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Feb 20, 2005
yay three chapters :D

aww they're so cute, it's great how Vaughn is trying to handle the situation, it's clearly visible how much he loves Sydney

good thing he came back and assured Sydney he wouldn't leave her

loved the chapters, thanks for the pm and update soon
Oct 19, 2005
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This is for Mel and just for all you other guys... I know you're reading many fics and sometimes it's hard to keep track, so just re-posting (quoting) a part of the second chapter for your info ;)

Okay, cool! Thanks! And I'm really sorry I forgot....

Anyway, I LOVED those chapters. I was sad when Syd sent Vaughn away, but everything's okay now, so..yeah! Again, wonderful three chapters.


Nov 1, 2004
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Sydney is so brave. Being raped at a young age and still, she decided to raise her son while dealing with her own challenges; that what makes her one special woman.

She doesn't have to do it all alone, Vaughn is there now and he loves her and Nicky so much.

Thanks for the pm and can't wait for more. Keep up the good work! (y)


Oct 30, 2004
Part 17

Two weeks later

“Please mummy, please say yes” Dominic pleaded his mother. It was one of his favourite hobbies to do. Begging his mother to get whatever he wanted or needed.

“I don’t know baby… I’m not sure… I have to think of it” she said.

“Mummy…” her son pouted pulling his lip “Why can’t we go?”

“I don’t know, I think it’s better if we stay here”

“Sydney, come on. What could happen?” Vaughn questioned. He recently had booked a ticket for three to Vermont. There they’d be staying in a cottage house for the entire week of Christmas and New Year’s eve. Dominic was more then enthralled by this idea though his mother wasn’t so much. It would be the first time vacation for him and was far too giddy to even consider spending Christmas home.

One week has passed since Sydney had last seen Vaughn. It had been dragging for her but never would he be able to tell her that he had a dangerous job. Knowing that both her father and Vaughn were carrying guns on them was already too much for her to take.

This would simply be a great opportunity for all of them to spend time together. Away from their daily lives, away from the great mess that was LA and away from everything else they had to face day in and day out. Just the two of them and Dominic… it would be perfect…almost too perfect.

“I don’t know… I’m not sure that I like it!”

“I want to see snow mummy! Please… Ben has already seen snow… he went skiing and all in the mountains… I want to do that too”

“Yes we could do a snowman together if you want” Vaughn suggested.

“A snowman?” Suddenly Vaughn was able to catch her mind. She looked up at him with sparkling eyes, her imagination being already miles away from their recent location.

“Yes a snowman” he repeated with a smile. He knew he had convinced her. Her curiosity was too tempting at that very special thought of building her first snowman. “We’d have to take gloves with us, a warm coat and everything like when we went ice-skating, remember?”

“Of course I do!”

By the look on her face he was sure they were going to spend their holiday in Vermont.

“So we’re going?”

“Hmmm… we’re going to take the plane” she exclaimed all excitedly much to her son’s delight.


Five very long hours later, they finally landed. Vaughn had never felt so tired in his entire life. Travelling with Sydney and Dominic was like having two children to travel with. Both wanted to sit near the window and both had been scared to death during take-off and landing. He didn’t know whom to soothe first.


“Go on have a look” Vaughn entrusted the boy to inspect the cottage first.

“Michael this is huge” she gasped at the very nice wooden house, completely furnitured with everything they would need for the next several days.

“Excuse me” Vaughn’s cell phone interrupted. While he was on the phone with Weiss he heard the pair gossiping around.

“Having fun with the Miss?”

“Jealous or what?”

“What? Me? About her? No way… come on, tell me!”

“Tell you what?”

“Are you planning on getting your way with her this week?”

“Is this why you’re calling? In that case I’m going to switch my cell off!” Vaughn snapped back in defence.

“No man, hey, hey…wait… Where’s that Martins’ file you were working on this morning?”

“Uhm… I think it’s on my desk… top drawer”

“Oh ok…thanks… oh wait”

“What?” Vaughn was slightly getting irritated. He didn’t know what was wrong with his best friend recently but he was again a real pain.

“Good luck!”

“Shut up!”

“Yeah Merry Christmas to you too”

Vaughn snatched the lid of the phone and tossed it onto the table. His hand was massaging his temple, thinking about Eric’s words. He didn’t want to think about them yet he still did.

“You have to come see this Michael” Sydney stormed into the living room. She stopped her giddiness right away, “What? What happened?”

“Eric happened!” Vaughn muttered.


“It’s ok… nothing I can’t handle” He took a deep breath before smiling up at her.

Sydney though had a sixth sense “What’s wrong? What did he say?”

“I don’t wanna say Sydney… I… Where’s Nicky?”

“Up in his room… talk to me?”

“I can’t talk to you about that… not now…”

“Why not?”

“Please Syd… it’s already hard enough like that” Vaughn got more and more irritated. What the heck was wrong with the people? Or maybe it was him going insane from the prude life he was actually leading those past two months.

“Daddy says it’s not good to keep every thing for yourself. It helps if you talk about it”

“Like you’re the one opening up to me!” Vaughn had no idea where that came from and immediately excused himself… “Alright, if you want to know… it’s about you and me… our relationship… it’s about us… I don’t know” He seriously had no idea how to approach that subject at all with her. Whenever he’d made the slightest little move in the past, she refused objectively anything else beyond kissing.

“Mummy, can I go out?”

Sydney hesitated for a little while before responding to her son “Yes baby… I’m coming with you” she took his hand and they both got ready for the cold winter season outside without talking things over with Michael where as deep inside she knew that she’d eventually have to talk to him.


Vaughn came here to enjoy a very nice vacation together with Sydney and Dominic. In no way had he thought about expecting more from this trip. Ok, to be true, he did… in some way… but he swore to not let himself down if nothing concrete would happen.

Now he stood at the window, gazing out at the magnificent view the house had all over the town in the valley. The entire landscape was covered in white, exactly like he intended their journey to be. He followed mother and son playing in the snow, rolling around, laughing and giggling; sometimes throwing a snowball at each other.

“Catch me!” Sydney yelled running, Dominic chasing her and begging her to stop.

“Mummy gotcha” he finally landed on top of his mother’s chest as she cradled him close up against her.

“Yeah you got me…”

Vaughn felt happy; seeing them happy, made him happy. Why did he have to be so harsh at her earlier? She didn’t know anything and she wouldn’t understand anyway! He hated that women once ruled his life… it was all about parties, women and sex. Now his life consisted of Sydney and Dominic… they were outside, happy and healthy.

Why the heck was he still in here?


“May I join in?” Vaughn unwillingly interrupted the pair as they tossed and turned around in the cold. Sydney was completely covered with snow as her son rested on top of her chest, cuddling up against his mother.

“Nicky, please get off… I’m getting cold” she gently requested from her son, helping him off her together with Vaughn. He then also gave a helping hand to Sydney shaking her snow off her legs.

“I’m sorry about before…” he told her sincerely while Dominic gazed from one adult to the other one. Her glare was cutting like a knife through his heart, seeing that he obviously hurt her feelings. But it didn’t take long for her smile to brighten Vaughn’s mood. Everything was set fine in the world again.

“Michael?” Dominic pulled at Vaughn’s hand.

“Nicky?” he replied playfully making the child chuckle.

“I want to make a snowman like in the books I have at home. Can you help me make one?”

“We could do this all together” And off they were to roll two large snow balls.


Not too much later, the enormous snowman was standing in front of the cottage, wearing Vaughn’s scarf. Several bigger stones represented the huge fictive coat buttons over its belly.

“Oh…this is a huge snowman” Dominic admired the master piece standing right in front of him, his eyes almost popping out of his eyes. Vaughn watched the happy child with sparkling eyes gazing at the snowman.

Vaughn’s heart was beating real fast, seeing Sydney’s excitement no different.

“This is so much fun” Sydney exclaimed wrapping her arms around Vaughn’s neck all smiling. She dropped a thankful kiss onto his cheek. Cuddling up against his muscles she asked “Can we stay here forever?”

“I wish we could, but I gather real life will catch up on us eventually” Vaughn said as romantically possible as ever.

They both sighed simultaneously. “I’ll explain you later, ok?... About before… when we’re alone” He whispered into her ear.

Even though she hadn’t known what Eric and Vaughn’s conversation had been, she sort of had an idea. Recently she had felt that Vaughn wanted more than just being with each other, holding and kissing. There are just things that Vaughn didn’t know about her and she didn’t know either whether he would understand her situation or at least her feelings.

“Ok” she replied.

“I love you” he slowly leaned it to make sure she wanted to be kissed. Everything was different with Sydney. He had to calculate and estimate each one of his movements. Not even her love for him has ever been returned… but he could feel she was in love with him.

“Mummy, Mummy, stop kissing!”

End Part 17

And since I know my readers pretty well :LOL: Here's some pictures that go along with it... now I wanna go on vacatin too :P







Aug 3, 2005
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Aww that was a really cute story! eric really knows how to pick his moments, just when everything was going wonderfully between the three of them he has to go and say some erci like lol :)
the house looks amazing and they seem to be enjoying themselves, to someone on the outside they appear to be one big happy family!
thank for the PM
update soon :P


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Things with Sydney will have to be really slow and with a lot of talks. Not only she is mentally different but she's been through a traumatic physical abuse.
Eric should really shut his mouth up.


Jun 15, 2005
gah!!i do want a vacation now!! please?! why do i need to learn anyways?!
i love the update and a snow man, i lLOVE building those
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