Touched by You


Sep 26, 2004
Lisboa, Portugal
Sydney's mom is your typical Mrs. Geller. Hopefully now that they talked about mom's they'll try to look for Michael's so she could say he is in a coma and not dead. :whistle:
Jul 29, 2006
I loved their talk. . .
God. *wince* her last boyfriend really was a creep! :mad:

can i hope that theres a possibility that she and Micheal could 'Really' get together?


Mar 7, 2004
God I would die of embarrasment if my mom did that to me!

Poor Syd having to deal with an abusive relationship (n)
Mar 9, 2003
BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA If MY mother ever did that I would DIE...ABSOLUTELY DIE!!!! Poor Syd about the whole boyfriend thing. At least she got out! Can't wait for more!


Mar 23, 2004
Michael and Sydney are continuing to bond and getting to know each other- even the embarrassing moments.

I refuse to believe that Michael is dead.



Jan 6, 2003
Chapter 11

Michael and Sydney talked well into the early morning before Sydney finally fell asleep. She’d unconsciously hoped to sleep in the next morning, however it seemed Michael had other plans. “Sydney!! Sydney, wake up!!” she heard his voice distantly and began to grumble. “Sydney, come on, please wake up!! I can’t shake you, just wake up, please?”

“Wadaya want,” Sydney mumbled as she rolled over and smashed her face in her pillow.

“I remember something!! Come on, please get up,” he begged.

Sydney groaned and moaned for another minute before sitting up slowly and coming face to face with Michael, who was sitting at her feet. “I’m up,” she managed in a dull tone.

Michael laughed softly at her messy hair and puffy eyed expression before continuing. “I remember where I live. It’s a town house on Spruce Street. Can we go there, please?” he asked with a grin. She grunted and flopped back down against her pillow “Please? Please? Pretty please with a cherry on top?” he begged, his hands clasped in front of him.

“Fine,” she sighed. “Just lemme shower so I can wake up and then we can frickin’ go,” she grumbled as she slid out of bed.

“Thank you!” Michael called after her.


Forty minutes later they were in Sydney’s car as Michael directed her towards Spruce Street. Once there, Sydney slowed her car down to a crawl so she could read the addresses on the houses. “There, that one,” Michael pointed up ahead and to the right. Sydney stopped her car in front of the red brick townhouse he pointed to. They’d only been sitting there for a moment when the front door opened and a woman with blonde hair stepped out. She was dressed in an ankle length skirt and a nice sweater, obviously church attire. She locked the door behind her before hurrying towards her car parked near where Sydney and Michael were.

“She your wife?” Sydney asked, trying to keep her tone as even as possible so as not to let the hurt show.

“No, no I’m not married…and look, see those curtains in the window? They’re white and lacy… they’re not mine,” Michael said with a slight hint of confusion.

Sydney couldn’t help but feel the slightest bit of hope at the fact that he said he wasn’t married. That was until she realized that married or not, it didn’t matter because he was dead. “So um… is this not the right place?”

“No, no it is…,” Michael said, now even more confused.

“Well, um, maybe your parents sold it, you know…after…,” Sydney offered as an explanation.

“Yeah…maybe…,” he sighed sadly.

“So um… do you want to go back or drive around or…,” Sydney asked cautiously.

“We can go back,” Michael said, though he didn’t look at her; he kept his eyes trained on his lap.

Sydney sighed as she pulled out into traffic once more; she couldn’t have felt worse for him. By that point, she wasn’t sure what she felt worse about: the fact that he was actually dead or the fact that eventually he’d be going away forever. The fact that he was a ghost was better than nothing, right? At least, that’s what she thought selfishly. As a ghost, Michael was still around for her to talk to, but she didn’t imagine until then how frustrating it must have been for him. He couldn’t do anything. He couldn’t touch her or anyone or anything else. He couldn’t pick up a book or a TV remote. He couldn’t feel the warm sun against his skin as they drove. Nothing.

“I’m really sorry, Michael,” Sydney told him as they walked from her car once back at her apartment building. “I wish I could-”

“Wait, wait is this your building?” Michael asked.

“Um…yes,” Sydney said, slightly confused as to why he was asking that.

“Eric lives here!” Michael exclaimed. Then he took off running towards the building and vanished through the front door.

“What?! WAIT!” Sydney shouted, trying to catch up with him. She struggled to catch up with him and unlock the door quickly. Once inside, she found Michael wasn’t in sight. “Great, I lost my ghost,” she muttered. “Michael… Michael!” she began to hiss quietly.

“Up here! Come on!” she heard his voice filtering down the stairwell. Quickly she hurried up the stairs and found him on the second floor standing in front of a door labeled 2C. “Eric lives here,” he smiled, pointing to the door.

“And…Eric…is?” Sydney asked slowly.

“My best friend. Come on, talk to him. I’m sure he’ll know what happened,” Michael told her.

“What?! I can’t talk to him. I don’t know him. What would I say?!” she hissed to him.

“That’s why I’m here – to help you,” Michael encouraged. Sydney stood firm a few feet away from the door until Michael stuck out his bottom lip and began begging her with a puppy dog face. Grumbling under her breath at how she was unable to resist him, Sydney stomped forward and knocked on the door. A few minutes later a very sleepy looking man answered the door. He was about Michael’s height, though his hair was much darker and his belly much rounder. “Can I help you?” he asked.

“Um, are you… Eric?” Sydney asked carefully. The man nodded. “Well, um, I’m a friend of Michael’s…”

“Oh really? What’s your name?” he asked.

“Sydney,” she mumbled, knowing that would have no meaning to him.

“Huh, Mike never mentioned you…”

“Yeah well, we were sorta new friends…anyway, I was wondering if I could just talk to you for a second, please?” she asked in the sweetest voice she could muster with her heart pounding in her chest out of nerves. Eric nodded as he yawned and ushered Sydney into his house. “Thanks…,” she said slowly. Then she turned back to Michael, looking for some assistance.

“Tell him about me,” Michael encouraged.

“What?!” Sydney hissed.

“What?” Eric asked.

“Um…,” Sydney hedged. “Okay, look, this is going to sound really weird but, um, Michael is here. Right here…right there actually,” she said pointing to where Michael was. Of course, to Eric, she was merely pointing to an empty space in his apartment beside a lamp.

“HUH?!” Eric asked.

Sydney groaned as she rubbed her head. “Look, I don’t really understand this either but he’s here, I swear! He’s been haunting my apartment and-”

“Hey! I wasn’t haunting!” Michael shouted.

“You were too,” Sydney retorted.

Upon seeing the strange woman in his apartment speaking to nothing at all, Eric took a step back. “Um…who did you say you were again…”

“I’m a friend of Michael’s,” Sydney told him. “Look um… maybe- maybe I can prove it- that Michael’s here, that is,” she said as she looked towards Michael, hoping he’d take her hint.

“Um…he sleeps with a teddy bear named Brownie,” Michael told her.

“You sleep with a teddy bear named Brownie?!” she repeated with confusion.

Eric turned slightly pale and took another step back. “Who told you that…?”

“I told you, Michael is here… look, why don’t you ask me something only Michael would know and then he’ll tell me and I’ll tell you and that’ll like prove he’s really here, okay?” Sydney offered. Eric looked suspicious so Sydney encouraged, “Come on, what could that hurt?”

“Okay…when did I lose my virginity, at what age?” he asked.

Sydney looked to Michael with a slight grimace. “Sadly, fourteen,” Michael sighed.

“FOURTEEN?!” Sydney repeated with horror.

Eric looked stunned but fired another question anyway, “How many sisters do I have?”

“None,” Michael said.

“None,” Sydney repeated.

“Um…what’s my real favorite movie?” Eric asked.

Again, Michael sighed and shook his head while answering, “Spice World…”

“The Spice Girls movie?!” Sydney laughed.

Eric turned paler, looking even more disturbed. “Okay, okay what’s the secret handshake from tenth grade,” he said.

Sydney looked to Michael. “I’ll have to talk you through it,” he said. “Put your right hand out, palm up to the ceiling, wiggle your fingers up. Good. Okay, now rub your head and then your stomach and then spit on your palm…”

“Ew, I’m not spitting on my hand!” Sydney exclaimed.

At that point Eric jumped back. “Holy felgercarb, Mike!! Mike, whoa, this is so weird!”

“Um, he’s over there,” Sydney pointed towards the complete opposite direction Eric was looking.

“Oh… how long has this been going on?!” Eric asked Sydney. Sydney briefly explained to him the strange happenings in her office and the subsequent appearances of Michael’s ghostly form in her apartment. “Oh, that’s so – OH NO!” Eric exclaimed with horror.

“What?!” Michael and Sydney asked in unison, though obviously Eric could only hear Sydney.

“Oh my god, oh no… your mom, she’s going to pull you off life support today… oh felgercarb, we might be too late!” Eric exclaimed as he ran into his bedroom in search for shoes.

“Life support?” Sydney and Michael asked as they looked at each other with confusion. “I thought I was dead,” Michael said.

“So did I…,” Sydney said.

“What?” Eric asked.

“We thought Michael was dead,” Sydney clarified for Eric.

“Well he’s gonna be if we don’t get there fast – come on, I’ll explain on the way!” Eric said as he hurried out of his apartment with Sydney and Michael behind him.


Oct 30, 2003
OMG!! It's just like in the movie, except that at the end Elizabeth didn't remember the guy who saved her life, please don't make it happen in this fic. I love Eric and all the crazy stuff he does or did :LOL:


Mar 7, 2004
Yay for Eric!! :D

Spice World :sideroll: .... hehe, its scary cos I can see him liking that

Ohh I hope they get there in time, I'm so glad he's not really dead! ^_^


Mar 23, 2004
I knew he was in a coma! If Michael is pulled off of life support then his 'ghost' will be free to move on. Eric and Sydney better move their butts and get to the hospital fast! Or at least have Eric call Michael's mother.

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