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    Epic One of a Kind

    Er yeah, that was me.
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    Post a picture of you.

    He's probably in the NHL too.
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    Minimal body customization

    Body size scales, but proportionally. If you want your hot gearknightress to have a particularly small waist she's not going to have huge knockers. And there are many, many ways to make an ugly, ugly person. Goat
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    Back from E3!

    Rhona Mitra, arguably the hottest lawyer on Boston Legal (I think that's the name of the show) used to be the live version of Lara at trade shows and such. Bio Booth babe Lara- 9.3/10 Rhona Lara- 9.3/10 Angelina Jolie Lara.... 347/10 Oh and here's the full list from wikipedia: Nathalie...
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    Character Balance

    And how the hell does Daax have 150 posts in 5 days? :o
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    Character Balance

    As per one of the threads below... there won't be any "pure wizards." Your two classes are not divided evenly; you have a primary one and a secondary one. You can set yourself as Wizard/Warrior if you want more magic or Warrior/Wizard if you want more melee. Beyond that you'll have character...
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    Long live booth babes

    I think the blonde in frosty's pic is the winner as far as I'm concerned. However I'm also a big fan of the blonde here: Btw these girls must be 15:
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    Long live booth babes

    Rumors of their demise were greatly exxagerated, though a lot of them are in fairly tasteful clothes :-/ Find your favorite one & post her pic.
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    E306 PRess Release

    It's pronounced like we're. [/b] I had to chuckle at this, since we just had this discussion (were? we're? wire?) on our listserv a couple days ago. Goat
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    Cleric vs. Healer

    Remember also clerics are the masters of ressurection. Goat
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    Half Races

    I can never make an official statement, but I wouldn't be too worried. Goat
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    The Wyr system! What do you think

    You misspelled EVAR :-( I'm not a big fan of EVAR usually but that was definitely a time for it. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul. Goat
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    Are they going to have Empaths?

    When I think of what "warrior/warrior" would mean in terms of gameplay, I think "huge tank." Of course there should be ancillary skills, but I think "huge tank." And it turns out you can be that guy in HJ. It's a warrior/gearknight. Likewise you can't be a healer/healer, but a healer/cleric...
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    'Boss' Encounters!

    I like this idea alot, both the thread and the suggestion you provided. Thank you for posting. I dreamed up a variant that got me pretty excited... I actually like the idea of letting the guardians get to the point where they're damn near untouchable. Then you have to somehow get to the...
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    What do you think of support classes?

    So I posted this at when the healer/cleric/bard article came out, I'd like to hear what hero's hall has to say about the matter as well: -------------------------------------------------------- In light of the newly released info on clerics, bards, and healers, I'd like to hear what...