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    Loss Of Innocence

    Hey!! Great start! Poor Vaughn, but he does indeed have a perfectly valid excuse for missing the meeting! Was the woman Syd!? Please keep me on the PM list! I want to read more! Thanks for the PM!
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    Interesting, I like it. Different role for Syd and for Vaughn. Awww, Weiss and Nadia already flirting/hooking up... Keep me on the PM list? Thanks
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    This Cant Be True!?

    Well, felgercarb! Of course Sloane would be all evil and bug Vaughn's phone. That does not bode well for a happy reunion between Vaughn and Gina! Good job, very good chapter!! Thanks for the PM!
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    This Cant Be True!?

    Hmmm.... Interesting.. Curious to see where this goes. Ever the boyscout. Vaughn cute when he's nervous! Good job! Please do continue!! PM when you update??
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    In the Blink of an Eye

    Oooh... I can't believe I didn't see this yesterday! I'm loving it so far!! I love that eventhough its totally AU, we have the same strong and brave Syd, with a hint of the mischevious... its great!! And of course Vaughn remains the gorgeous sweet man that he is! I'm deliriously happy with...
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    Stepping Stones

    Aww.. This story is just so cute!! Ha ha ha... Take THAT Lauren!! I can just Imagine Vaughn standing in the doorway with his jaw on the floor! Can I get a PM when you update? I would love it ever so much!! Update again soon, I can't wait to read more!
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    Awww.. I love what Cameron said to Sydney at the end.... so sweet. I'm glad he accepts her! Lol.. I REALLY enjoyed the phonecall from Sark.. Caleb.. good job trying to sound professional there Sark. Those jokes from Vaughn were well deserved. Snort, It really does make Sark sound like a...
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    Wow.. what a bastard... and seriously? GO SYD!! That was well deserved and fitting! Ha ha ha.. i like the idea of Danny being handcuffed outside all night.. I gotta say though, If i was Syd, I don't know if i could sleep in that bed, at least that first night. Candy.. snort... seems...
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    GREAT!! That was so great... I love that Cam picked up on the goofy grin that Vaughn must have been sporting... and since he is one bright kid, i wonder if he'll pick up on it's origin?? I love Cam's "maybe it is"... that was so funny.. Don't be so surprised Vaughn, you're no idiot, so why...
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    Yay!! You posted another chappy!!! YOU ROCK!! Of course they were both silly and stumbling with words.. they're S/V, but still... awwwww. Cam is great.. how adorable!!! Mr. V..... hee hee hee... snort... what the hell was he thinking?? Is it wrong that I'm so glad that Lauren is getting...
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    Of course there should be a chapter 2!!! Please, could i have a PM when you do post it ('cause you must!!) :D How cute is Cameron.. my god that's gotta be one adorable child....well, i guess it should be since Daddy's so gorgeous!! Great job, and good for you posting.. it can be scary! Please...
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    Oh, I'm excited!! Sequel!! LOL... I LOVE Eric Here.. Hee Hee.. Freaked out by his own Daughter! Sigh... Daddy Vaughn.... God, how amazing is he? So perfect.... Oh felgercarb, of course she goes missing when everything is perfect!! Please keep me on the PM list for this one!! I loved TRT!
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    Wow... I am soooo curious? Is this Syd spy Syd? I am really so intrigued about her past... .and how old is she really?? Sorry I'm asking for a PM so late, but i was outta town.. getting my butt kicked by whitewater!! I really can't wait to find out more! At east we got a little glimpse this...
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    A Twin Thing

    Damn right wow!! Good job Syd! I LOVE that she shoved Jackie into the Pool... And wow.. seriously, 6 miles? eyes closed?? Wow.... And if they are that impressed with her now, just wait till they realize she's wicked at hockey too!! I love how smitten the boys are with her, and they have...
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    A Twin Thing

    Aww... I love this idea!! J and S Bristow... hee hee... I love that we know that she's a she and yet they still don't. Awww... now Vaughn's gonna think she's with Bristow instead of being a Bristow!!! Please, Please PM me when you update, I really can't wait to see how it unfolds! I'm so...