What Are You Reading Right Now?


Rocket Ranger
Jul 17, 2005
^ :LOL: Good luck! :)

Anna Karenina- Leo Tolstoy
I have a copy of Anna Karenina, and read about half of it a couple of summers ago. Never finished it though, but it's definitely one of those books I'm determined to finish (when I find the time).

Just finished Pride and Prejudice and Wuthering Heights. It was kind of crazy reading both at the same time.

I have to start and finish The Picture of Dorian Gray for English by next Friday. I don't think I"m going to make it.... :confused:


Rocket Ranger
Mar 11, 2007
I finished Fahrenheit 451 a while ago and am reading The Da Vinci Code now, no spoilers thought because I saw the movie, book is way better though.


Rocket Ranger
Mar 28, 2006
Skinner's Festival by Quentin Jardine - Great detective/high level policework novel, Assistant Cheif Constable Bob Skinner is one copper you dont wanna frack with! Superbly written thriller, absolutely love the Skinner novels, cant wait till they follow Rebus onto TV :D
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