SF Pilot "Who Am I?" shooting soon


A successful funding campaign from Syzygy Productions will see their first fiction drama shoot soon. Casting is going on now. Three networks are planning to air it.

Snippets from Dave Andrews updates:
Because of the new deal with the 3D network we told you about (more details on that later) our schedule has been pushed up and we'll be casting in just over a week. We'll be shooting a trailer less than two weeks after that.

Heavy metal fans will be interested in this one:

Tim "Ripper" Owens officially joins cast

The role of "Burt Rivers," Steven's father has been offered to and accepted by Tim "Ripper" Owens, heavy metal singer, former lead singer of Judas Priest and the inspiration for the film "Rock Star" (although the film wasn't actually about the rocker's life)...
has also agreed to lend his vocal stylings ... for the "rocking" version of the trailer we'll be shooting in a couple of weeks.

Congratulations, Ripper!

The funding goal on Kickstarter was reached, but for one more day people can still donate and get the gifts for the level of donation and be on the list. You can follow the updates, read comments, or donate from

"Who Am I" TV pilot

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This should be interesting!


You can now see the trailer for the Who Am I? pilot on the Syzygy website.


I put a few ideas into it while they put ideas into my script (which they hope to produce in the future) so I'm getting quite excited about it. The actual pilot starts shooting early Feb. I've done a painting for the set, my little way of being in the film since I can't leave the family and stay in Akron to be an extra.


For anyone who has fun following how a show is made, Syzygy has try-out clips for various pilot roles up on their weekly sci-fi news show, Insight.


I've picked my favourites for each role shown, I don't know which actors they're going with yet.

A painting I did for set background arrivied safely on time, so I can breathe easier and enjoy the progress more.

Obviously I'm biased about this project since I have a small involvment, so outside honest comments welcome. Be honest, I'm used to it for writing and art I've done, it's what's needed to grow as artists and know what to change.