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    Är det någon som ser på Supernatural här? Den är så himla skön, jag älskar verkligen den. Fast jag gillar Friday Night Lights också :P
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    Håller med. De e helt grymma. Roxette med! ^_^
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    Days till Summer

    i was done yesterdays! yay!
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    Greetings from Europe!

    hey :hi:
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    Politics Do you believe in god?

    Well. I kind of diagree. I find this at a site about evolution.
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    awwwww jag var på deras konsert det var såååå GRYMT!!!!!
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    Politics Abortion

    Yeah. I mean it's not like that for EVERYONE. But for some, of course everyone has a different way of dealing.
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    Politics Abortion

    I don't think someone who has been through such an awful experience such as let's say rape; would ever even be able to have a child, let alone raise it. Even if it would make someone happy, the aftermath of that kind of experience takes time to heal. And it's more probable that you can't even...
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    Million Colours

    thaaanx! yah...i thought it might be too cheesy or ;)
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    Two Girls

    Gotcha! And was my first turn to right something ;)
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    English Help

    thanx! I was kinda proud lol :P
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    Do you like school?

    You nailed it for me there. Lol. Me too.
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    Politics Same-sex Marriages (¡DOS!)

    Yeah. Like last night I became 100% sure that I'm lesbian. (I've kind of had it in the back of my mind for a year, and it became clear last weekend)Anyway thats my biggest fear. Telling my parents, becasue of just that - the consequences - plus my family isnt that accepting. And at some point...
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    Politics Same-sex Marriages (¡DOS!)

    Thats sick... But yeah. Just as it becomes clear that you can't change a person's point of view no matter how hard you try. Its like that in real life, and it's like that in many places. Sometimes you just dont see a point to argue for your beliefs.
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    Greetings from Europe!

    no way...its alive...
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