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    Season 5 Sydney and Lauren

    Ok I just recieved message (from a VERY reliable) source that things start to heat up between S and L. Ok you know in the last ep. how Lauren askes Syd is shes wants to go out to dinner? Ok this is really weird and gross (you may want to site down for this...) Lauren hits on Syd. Now I dont know...
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    just another depressing poem

    Puhleazeeee :rolleyes:
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    Politics Republican/Democrat

    Republican! Democrats are idiots! [Edited post for swearing. In the future please be more constructive (give reasons WHY, etc.)]
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    betha u fruit, i better b in ur wedding party!
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    Make Love, Not War

    sorry..i ve been gone for WAY TO long i know i know! :lol: im posting i PROMISE THIS TIME!!!
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    The Reaction

    ahhhh that is a great poem :)
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    Why Part 1..

    dont do that..leave it on a cliff hanger!! its me when more is up ok>
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    Alias Survivor

    OMG this is HYSTERICAL!! :lol: please post more soon and PM me if u do ok>
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    All Dressed Up and Nowhere to Go

    that was a fantastic chapter..:lol: loved it!
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    Happily Ever After

    i hope vaughn makes smart descisions *tsk tsk* me when mores up...ok?
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    The Resurrection

    ahhhhhhhhh that was good and i love ur siggy!!!
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    Opertaion Sub Rosa

    ahhhh how sweet..i just read it.. :). and i like it!
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    And The Willow Trees Dance

    WOW....thats a me if and when u update ok? :up: :up:
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    Never Should Have Loved

    that was me when more is up ok>>? if u do more that is !!! and i hope u do!! ~*TAY*~