From the Bottom of My Heart

Dec 3, 2006
North Carolina
Chapter 5

“You're kidding me.” Vaughn said, sounding incredulous.

“No I'm not. They aren't dead, and I want to know where they are.”

“Okay, Lauren is in solitary, in a little box six feet under and Sark is unknown last we heard.” Vaughn said, he thought that everyone knew.



“He's not lying, he shot her himself.” Sydney spoke up angrily.

“So, you want me to believe you?”


“She's dead and he's unknown.”

“For the last frackin time, yes!”

“How's Lilli?” He asked snidely.

“Okay, okay, don't hurt her. Lauren is dead, swear to God, Sark is in Williams Men's High Security Base.”

“Thank you.” He walked out like that.

“How've you been?”

“Got married, you?”

“Just a single parent to Lilli Amber Bristow-Vaughn.” He said the last name louder, hoping she would catch on.

“Why'd you keep my name on hers.?” She questioned.

“Because, I always hoped you would come back and be my wife.”

“It's still not safe, she's still working to avenge me, but doesn't care about you guys, and I only got married so that people would stop nagging me, he's disgusting and I haven't even had sex with him yet.”

“Why'd you marry him then?”

“So I could try and fill in the spaces.” She admitted honestly.

“Do you know something Syd, I don't care if we're in danger, I just want my defiance, and hopefully wife back, please!”

“Are you sure?” She asked doubtfully.

“Positive.” He sounded final and knew in the bottom of his heart this was the best decision.

“What about all the tapes they had of us, they knew everything about us! Even how you found out about me being pregnant and it wasn't something most couples do!”

“I want you!” He said, desperate, he didn't want to lost her, not when they were this close.

“Okay, but for us and Lilli.”

“She needs you for a mommy.”

“I love you!”

“I love you from the bottom of my heart.” He said it and meant it sincerely.

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Mar 23, 2004
So Sydney doesn't even like Josh, let alone want to have sex with him. And because Josh doesn't really know who his 'wife' really is, she could just walk away. Besides, their marriage isn't legal anyway, since Sydney is married to Vaughn.

Thanks for the PM.

Dec 3, 2006
North Carolina
Chapter 6​

Have you ever felt as though everything was resting on your shoulder. Sydney and Vaughn hated the cell phones they had been released with, they didn't sleep, not with Lilli waking and the cellphone ringing.

“I just want to throw it into the Pacific!” She growled, groaning, as it went off at 2:47 in the morning. She dragged herself out of bed and listened to what she had to do. “Be back soon” she said, kissing a sleepy, slightly grumpy Vaughn goodbye. She padded down the hall and pressed another kiss into Lilli's skull, the sleeping baby was curled up into a small ball, her thumb stuck tightly in her mouth. Sydney brushed the small brown-blond waves out of her face and stroked her face a little bit.

“You're late Mrs. Vaughn.” The voice snapped. “I want you to go in and retrieve Sark, any contact with anybody and you die.”

“Shut up, I'm going.” Sydney snapped a gun to her holster and climbed out of the van. She was at the CIA branch in Los Angeles. Sark had been moved and under the least cover when the guards went and switched. She hated it, but she was releasing all her enemies and shutting up or killing the good guys.

“Is someone down there?” A familiar voice called.

“No damn it!” She hissed under her breath.

She pressed up into the shadows and hoped his beams wouldn't touch her, she let herself relax as she heard him start to move on. “Must have been a reflection of the light.” He started to whistle. Like a cat she jimmied the lock and Sark obediently followed her out.

“Than-” She punched him in the side of the jaw and he went out like a light.

“You're welcome.” She snarled and kicked him maliciously in the side. He groaned and turned over slowly, panting, and looking at her.

“Who the hell are you?” He asked in wonder.

“I'm the one who got you out of prison, now shut up.” She said and kicked him to the head so hard it lolled to one side and his eyes slowly closed. She tied him up, tossed him into the backseat and the tires squealed as she sped off.


“Good, Mrs. Bristow, I must say, you did an excellent job.” Cole said. Sydney had to restrain herself from jumping onto him and strangling him to death. She let herself daydream while he monologed along about the job she had just completed, her daydream was one where she was beating McKenas Cole to a pulp and he was pleading for his life and she was torturing the life out of him.

“Whatever.” She strutted out of the building, not looking back. She saw Sark being dragged off, fear in his eyes, to a cell where he was tossed in. She pretended not to hear, because he was one less enemy to worry about.

She dragged herself out of the car and flopped down onto the bed, not bothering to take off her shoes or coat. She subconsciously felt Vaughn put her properly to bed and curl up beside her, and felt her mouther smiling at his kindness.

It was barely 5 hours when Sydney felt and heard a vibrating noise and turned over to see her phone lighting up. It read Cole 911. She wanted to ignore it, but her family was to precious to her to suffer from her.

“What the hell do you want now?” She said as she walked back into the building she had felt just walked out of, pissed off she had been called away from her dreams and much needed catching up on sleep time and time with Lilli.

“Sark has been eliminated, but he told us that Katya Derevko is in Los Angeles right now, looking for a new partner. I want to be her partner, but she will want some kind of assurance that I am a trustworthy partner."

“Please. Katya is in prison.” Sydney scoffed, hoping she was right, because she hadn't been kept up to date with the CIA, just like she wanted it, she was out, finished.

“No, after giving your father all the information she could give, she got a pardon.” Cole said, sounding smug and overly pleased with getting to give her information that she didn't know, because he liked to be the all knowing.

“Damn.” Sydney muttered under her breath, sounding shocked. She didn't know about this. She guessed that it just hadn't been something to come up during her and her fathers rare and few times they ever got to have a real chat, and those had ended, when he had given up his like to save millions of others by keeping Arvin Sloane buried eternally with him.

“Well, I would like you to break into a small section of the CIA, a black ops group I found out about while going through Sloane's papers, called APO.”
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