needle. Just before he could inject her Vaughn burst through the door, scaring the man and Sydney.
    “Stop, I have orders to take this woman to a different location.” Vaughn said.
    “Right now?” the man asked
    “Yes, he gave me the orders.” Vaughn said
    “Whatever.” The man said. He left the room. Vaughn looked for cameras then took off his mask.
    “Vaughn?” Syd said in shock.
    “Hey, are you okay, did they hurt you?” He asked concerned
    “I’m fine, how?” Syd couldn’t finish her sentence. Vaughn put his mask back on.
    “Later.” Vaughn said. “They think I am transferring you, so I have to leave the cuffs on you.”
    “That’s fine, just get me out of this hell hole. It is so hot in here.” Syd said standing up as Vaughn untied her. Vaughn walked her out to the place he came in. The truck that got him there was parked and running, there was no sign of the driver.
    “Get in.” Vaughn said. They both got in the truck. “Keep your head down.” Syd sat on the floor of the truck, out of sight. They drove to he gates of the compound. A guard stopped him.
    “I.D. Please?” the guard asked stepping up onto the truck to be eye level with Vaughn.
    “Yeah hold on I have it right here,” Vaughn said he grabbed the guards head and slammed it against the steering wheel. The guard fell onto the ground unconscious. Vaughn drove back to the plane.
    -On the plane-
    Jack sat at the table working on a debrief. Vaughn sat down across from him.
    “Jack, I wanted to ask you something.” Vaughn said, “I would like to rejoin the CIA.”
    “Why?” Jack asked
    “I have my reasons.” Vaughn said. Jack sighed
    “If that’s what you want, you can sign the papers when we get back.” Jack said
    “Thank you.” Vaughn said. He got up and walked back to his seat.
    Sydney sat in the comfy leather chair and sipped some hot coffee. Jack came and sat down next to her.
    “You okay honey?” Jack asked.
    “I am now, thank you dad.” Syd said
    “Your welcome, but I think Vaughn deserves a bigger thank you.” Jack said. Jack got back up and walked away. Syd sat there and looked at Vaughn for a minute, she knew she should thank him but it was to much pain to think about him loving another woman. She thought the whole flight home, before she knew it they were back in LA.

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