Looking at You Through the Glass

Aug 29, 2004
Somewhere over the rainbow...
Okay so I used to be very active on the romance fiction boards but with school and the business factor, I eventually stopped posting because I wasn't able to post updates on my stories and it wasn't fair to the readers. Now I'm back and, although I'm not sure how frequently I'll be able to post, I am very excited about writing again.

Title: Looking at You Through the Glass

Rating: PG, PG-13 at the most

Description: This story is about the things we do for love, and the hardships of caring about someone deeply but being afraid to tell them.

I hope you guys enjoy!


Physically, it was a night like any other. A cool breeze blew gently and silver stars danced in the cloudless Italian sky. However, the normalcy of the evening ended with its physical attributes. Using the darkness as her ally, Agent Sydney Bristow quietly gained entrance to the research facility without alerting the nearby guards.

“I’m in,” Sydney whispered into her com link as she walked quietly through the dimly lit hall.

“Okay, now find room 47 and enter in the code I gave you,” Sydney heard Marcus Dixon say. Sydney was on another one of her counter-missions for the CIA. SD-6 had no idea that, while she was supposed to be infiltrating the lab and stealing data for them, she was actually stealing the data for the CIA and would soon switch the real data chip for a fake one by brush pass with another CIA operative.

“I’m going radio silent.” Sydney said.

“Roger that. I’ll meet you in the van. Good luck.”

“Thanks.” Sydney replied and turned off the SD-6 com link.

Quickly, Sydney turned on the CIA com link embedded in her wristwatch.

“This is freelancer, I’m in the building headed for room 47.” Sydney said, knowing that her handler, Agent Vaughn would be listening.

“Okay Syd, we have an operative waiting just outside the back entrance waiting for you.” Vaughn said, wishing he could say more but aware of the presence of several other agents close by.

Sydney found room 47 and entered the code Dixon gave her before she snuck into the building. The door unlocked and Sydney pushed it open. After searching through various microchips, she found one with the correct name.

“Freefall.” She whispered as she pocketed the chip.

Simply thinking of the name of the important chip sent chills down Sydney’s spine. Unable to stop the flood of memories still so fresh in her mind, Sydney tried to focus her attention on getting out of the building unnoticed while still thinking about the mission that had changed everything.

It had happened just a week earlier. Sydney had been sent on a mission by SD-6 to find out the name of the important chip. The mission was so dangerous, however, that Jack Bristow requested that Agent Vaughn accompany her. Although Sydney almost resented her father’s concern, she didn’t mind the situation very much. Agent Vaughn was good at what he did and, whether or not she wanted to admit it, he had saved her life more than once. It had taken Sydney a while to come to respect Vaughn, but then again, it took a lot to earn Sydney's respect no matter the situation. Sydney would even go so far as to say that Vaughn was her friend, although sometimes she wasn't sure about that. Some of the things she felt towards him couldn't be labeled as friend-ish feelings.

She had grown to care about him, not in a sisterly sort of way, but something deeper. Although she couldn't put her finger on it, there was something special about Vaughn. She tried not to think about him....all the time anyway. Sometimes she got chills just remembering things he said to her. Sydney especially loved the way Vaughn looked at her. He always seemed happy, somehow, even when they argued. It amazed her how patient he was with her. No matter how often she broke protocol or did things her own way, he still stood up for her and took care of her.

All of these thoughts ran through Sydney's mind over and over as she packed for her trip. The thoughts followed her as she drove to the airport and boarded her plane. Vaughn would be traveling seperatly and they would meet at the Santa Bibla Eglasia in Mexico. Sydney scolded herself as she felt butterflies dance in her stomach. It was just Vaughn...who cared? Sydney lay her head back on her seat and tried to fall asleep but the image of his sparkling green eyes made it impossible to loose conciousness.

Finally, the plane landed and Sydney took her luggage to her hotel. After she had made sure she was settled and put on her wig (a long, wavy auburn wig, colored contacts, a light blue tank top and a pair of blue jean shorts), Sydney left the hotel and made her way to the church. She arrived at the cobblestone building and checked her watch: still a few minutes left before they had planned to meet. Oh well, she thought, it would give her some time to go over the mission in her head.

Sydney sat down on the edge of the ornate fountain and tried to focus on her mission. Just as she was finally beginning to focus, she heard someone behind her faintly whistling to the tune of "Baby, It's Cold Outside."

"You know, it's really not cold out here. It's actually pretty hot." Sydney said as Vaughn sat down a few feet away from her.

"Well it's not all that hot. Plus, I like that song."Vaughn said, pretending to clean his sunglasses.

Sydney rolled her eyes goodnaturedly and fanned herself with her hand, knowing that the heat she was feeling was more from nerves than from the warm Mexican air.

Vaughn quietly reviewed the plans for the opp and they planned to rendevous at 10:00 pm in the alley next to the church and travel together to the nearby building they would be infiltrating.

Sydney left before Vaughn, so as not to arouse suspision, and "Baby, It's Cold Outside" remained stuck in her head the rest of the day.

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Apr 9, 2005
This is a great start, and I'm excited to read a story set before the fall of SD-6. Please add me to your PM list: LittleNicky
Can't wait to see how the mission goes!
Aug 29, 2004
Somewhere over the rainbow...
Next update!!

At 9:30 pm that night, Sydney locked the door to her hotel room and made her way to the alley where she was meeting Vaughn. Still humming 'Baby it's Cold Outside' in her head, she mentally cursed Vaughn for getting it stuck in her head. It seemed like every time she saw him these days, everything he said or did stuck in her memory. As she entered the ally, Sydney progressed from humming to singing the song.

She suddenly felt as though someone was watching her. Quietly, she drew her gun and put her back to the church wall. Sydney carefully scanned the alley, but couldn't see much of anything in the dark. Then suddenly, she heard a noise that sounded almost like someone laughing behind a boulder on the corner of the building. Sydney immediately pointed her gun in the direction of the noise and yelled "Come out or I'll shoot."

"Hey, easy Syd. It's just me." Vaughn said, coming out from behind the boulder.

"Why were you hiding Agent Vaughn." Sydney asked, a little irritated, however mostly embarrassed.

"Well I was just walking here, minding my own business when, you pulled out your gun. Don't be mad at me for hiding; I've seen you shoot and you don't often miss."

Sydney put her gun back in its place and wondered how long Vaughn had really been standing there. Had her heard her sing? No matter, she thought to herself, right now the important thing was the mission, she would have plenty of time to think about that later.

"Have you got all the equipment?" Sydney asked, changing the subject.

"Yeah, here's your earpiece and mic."

"Thanks. Are you ready?" Sydney asked as she felt the adrenaline rush that came whenever she went on a mission, especially one with Vaughn.

"Yeah, let's go." Vaughn said.

The pair walked the half-mile to the facility without saying much of anything. The building they were infiltrating was situated between a junk yard and a small lake on the seedy side of town. Sydney knew that even though she didn't scare easily, she was glad Vaughn was there with her; she felt a lot safer with him by her side.


Vaughn's side of the story

As we walked to the building, I tried to supress my happyness and focus on the mission. However, walking next to Sydney, so close I could reach out and grab her hand, enthralled me. We didn't talk; we didn't need to. Everytime we spoke I knew if I wasn't careful, the next words out of my mouth would be "I love you so much," or something to that effect. As we neared the building, I couldn't help but wonder if this would be the mission that changed things. If this would be the trip where I finally said "Screw protocol" and acted on my feelings. Deep down I was sure it wouldn't be. As much as I wanted to tell her how I really felt, I didn't want to make things more dangerous then they already were. If something were to happen to her because of me, I don't think I could live with myself. And besides, even if I told her how I felt, who's to say that she would reciprocate those feelings?

I lied to her when I told her I was just walking up in the alley. I was waiting there for her when I heard her softly singing the song that I had been humming earlier that day. It sounded so beautiful when she sang it, better even than the original. I guess I was a little bias, but who could blame me? She was absolutely amazing, beautiful even in all black with her hair pulled up in a pony tail. Now I would get the opportunity to work with her on a mission. I knew she was the best, most skillful partner I had ever worked with. This mission was going to be easy with the two of us working side by side.
Back to normal narraration...

Sydney and Vaughn climbed the fire escape up to the top of the building. Wordlessly, the two worked together to melt the lock on the door that led into the top floor of the large, metal building. Slowly, Vaughn opened the door and let Sydney go in first in a sort of ironic, gentlemanly sort of guesture. Soon after, Vaughn followed and the agents cautiosly made their way down the stairwell to the second floor. They found the correct room and quickly unlocked the door. Vaughn locked the door behind them as Sydney began searching the computer for the name of the file she wanted.

Finding several different file names and descriptions, Sydney was quickly beginning to feel discouraged. However, after a few minutes she found it.

"I found it," Sydney exclaimed, "Freefall!"

"Alright, let's go!" Vaughn replied. He quietly opened the door and checked the hall.

"Clear" he said and he and Sydney snuck out of the room.

As quietly jogged down the hall towards the stairwell, a guard came out of one of the rooms in the hall. He drew his gun and yelled for him to stop. Sydney and Vaughn similtaniously began to run towards the stairwell with the guard right on their heels. They quickly ran up the stairwell and towards the door on the roof.

"Stop!" The guard yelled.

They exited the building and found themselves back on the roof. They ran to the fire escape, only to find that there were guards climbing up towards them.

"This way!" Vaughn said and grabbed Sydneys hand to puller her with him. They ran to the opposite side of the building and found that there were no stairs, just a long drop and a wide body of water. Sydney and Vaughn looked at eachother quizicly.

"You wanna?" Vaughn asked

"Let's do it." Sydney replied with a grin.

They backed up several steps and, still firmly holding one another's hand, they ran and lept off the building just as the guards had reached the roof.

Sydney squeezed Vaughn's hand tightly and they braced themselves to hit the water.

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