Another look inot the future

Jan 26, 2003
Florida (Now PA for college)
Come on write more! I hope Vaughn get's there in time, and saves Syd, and kicks sark's you know what! I just have one question. What did you mean, when Vaughn popped the question, that when Syd came back he knew they were meant to be? Where did Syd go?


Feb 26, 2003
sorry i haven't been on lately everyone!! here's the next chap..hope you like it!!

~Chapter 6~

(an hour later)
Michael burst into Marshall’s office. Marshall dropped the device he holding. He quickly picked it up and put it on his desk.
“Valuable government equipment Agent Vaughn. Don’t want to break that. Kendall says it worth-” Marshall started babbling on.
“Please, Marshall, not now,” Michael said. He took a seat in one of the chairs in Marshall’s office.
“You and Sydney are so much a like, you know that Agent Vaughn. Bursting into my office at random times-”
“Sydney came in here?” Michael asked. He stood up now.
“Yeah, she did. On Sunday. Turned on the TV and asked me to trace a phone call. Gave her the Mobile Marshall. Want one?” Marshall asked. He handed Michael the bright pink cell phone that he had showed Sydney earlier.
Michael smirked and pocketed the phone. “Where did the phone number trace to?” Michael asked.
“She said back to her house. Don’t know though. That’d be weird. How could someone break into Sydney’s house? She can go like POW!” Marshall shouted enthusiastically. He kicked the air in front of him, accidentally knocking down a shelf of books.
Michael helped Marshall pick up the fallen books. “Trace down where Sydney’s cell phone is, Marshall,” Michael instructed as he picked up the last book and put it on a nearby table.
Marshall went to his computer and started to type away. A few minutes passed.
“Says here she’s in San Francisco. Fisherman’s Warf to be exact. Some old warehouse. I’ve been to San Francisco once or twice. Actually it was four, but, hey, who’s counting. Love it. The ocean never ceases to soothe me. Was born near the coast you know. In high school, the ‘thing’ to do was surf. Never took up surfing myself. How about you Agent Vaughn?” Marshall asked. There was no reply. “Agent Vaughn?” Marshall asked again. He turned around, but Michael had already left.


Feb 26, 2003
haha...okay...well...i'll post more soon....i have another chap...but i really want to know if im headed in the right direction beefore i post it!!! plz tell me any comments, suggestions, and hopefully not complaints (even though i will get a of "i hate this ff" because i know i suck at wiritng) !!! :D


Feb 26, 2003's the next chap....i'm REALLY impatient if you cant already tell....

~Chapter 7~

(at the warehouse in San Francisco, half an hour later)
Sydney could feel someone nudge her. It seemed so distant. She did not want to wake up. Why couldn’t she just give up, die, and sleep forever.
“Sydney!” Sydney heard. It was Michael… MICHAEL! Sydney woke up instantly. Death was not an option.
The room was spinning. She felt woozy. Something felt different though. She pulled her left hand towards her so she could see her ring. There were no chains. Michael had undone them. She glanced at her ring lovingly.
“Sydney! Are you okay?” Michael asked. Sydney looked at him with great gratitude.
“Thank you,” she said softly. She leaned on his shoulder, too tired to keep her head up.
“Thank yous later. We have to get out of here now,” Michael said. He helped Sydney get up. Her legs were wobbly. She collapsed on the floor. Michael scooped her up and carried her. He started running out of the room and down a dark hallway with many doors.
“My night in shining armor,” Sydney said weakly. She smiled slightly. Michael glanced at her and kissed her on the cheek. He turned a corner.
“Where are all the guards?” Sydney asked quietly. Michael hadn’t thought about this. Where were the guards? How had he gotten in so easily? He kept running anyway.
“Where are we, Michael?’ Sydney asked. She closed her eyes.
“San Francisco, Syd. You can’t fall asleep now. It’s not good for you,” Michael said. His voice was barely a whisper. His thoughts were with the guards. Where were they?
Sydney opened her eyes. She thought for a second. “Wait!” Sydney said. Michael stopped running.
“What is it Sydney? The exit is just ahead,” Michael asked impatiently. He glanced in front of him. A few feet away, there was a door marked ‘exit.’
“Are we on Fisherman’s Warf?” Sydney asked.
“Yeah. Why?” Michael asked.
“Turn left. Don’t go towards the door that say ‘exit.’ It’s a trap. There are explosives on the other side,” Sydney said.
“How would you know?” Michael asked skeptically.
“I was reading about this place. It was in one of those documents on Sark you gave me a few moths ago. Just trust me,” Sydney explained.
Michael looked at the ‘exit’ door just in front of him. He then glanced down at Sydney. He made up his mind and turned the corner.

this is going to have to last for about a couple of days...i ahve no inspiration whatsoever about what should happen comment...criticize...whichever....happy st. pattie's day!!!


Feb 26, 2003
okay..well...hehe.....i forgot to post this little addition to the previous chap...

Michael looked ahead of him. There was a single door at the end of a very long hallway.
Michael started running again. He finally reached the door and opened it. He stepped into a dark room. The door closed behind him.
“So nice of you to drop by, Agent Vaughn,” a menacing voice said. As if by cue, a single spotlight shone on a chair directly in front of Michael. Sark sat on the chair smiling evilly.

(i guess its not a good thing Sydney remembered) -_-


Feb 26, 2003
apparently not....but i'll post more later when i have an idea....hmm.....i don't know what should happen next....


Feb 26, 2003
aha!!! i've got's the next chap...

~Chapter 8~

“But, but, Sydney said-” Michael started to explain. He was at a lost for words. He looked down at Sydney (since he was carrying her). She mouthed out the words “the Mobile Marshall.”
“What?” Michael whispered.
“Marshall gave you one right?” Sydney asked weakly.
“Yeah,” Michael answered.
“Press number six,” Sydney said softly.
“What?” Michael asked.
“Well, Agent Vaughn. It took you long enough,” Sark interrupted. Apparently, he had not noticed their conversation.
“Number six Michael!” Sydney exclaimed quietly.
Michael carefully reached into his pocket without dropping Sydney. He pulled out the bright pink cell phone.
Sark ignored this action. He continued, “I thought Sydney would have died. I’m s glad that she led you into this room. I’m glad she read those fake floor plans that the CIA has of this place.” Sark laughed maliciously.
Michael glared at Sark, who remained seated in the chair. Michael looked at the cell phone and pressed the number six. The number twenty flashed on the screen of the device. It quickly changed to nineteen and then eighteen.
“Throw it and run Michael. It’s a bomb,” Sydney said weakly. She fainted.
Michael glanced at the phone. It now was on fourteen.
“This is for all the pain you’ve caused Sydney and I,” Michael shouted. He threw the phone at Sark’s feet.
It landed and broke into thousands of pieces.
“You planned to hit me with a phone?” Sark laughed.
Michael ignored him and started to run. He opened the heavy steel doors and ran as fast as he could. He spotted the door marked ‘exit.’ He headed towards it.
He came towards the door. He heard an explosion. A ball of fire headed towards him.
He pushed on the ‘exit’ door with all his might. He peered through the darkness coming outside and turned around. The ball of fire from the explosion was gaining on them. Michael ran faster. He could feel the heat build up all around him and nip at his neck…


Mar 4, 2003
aliaschick4mv said:
hahahah. I really don't like Sark either..just don't hate him... sorry guys I can't really hate anyone
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