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Danger Lurks In All Corners Of Life

Discussion in 'Creative Writing & Arts' started by liliana, Mar 23, 2003.

  1. liliana

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    Jan 8, 2003
    South Africa
    Here's the sequel everyone was asking for

    Authors' Notes:Set nearly a year after A New Life Is Just Beginning.All is well the twins are doing great and now even Eric and Bridget are getting married.Okay does anyone want Francie to be evil in this?Okay if anyone didn't get that authors' note at the end of the last one I decided to end it where Jennifer and Matthew were born because that was actually the main objective of that story.But what was going on with that woman I'll carry
    on here.I thought it would be more fun to have Jen and Matt coming up for one than babies they get up to more mischeif.
    Summary:The CIA calls Sydney back in to hunt down a terrorist that has been in the US for the last five years.She agrees to do it she and Michael are sent to Russia to find out who this person is but then she gets a phone call from her father Jennifer has been kidnapped and the last person who was seen with her was Bridget and she's nowhere to be found.Sydney rushes home and suddenly remembers the prophecy.So what will happen now?Wait and find out.
    Couples:Sydney/Vaughn,Jack/Irina,Francie/Will,Eric/Bridget and Juliet/Tom
    Disclaimer:None of the shows characters belong to me they belong to JJ Abrams.Juliet,Tom,Abby,Karen,Bridget and Jennifer and Matthew Vaughn all belong to me.

    Danger Lurks In All Corners Of Life

    Chapter 1

    You see Sydney standing in the living room drinking coffee while watching Michael trying to feed their two month old daughter.While she watched their son who was sleeping in his seat."Oh come on Jen just eat a little for daddy please,"he says.

    He was sitting in front of her trying to feed her porridge and she's being very stubborn she's just sitting there with her mouth closed."Michael just leave her be if she doesn't want to eat it's all right,"Sydney says."If she's hungry mom will feed her."

    He nods and gives up he clears everything away and puts the dirty dishes in the sink then he looks over at Jennifer who's watching his every move.He smiles at her she puts her arms out and he picks her up."So you going to be good for grandma today?"he asks.

    She nods her head and he kisses her on the cheek she lays her head on his shoulder Sydney smiles at the picture that they make.He smiles back at her then they get into the car and drive to Jack and Irina's house.Irina is there to meet them she smiles and Sydney gets out of the car."Morning mom,"she says.

    "Morning honey,"she says.Sydney opens the car door and picks Jennifer up while Irina picks Matthew up.Irina takes Jennifer from her.

    "Bye Jen bye Matt be good for grandma,"Sydney says.She gives them a kiss on their cheeks and then so does Michael.Sydney gets back in the car and waves at the three of them.

    "Are you okay?"Michael asks.Sydney looks over at him and smiles they get to the high school"well here you go."

    Sydney leans over and kisses him she smiles"I'll see you later,"she says.

    "Remember three months tomorrow of nothing except look after
    children,"Michael says.

    She glares at him and gets out of the car and walks towards the high school she gets into school and everyone's in class."Good morning everyone,"she says.

    "Morning Mrs.Vaughn,"they say.

    Sydney smiles at all of them and they got down to Othello talking about it and reading when it came to the end of the day."Okay everyone go home enjoy you're summer,"Sydney says.They all left Michael walks in he smiles at her"hi."

    "Hi,"he says.Her phone rings and she looks down at it and picks it up she sees a familiar number.

    "Eric what's wrong?"Sydney asks.

    You see Eric standing in Operations he looks kinda nervous"ah Kendall wants you to come into Operations,"he says.

    "Why?"Sydney asks.

    "I don't know,"Eric says."He just wants you to come in."

    Sydney shuts her phone and shakes her head"I have to go into Ops,"Sydney says.Michael nods and they head for the car.At Ops Centre they walk in and you see Kendall and Jack standing talking with Eric."I'm here."

    They all turn and look at her Eric comes over"hi Syd,"he says.He hugs her tightly she hugs him back.

    "Hi Eric hi dad agent Kendall,"she says.Kendall looks at her and then at Michael she glares at him"to put this bluntly what the hell do you want?"

    Kendall looks at her"come in to the debriefing room,"he says.She steps away from him and goes into the room and sits down at a desk and Michael follows and sits beside her.Jack,Kendall and Eric sit down as well.

    "Well,"Sydney says.

    Kendall looks at her and keeps standing"we called you in because we want to bring you back into the CIA,"he says."To do a mission for us."

    "Okay why?"she asks.

    "Do you remember a Vladimir Chirnikoff well he's now back in Russia back when he was younger he trained Russian's and sent them to America one of them has been living here in the US for five years we need you and Agent Vaughn to go to Russia to find more about this person,"Kendall says.

    Sydney glares at him and she stands up"I have children now Agent Kendall I can't just go running off to another country,"she says.

    Jack stands up and looks at her"we'll look after Jennifer and Matthew,"he says.

    Sydney looks at her father and nods"I know okay so when do we leave?"Sydney asks.

    Kendall looks at her"tomorrow afternoon,"he says."At 1pm."

    Sydney nods and leaves the room Michael follows her and so does Jack she sits down at Michael's desk and puts her head in her hands."They'll be okay Syd,"Michael says.

    "I know but we've never left them like this,"Sydney says.He nods and rubs her back she smiles at him and he smiles back.

    "If anything goes wrong I promise we'll phone you,"Jack says.

    "Thanks dad I think I'm going to go home now,"Sydney says.She stands up and hugs her father and then takes Michael's hand and they leave.


    They reach Jack and Irina's place and Sydney and Michael get out of the car and go up to the house.Sydney rings the doorbell and Irina comes and opens the door holding Jennifer.

    Jennifer smiles when she sees who it is Sydney takes her and Matthew comes to the door as well and Michael picks him up.

    "You're dad told me what's happened it will be our pleasure to look after Jen and Matt while you're gone,"Irina says.

    Sydney smiles at her mom and then they leave and they get home they've both fallen asleep in the car so Sydney puts them to bed.She smiles when Jennifer wakes up and looks up at her."Hey Jen,"she says.

    She leans down and kisses her daughter on the forehead and then goes over to Matthew and does the same thing.She leaves the room and sees that Michael is in the living room watching a game.She sits down beside him and he looks at her he puts his arms around her."It will be okay,"he says.

    She nods her head and snuggles into his chest"I love you,"she says.

    "I love you too,"he says.He kisses her on the forehead.Then you see them a while later just sitting around Sydney reading a magazine and Michael watching something on tv.

    "You don't want to go on this mission do you?"he asks.

    Sydney looks up at him and shakes her head"not really no but I will,"she says.

    He nods his head.


    Then you see someone standing in front of a screen it's split in two one watching Sydney and Michael and the other watching Jen and Matt.You see a picture of Jennifer by the screen.

    There's another person standing in the shadows and you can't really see who it is but it looks female."What do you want me to do?"she asks.

    "Kidnap the little girl I've made sure that her parents will be away,"the person says."And whoever she's with kidnap her too make it look like he/she is the person that has kidnapped her."

    "Yes ma'am,"the girl says she walks away.

    And then you see William come out of the shadows"are you sure we can trust her?"he asks.

    "Yes she will get the job done,"the woman says.

    William nods and looks at the screen and sees Sydney picking Jennifer up and he has a look of sorrow and regret on his face...

    To be continued...

    What will happen next?

    Will Jen be all right wait and see.

    Please review.
  2. aLiAsFaN_14

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    Jan 23, 2003
    wow- i love this story plz continue ASAP!
  3. Scarlet Crystal

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    Dec 30, 2002
    save jen! cool. write more.
  4. alias_obsession

    alias_obsession Scout

    Mar 23, 2003
    This is so cool, i just read the prequel and that was mazing too!!! I really hope that they dont hurt Jennifer. I wonder who that other women is hummmmm.....

    Lana xx
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    Feb 27, 2003
    Mafia Headquarters
  6. Vaughn_Lovah

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    Feb 27, 2003
    my mama
    oh man its Francie isnt it....hmmmmmm

    oh yea and your sig is up for you in fan media.
  7. Bondgal2007

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    Feb 26, 2003
    More please!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. liliana

    liliana Rocket Ranger

    Jan 8, 2003
    South Africa
    here's the next part

    Authors' Notes:Okay to get something straight Jen and Matt are nearly about a year old now I skipped about ten months.
    Disclaimer:You know where.

    Danger Lurks In All Corners Of Life

    Chapter 2

    You see Sydney and Michael in their apartment they are getting packed up they are leaving for Russia today.Sydney suddenly just walks out the room Michael watches her go and follows he finds her in Jennifer and Matthew's room.

    She's staring down at the two of them he puts his arms around her and she smiles at him and he smiles back."I don't want to leave them,"Sydney says.

    Michael nods and looks down at his children"I know but we have to do this,"he says.Sydney looks at him and nods."And they'll be fine you're mom and dad will look after them."

    Sydney kisses him on the cheek and smiles"I know and thankyou for telling me that I needed reassurance,"she says.

    He nods and they look down on their children a while later the phone rings Sydney goes to the kitchen and she picks it up."Hello,"she says.

    "Hi Syd it's Bridget,"she says.

    "Hey you what's up?"Sydney asks.

    You see Bridget crying"Eric and I broke up,"she says.

    Sydney looks shocked and Michael comes over and looks at her he mouths 'what's wrong?' 'Eric and Bridget broke up' she mouthed back.He looked at her in shock and she just shrugs her shoulders."What happened?"Sydney asks.

    "I don't know I thought everything was going so great and then this morning he broke up with me,"Bridget says she's sobbing.

    "Oh honey I'm sorry,"Sydney says.Michael shakes his head and goes into their bedroom and picks up his cell phone he dials Eric.

    "Weiss,"Eric says.

    Michael looks angry"what are you thinking why did you break up with her?"he asks.

    "How did you know?"Eric asks.

    Michael looks exasperated"Bridget is one of Sydney's best friends how do you think?"he asks.

    Eric looks down and shakes his head"I broke up with her because I couldn't handle where the relationship was going,"he says.

    "You couldn't handle it you were the one who asked her to marry you,"Michael says.He shakes his head"I have to go Syd and I leave on the mission in an hour."

    He shuts his phone and he sees Sydney staring at him and he shakes his head"what did he have to say for himself?"Sydney asks.

    Michael goes over to her"he said he couldn't handle the way things were going,"he says.

    Sydney looks at him in shock"that's his reason for breaking off the best relationship he probably has ever had,"Sydney says."Michael you should have heard her she's in pain and I can't do anything because I have to go on this mission."

    Michael nods and takes her in his arms she leans back he kisses her on the cheek and she closes her eyes.And then you hear crying coming from the babies rooms.Sydney walks over to the room and sees that Jen is standing in her cot.Sydney goes over and lifts her little girl out.

    "Hello baby,"she says.She kisses her daughter on the cheek.


    A half an hour later they arrive at Jack and Irina's place they ring the doorbell and Jack opens the door and smiles at the two of them."Hi dad,"Sydney says.

    "Hi Sydney,"he says.He takes Jen from Michael and smiles at his grandaughter she looks at him.Irina comes to the door and takes Matthew."You two becareful."

    "We will,"Michael says."I'll make sure you're daughter stays out of trouble."

    "Thankyou Michael,"Sydney says."Now you know the phone numbers if you need us call for anything."

    "Sydney don't worry they'll be all right,"Irina says.

    Sydney nods and kisses her children and then turns and walks away Michael does the same thing and they get into the car."Will you be okay?"Michael asks.

    Sydney looks at him and nods and smiles"let's go,"she says.

    He nods and he puts the key in the ignition and drives off when they get to the airport they get on the CIA's private jet.They get seated an agent passes and gives them both files.Sydney looks down and shakes her head.A man walks up and smiles at her."Welcome back Agent Bristow or should I call you Vaughn?"he asks.

    "Sydney would be fine thankyou,"she says.

    He nods and then walks away Michael smiles at her and she smiles back"you okay?"he asks.

    She nods"just thinking that's all,"she says.

    Michael takes her hand and smiles at her"we'll be back with them before you know it,"he says."And then you don't have to leave them again."

    Sydney nods and brings his hand up to her lips and kisses it.


    You see Jack and Irina preparing lunch Jen and Matt are in high chairs watching the two of them.Irina brings them some juice and Jen looks up at her grandmother Irina smiles at her and Jennifer just looks at her.

    Then Jack brings over some food and Irina and him help the two of them eat after they do they play with them for a while and then put them down for their afternoon nap.

    You see Irina and Jack just flop down on the couch Irina smiles at Jack and he smiles back"I don't know how we ever did it,"Irina says.

    "We had one not two,"Jack says."I don't know how Sydney or Michael are able to handle having two children at one time."

    Irina smiles and shakes her head"it's double the trouble but well worth it,"she says.

    Jack nods his head he takes her hand"remember when we talked about having another child after Sydney was born?"he asks.

    Irina nods her head and smiles at the thought"I think Sydney always wanted a little brother or sister,"she says.

    Jack nods"I remember when she was about four and she said everyone else has a brother or sister why don't I,"he says.

    Irina laughs and shakes her head"yes and now look at her she does have a brother William but I don't think he wants to know her or Michael,"she says.

    Jack nods his head and then shakes it"maybe he'll come around,"he says.

    Irina nods her head and Jack puts his arm around her and she snuggles into him he lays his head down on her hers."I don't think I would have minded another child,"Irina says.

    Jack looks down at her and nods his head.


    You see Sydney and Michael the next day in Russia she has a blonde wig on with blue contact lenses in.And he has a moustache she looks up at him and giggles."What?"Michael asks.

    "You look daft,"Sydney says.He glares at her but she just smiles and he shakes his head"come on we have a job to do."

    They go to a hotel and check in and then go up to their room and put their bags down Michael opens the balcony doors.And stares out."It's very beautiful here,"he says.

    Sydney turns and looks out and smiles at the city"it sure is,"she says.

    He smiles at her and she looks up and smiles back"what?"she asks.

    "Just watching you that's all,"he says.She leans up and kisses him"I love you."

    Sydney smiles at him"I love you too,"she says.

    He picks her up and goes over to the bed and lays her down she strokes his forehead and smiles at him."I think we'd better leave this till later,"she says.

    He nods his head and gets up he takes her hand and she smiles at him"would you like to see the city milady?"he asks.

    "That would be wonderful,"she says.

    He smiles at her and she smiles back they walk out of the hotel room and go out of the hotel.


    You see back in LA Bridget standing in Jack and Irina's apartment they are getting Jen ready to go out with her.

    "You sure this is okay?"Bridget asks.

    Irina looks at her strangely"of course it's fine,"she says.

    Bridget nods her head and smiles Irina hands her a bag and the carrier and Bridget smiles down at Jen the little girl stares up at her.They head to the car and drive away and you see them outside the mall.

    When suddenly a black van comes along and knocks Bridget out and brings her into the van and then takes Jen....

    To be continued...

    Sorry guys that's the end for now I'm too cold to continue at the moment please enjoy cause I know you will.

    Tell me do you want me to continue with the prequel.

    Please review get you're friends to read anyone.And thankyou again Vaughn_Lovah for the beautiful signature.
  9. liliana

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    Jan 8, 2003
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    the next one will only come out tomorrow i'm cold so i don't feel like doing it now
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    Dec 1, 2002
    Los Angeles, CA
    Just a little note; I don't think a two-month-old would be eating porridge or have that kind of intelligence to actually understand what someone would be saying to her. I know it's Syd and Vaughn's kid, and she'll be extremely smart, but no kid is naturally THAT smart. Just a thought.

    ~Me :angel2:
  11. liliana

    liliana Rocket Ranger

    Jan 8, 2003
    South Africa
    i'm not really meaning that she knows what they are saying.where in heaven's name are people getting two months from i've skipped about ten months and i looked it up by the time babies are five months you should try them on solids
  12. Bondgal2007

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    Feb 26, 2003
    Are you going ot post today?
  13. liliana

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    Jan 8, 2003
    South Africa
    sorry guys it's not finished um i have the prequel but you know i'm not able to post it for some reason
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    Feb 26, 2003
    Will you post today? I have been waiting ALL day! And believe me when I get impatient I make everyone suffer with my whinning!
  15. Bondgal2007

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    Feb 26, 2003
    YAY your back!
  16. liliana

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    Jan 8, 2003
    South Africa
    here's the next part

    Authors' Notes:Guys when nominations start at http://rendezvous.inmyelement.net on April 9th please go vote for me for A Future Holds Everything For You.
    Disclaimer:You know where.

    Danger Lurks In All Corners Of Life

    Chapter 3

    You see Irina pacing around the living room and shaking her head when Jack walks through the door she looks at him."Where are they?"she asks.

    Jack takes her hand and leads her over to the couch and sits her down she looks up at him"what's wrong?"she asks.

    He looks down and then back up at her face they found Bridget's car on the side of the road,"he says.

    She looks at him and nods her head"are they okay?"she asks.

    He shakes his head"they weren't in the car some eye witness reports say that a woman fitting Bridget's description was seen picking up a baby and getting into a car not being forced her anything,"Jack says.

    Irina looks at him in surprise and then looks down at the phone.And looks at Jack and he nods his head."How are we going to tell them?"Irina asks.

    He shakes his head.


    You see Sydney and Michael sitting in a business somewhere her phone rings and she picks it up."Hello,"she says.

    Irina looks over at Jack"Sydney it's mom ah I have some bad news,"she says.

    "What is it?"Sydney asks.Michael looks at her strangely"is it Jen Matt?"

    Irina looks down"mom,"Sydney says."No mom don't tell me it's one of the kids please."

    "I'm sorry honey but Jen was taken this afternoon we don't know the full story yet but we think Bridget might have done it,"Irina says.

    Sydney looks strangely at Michael and he mouths "what's wrong""mom Bridget wouldn't do anything like that,"Sydney says.

    Irina looks over at Jack"we have evidence that she could be a traitor,"she says.

    Sydney sits down and puts her head in her hands he strokes her forehead and takes her phone."Irina what's wrong?"

    She told him and he had tears in his eyes Sydney took it back"tell Kendall we're aborting the mission my daughter is more important,"she says.

    "Your dad talked him into bringing you back,"Irina says."You leave in an hour."

    Sydney nods her and after saying goodbye shuts her phone Michael looks at her she stands up and takes his hand."We leave in an hour,"Sydney says.

    He nods and looks at her and they leave the business they head to the hotel and they start packing.Afterwards Sydney just flops down on the bed.Michael looks at her and sits down beside her."We'll get her back I promise,"he says.

    "I know,"she says.He puts his arms around her and she lays her head on his shoulder.

    They sat there for a while and then picked up their bags and went to the airport and got onto the jet and they took off.You see them on the plane and you see her staring out the window.

    Then they get back to LA and head straight for Ops and are met by Jack he looks very worried."I'm sorry Sydney,"he says.

    Sydney looks up at him and nods"it's all right dad it's not you're fault,"she says.They walk over to a desk where Eric,Irina and Kendall are waiting for them.They all look up and Irina comes over and hugs her daughter."Any updates?"

    "No I'm sorry Syd,"Eric says.He stands up and hugs her.


    You see somewhere else you see Bridget and Jen in a cell of some sort and there's nobody around except for a few guards.Jen is crying."Honey it's okay,"she says."I promise you we'll get out of here."

    Then somebody opens the cell door but you can't see who it is because it's dark Bridget squints at whoever is there."What do you want?"Bridget asks.

    The person comes out of the shadows you see it's none other than Bridget the other girl looks stunned."Who are you?"Bridget asks.

    "I'm Bridget Thompson can't you tell?"she asks.

    "No I am,"Bridget says.

    The girl stands beside her and looks down"not anymore you're not,"she says."Oh no everyone thinks you've betrayed them.Everyone one of your longest bestest friends you're reputation is ruined."

    The real Bridget glares at her"even your precious Eric since I through his engagement ring in his face and told him to go jump,"the fake one says.

    Bridget looks at her in shock and hugs Jen closer to her and then the fake Bridget walks out and shuts the cell again.And as she walks away"take the little girl,"she says.

    The guards came in and pried Jen away from Bridget.She tried to fight them but she was too weak to do so and just fell down.


    You see Sydney at home she's sitting in the twins room holding Matt and rocking him back and forth.Michael came in and saw her sitting there he kneels beside her but she just stares off into space.

    "Syd are you okay?"Michael asks.

    She shakes her head he tries to take Matthew away from her but she shakes her head and Michael nods"no I need to hold onto him so he doesn't disappear as well,"she says.

    He nods his head and she looks down at Matt and the babies asleep she stands up and lays him in the crib.And Michael wraps his arms around her"Syd we'll find her,"he says.

    "I know,"she says."But I want her here now."She starts sobbing and Michael puts his arms around her.He kisses her on the side of the neck.

    Then they go through to their room and get ready Sydney puts on the baby monitor and lays down in bed and Michael lies beside her.He looks down at her and kisses her on the head.He strokes her hair and then the fall asleep.

    You see someone watching them from inside their house you see them by the door but you can't see who it is....

    To be continued....

    Please enjoy.
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    Feb 26, 2003
    Nooooooooooooo! Sian this was great! I loved it! Caht with me on msn later kk! Byes OMG it's 1:10 I g2g bed byes!
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    kay thanks Asha
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    wow your story is great! Post more soon, interested on what's going to happen!
  20. Vaughn_Lovah

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    ah this is so great. please post more soon! :)

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