Sci-Fi Doctor Who bust!?

yes i sure would be very much interested in purchasing thses when where and how can i go about getting thses plus i have a fewother suggestions about other fan doctor who bust that should be included in with the official doctors please i am at elleventhdr @ gmail dot com please let me know on this or on this forum if you wiish to contact me this way just as well how much would thses bust cost is another question i must know as son as is possible?

No not exactly although these are very are very good the ones I am looking for are the ones beginning with Bill Hartnell that I ran across Thursday night they look like possibly dark clay or maybe marble bust I will see if I can relocate that link if you see that one resend it these are the ones I am looking for the person said he was going to try to make all eleven doctors in that bust style these are the o es I would like to have please!

Yes these are the frist o es I saw however maybe others are foi g so
e like this which are not limited editions this I would also be ingested in and also anyone doing fan doctor who bust also I am still I terested in action figures of the doctors offcial and fan doctors say in the five inch range!


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