new night of J.J

Do you think by putting lost and alias on the same night will help boost ratings for both shows?

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Azy in Wonderland
I think it will help Alias's ratings - Lost doesn't really need the help! ^_^ If some of those 18 million people who watch Lost decide they want to check out what else this JJ Abrams guy is up to, it could make a difference. Let's hope so, anyway!
It will definitely help Alias. I think Lost already got the Alias viewers from day 1 because it was a JJ show (and I beleive it was previewed during the Alias season 3 finale), so no more additional viewers from pairing it with Alias.
if abc is planning to subject us faithful alias fans to so much pain by changing it, they BETTER advertise after lost and all the time so that alias gets better ratings!!!!! i will be doubly mad if alias doesn't even get better ratings for this switch...!!!!1

oh..........i am so depressed...........:depressed:


That's All Folks
ETA: As much as I hate the idea b/c it's a school night, and I'll be screwed if I have tests on Thursdays......

I think that it will definitely increase the ratings :D

I mean dude....if LOST alone gets like 15-17 million people watching, and we're upto ep 10....then imagine the ratings for Alias...because a lot of people that watch Lost aren't too into Alias, or vice cersa

So putting both shows together......ABC and JJ will hit the jackpot :D

OK...did that make any sense at all? :lol:
i think it definitely will increase ratings, i agree that it is on a school night and i'm gonna hate staying up late but i'll do anything for alias :D like any die hard fan would :P

lol that made sense yendy, or at least it did to me :lol:

wednesday are gonna be awesome and huge power nights for abc :woot:

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