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    I don't want Sydney to quit the CIA, I think she should continue working. But I do want some kind of happy ending for S/V and their baby. And I do want a cliffhanger, but not a big one. More like an 'open ending'. Like, for an example, Sydney becomes a double agent yet again like at the end of...
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    Season 3 "Do you really think the CIA couldn't find you?"

    Ok, so, Lauren said a lot of things during the battle with Syd. I get the pawn thing: "We're both pawns in the same game. The only difference is I know who controlls me!" Lauren was obviuosly talking about Elena. Lauren was working for her and Elena was mostly controlling Syd through the...
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    Season 3 How Lauren Knew?

    well, Lauren obviously knew because of Elena Derevko, who was the head of The Covenant. The Covenant planned Fake Irina's death so it makes sense to tell Lauren - giving the code to Syd was probably her mission.
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    Season 5 What was she really looking for?

    Um... I don't think Sydney is immune to hypnosis. Hypnosis and brain washing are not the same... She was also under hypnosis in "The Indicator" when she found out about Project Christmas. Just like in "The Horizon", she was hypnotised to recover a memory.
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    Season 5 100th Alias

    12 episode is the 100th and it won't air before haitus... Last episode to air before hiatus is 5x09. (December 15 I think). I've heard 5x10 & 5x11 will air as a two-hour event when the show comes back (not comfirmed though). So, the 100th episode should be in March or something like that...
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    Season 5 5.10 Title

    yay another cool title! :D This is after hiatus, right? I think the hiatus is after episode 9, but I'm not sure.... but one way or another, it sounds very exciting :D
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    Season 5 Promos

    OMG, the AOL preview looks *so* good!! Wheeeeeeeeeeeeee
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    Season 5 Who is Gordon Dean working for?

    I don't think she's evil... And, Prophet Five obviously wanted 'Vaughn' dead. Irina had plenty of chances to kill him before and she didn't.
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    Season 5 5.09 Title

    actually, this is 97th episode.... Episode 12 is the 100th. :)
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    Season 5 Guest Stars... (Spoilers)

    The professor is back? That's... odd. I'm looking forward to the scene from "A broken heart", looks like a great S/V bittersweet moment.
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    Season 5 100th Alias

    I think Syd gives birth in this episode (#9) so obviously they'll have to come up with something else for the 12th (100th) episode. And yeah, the 100th episodes are usually awesome. The only show that had a disappointing 100th episode was Dawson's Creek.
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    Season 3 Don't you think S3 finale was great?

    I loved it. :D Sure, it's weaker than s1 & s2, but it was pretty good. The Lauren/Syd fight was awesome and Lauren's death was a cool scene too. I liked Lauren and I think she was great in this episode. I didn't like the cliffhanger though. It was kinda lame... But everything else was good. :D
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    Season 5 5.08 Title

    I know, it's just so random and funny :lol: :lol: Maybe it's Rambaldi's new alias? :lol: That'd be hilarious. "Hi, I'm Milo Rambaldi. Call me Bob." *LMAO*
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    Season 5 wow..

    it's just you.
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    Music You'd Like To Hear On Alias

    I'd like to hear "Somebody told me" by The Killers. :D I can totally imagine it playing during some mission at a club.