Sci-Fi Star Wars Superfan Rebuilds Luke Skywalker's Crumbling Tatooine Home

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Found this over on Fox News while using Stumbleupon and thought I'd post it over here... :cool:

Fox News: Star Wars Superfan Rebuilds Luke Skywalker's Crumbling Tatooine Home
It was in a galaxy far, far away … otherwise known as Tunisia.

The iconic homestead on Tatooine of future Jedi knight Luke Skywalker -- where his loyal aunt and uncle hid him from the prying eyes of the empire -- was actually filmed by George Lucas and Co. in the deserts of Tunisia. But the spot where Luke dreamed of epic Tie Fighter battles and zipping around the galaxy was crumbling -- until Terry Cooper came along.

"It’s the most iconic scene of all six Star Wars movies,” 42-year-old Welsh superfan Cooper told “Wales Tonight,” a program on TV station iTV. “And knowing that that place does exist, in a real place on Earth, that’s free to go and see … it’s something that we thought it would be a shame if this ended up as just a faceless ditch in the desert one day.”



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I did wonder at first why they didn't work with a generator and lights at night when it was cooler, but I guess slapping on all that clay requires a certain amount of heat? They did mention they had to stop because it got too hot at times.

All the way from Wales to do it!!! Hahaha. That is determination. Whilst his friends are sat by a hotel pool sipping fruit juices, he's losing weight and getting an extreme suntan in the desert :)


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That is fantastic! I applaud the determination and care in this project. Here's the deal: The project to restore Skywalker's home would have been considered difficult and probably boring to any outsiders who would have absolutely no interest in it. On the flip side of the coin, Superfan most likely was energized and felt extreme gratification over working this labor of love, no matter how long or arduous the task may have been at the time. Way to go!