Love is One Big Lie


May 28, 2003
Sorry that this chapter is really short. :(

Love is One Big Lie~ Chapter 6

Sydney slowly started to regain conciseness. Her vision was blurred, but after a minute, everything looked normal, except for one thing; everything she saw was green. She thought she was going crazy, when she realized that she was in a giant machine of green liquid.

She looked around; she could see she was in some sort of lab, or medical room. Nobody was there, and she wondered what she was doing in this machine.

“Oh yeah! I was shot in the back of the head with a tranquilizer dart!” she thought, rubbing the spot where the dart had struck.

“Mom!” she remembered.

She ripped off all of the cords that were attached to her ,and slowly pushed the door open.

“Ewww!” she said, dripping with the green liquid.

She looked around, and noticed another.

“Hey! She must have been captured too…” she thought, looking at Nadia’s unconscious body, in the machine next to her.

“Well, I should give her a hand…” Sydney muttered.

She pressed a button, and the machine doors slowly opened, but the girl wasn’t getting up.

Sydney ran over to inspect her.

“Hmm… looks like she was just brought here not too long ago. She’s still unconscious…” she said.

“Well… in that case…”

Sydney lifted the girl up and through her over her back.

“Now, let’s find a way out of here…” she said.


Sydney slowly made her way down the hallway. It seemed she was in some sort of Covenant command center. Cautiously turning a corner, she saw a guard talking to another guard. They muttered something in Russian to each other.

“So, do you think the women are really the messengers of Rambaldi?” one asked.

“I guess. I have all the reason to believe it” the other replied.

Just as Sydney turned the other way, she heard another guard shout.

“The women are gone! Sound the alarm!” he shouted.

Not even a second later, a high-pitched alarm was humming through the entire building.

“I have a feeling that they’re talking about us” she said to the girl, who was still unconscious.

She began o run down another hall, coming to a fork-in-the-road. One path, she could hear the sound of angry men, the other, she could hear something… different. Something which she had never heard before, yet sounded somewhat familiar.

Seeing there was no place left to go, she made her way down the hall with the strange, but soothing sound.

She was spotted by a group of guards, who came storming after her shouting “I found them! I found them!”

With the woman on her back, Sydney could feel herself getting slower. She reached the door where the sound was coming from, and it automatically opened. She threw the girl in first, and then she darted in, waiting for the doors to shut as the guards came closer.

When the door finally shut, she located the controls. She quickly glanced at the buttons, and noticed a big red one that said “DOOR”. She smashed the control with her fist, causing it to bleed and send an electrical serge through her.

She grunted in pain, but was interrupted by the sound of men pounding at the door.

“They’ll eventually break through. We have to move quickly” she said to the girl, who was still out cold.


“So, where do we check next?” Jack asked Irina.

“I have about 1000 ideas of where they might be…” she replied.

“You said they wanted to fulfill the prophecy, right? Well, let’s see… Rambaldi…” Vaughn said.

“I’ve got it! Italy!” Irina shouted.

“Italy?” Vaughn asked.

“In a manuscript, it said that the prophecy would be fulfilled in Rambaldi’s home land. Italy was Rambaldi’s home land” Irina explained.

“So, Italy. But where in Italy?” Jack asked.

“I’m not sure. The manuscript wasn’t specific…” Irina replied.

“I have an idea” Jack said, as he pulled out his cell phone.

“Marshall?” Jack asked.

“Uh, yeah? Mr. Bristow sir?” Marshall asked.

“I need you to check all of Italy and see if the Covenant has a base there, or anything to do with them” Jack asked.

“One sec Mr. Bristow” Marshall said, as he began typing away on his computer.

“Uh, they have one base Catanzaro, another in Parma, and the last one is in Teramo” Marshall replied.

“Can you tell me which one Sydney is in?” Jack asked.

“Well, I’ll see. Hold on” Marshall replied, as he once again began typing away at his computer.

“It says that she should be in Parma” Marshall said.

“Are you sure?” Jack asked.

“Well, I just ran a test, and it’s only 74% accurate, but Parma would be the better bet because they have a better security system” Marshall replied.

“Thank-you” Jack replied, as he turned off his cell phone.

“Marshall said that she should be in Parma” Jack said.

“Well then, let’s turn this plane around and go to Parma” Irina replied.


Sydney continued to carry the girl down the hall. She could still hear the guards smashing against the door. She was approaching the soothing sound.

“It’s behind that door…” she mumbled.

The door had a giant “47” on it.

Sydney gasped.

“This is the room where I saw Will! In my dream!” she shouted.

She remembered when she was trying to regain her memories, and she saw the Covenant carry her into that room. When she walked in, she saw Will.

She took a deep breath.

“I hope you don’t mind if I go in here” she said to Nadia.

She pressed a button, and a door slowly opened. This time, she didn’t see Will, but something else that was just as shocking.

“Oh my god…”


May 28, 2003
Love is One Big Lie~ Chapter 7

“Where are they?!?” Bomani asked.

“I don’t know” Lauren replied.

“I think I do” Sark said, walking into the room.

“Do you?” Bomani asked.

“Some guards said they say Sydney carry her sister into the room which leads to room 47” Sark replied.

Bomani laughed.

“Well then, looks like we have nothing to worry about. They’ll be taken care of…” Bomani said, leaving the room.

Sark looked at Lauren, and she looked back.

“How much longer?” she asked him.

“Not much. The machine should be running within the hour, and then we have to fix the machines and fill them up, which will take an hour, and we have to wait for the girls to return. That won’t be more then 45 minutes, since nobody has ever been in room 47 longer then that” Sark replied.

“So, around three hours?” Lauren asked.

“Yes. That would be my guess” Sark replied, as he left the room, leaving Lauren alone.

“Three hours… that’s not much time…” she thought, as she ran to catch up with Sark.


“The plane should be landing within the hour” Jack said.

“Irina. Can I talk to you?” Vaughn asked.

Irina couldn’t help but smile. Vaughn hated her, and never liked to talk to her, so why was he so eager to talk now?

Vaughn and Irina made their way to the back of the plane, where it was private.

“What is it, Agent Vaughn?” she asked.

“Well…” for some reason, Vaughn couldn’t get the words to come out of his mouth.

“Sydney’s sister…” he said.

“Yes? What about her?” she asked.

“How come you never told Sydney? I mean, she of all people should know these things! When she finds, she’ll be crushed that you never told her. She grew up thinking she was all alone, the only child. But now-”

“Agent Vaughn… I will tell Sydney if she doesn’t find out before I do. Something tells me that she has already met Nadia. You see, I’ve told Nadia of Sydney, and now Nadia is dying to see her. She’s heard Sydney’s name everywhere, and she really idolizes her. I was going to bring Nadia back to L.A. to live with Sydney, but the Covenant had to be eliminated first” Irina explained.

“I see. That’s why we’ll destroy them and then Sydney and Nadia can be together, and then Sydney and I…” Vaughn paused. He didn’t know what words to use.

“I know” she said, as she smiled and made her way back to the front.


Sep 12, 2003
thanx for the pm. irina, katya, and elena are hilarious. hopefully sydney and nadia will be ok. what did sydney see?????
Apr 7, 2004
Hey~ I haven't read your fic yet- but I really want to~ I'm just wondering about the spoilers you said were in it- what episodes are they from? Just wondering!- you don't need to PM me with the answer if you don't want to but if ya could that would be awesome! Thanks! *xoxo*em*


May 28, 2003
Okay, just to let everyone know, this fic only contains spoilers up to episode 3x20 (Blood Ties.) If you have seen the episode, then you don't have to worry about spoilers.

By the way, next chapter should be up some time tonight. ;)


May 28, 2003
Love is One Big Lie~ Chapter 8

“Oh my god…” she said.

She couldn’t believe her eyes. She decided to leave the girl behind, and enter the room alone, because she knew this could be dangerous.

She set the girl down, and made her way into room 47, closing the door behind her.

At first, she saw nothing. The white light beaming from the room was far to bright to see through. After a couple seconds, her eyes adjusted to the lighting, and she could see fine. She saw herself. Well, not really herself. Memories. It was her, playing in the sandbox in her backyard. She remembered. Her mother was making lunch in the kitchen, and her father was at work. Her mother had sent her out to play so that Sydney wouldn’t get in the way of her cooking and cleaning. Little Sydney was digging in her sandbox, when she hit something. It was odd, and shiny. She tried digging it out, but it was too big and too heavy for such a little girl.

“Sydney! Lunch is ready!” she heard her mother call.

Little Sydney dropped her shovel and bucket and ran into the house for lunch.

“I remember that! I found it while I was digging, and I had forgot all about it! I wonder if it’s till there. What could this all mean?”


Nadia awoke, taking in her surroundings.

“W-Where am I?” she asked herself.

She sat up, looking at room 47.

“Why am I here? Oh yeah… the Covenant. Wait! That means that Sydney must be here too! I have to see my big sister!” she said to herself.

“She must be in there…” she muttered, as she opened the door to room 47.


“…Sydney?” Nadia asked, looking at the woman in front of her.

“It has to be her!” she thought.

“Sydney! It’s me!” she shouted, pulling Sydney into a tight hug, snapping her out of her trance.

“Huh? What? You! You’re awake!” Sydney said.

“Sydney it’s me!” she shouted, tears in her eyes.

“Uh… I don’t believe that we’ve met” Sydney replied.

“I’m Nadia! You’re little sister! Didn’t mom tell you?” she asked.

Sydney pushed Nadia off her and slowly started to back away.

“I have a sister?!? This can’t- I can’t- what?!?” she shouted.

“I guess mom didn’t tell you then…” Nadia said, a hint of disappointment in her voice.

Sydney smiled.

“I have a sister! My whole life I wanted a sister, and I got one!” Sydney said, jumping for joy.

“Mama was right. You always see the best in situations…” Nadia replied.

“I guess you know this, but I’m Sydney Bristow” Sydney said, extending a hand.

Nadia graciously accepted it, but to her surprise, Sydney pulled her into a hug.

“Nadia. I’m Nadia” she replied, blushing a little by the affection her older sister was showing towards her.

Their family reunion was interrupted by loud banging. Sydney switch from her happy, goofy mode, to her serious, ass-kicking mode.

“It’s time we show the Covenant what we’re made of! Me and you, together! We can take them! Let’s rip them apart, so we will finally be free to live” Sydney said, raising her fist in the air triumphantly.

“Umm… we’re kinda out numbered. I don’t think that a two man army can take out a 200 man army...” Nadia replied.

“Come on! Show some fighting spirit! We can do this! One thing I’ve learned, the most important lesson I’ve learned ever is that no matter how grim things look, keep fighting no matter what. If we stay here, we’ll surely be captured. If we attack, we can do some damage, and maybe even escape!” Sydney explained.

“Your right. I should brighten up. Let’s go get them!”


The team landed, waiting for Marshall to call with an address. They sat around, concentrating, getting ready for what they knew would be a big battle.

Jack’s cell phone rang, and everyone bolted straight up.

“Yes. Uh-huh. Got it. Send in reinforcements, cause we’ll need them. This is going to be the end of the Covenant” Jack said, clicking his phone off.

“We have an address. Let’s move out”


There was a large blast, blowing the guards on the other side of the door away. Nadia and Sydney had found some guns, ammo, bombs, and other necessities, and began attacking.

There was a loud voice on the P.A. system.

“Do not harm them you fools! They must be alive and well for the procedure to work!”

Sydney recognized that voice. It was Bomani.

“Procedure? What procedure?” Nadia asked Sydney.

“Haven’t the slightest clue” she replied.

More guards came charging down the hall, and Sydney and Nadia had a shoot out. Since the guards were not aloud to harm them, it made it that much easier to get pass them. After finishing the round of guards off, Sydney and Nadia sprinted down the hall, looking for an exit. They passed the room where Sydney and Nadia were being held before.

“Good. We’re going the right way…” Sydney thought.


“Where are they?!?” Bomani shouted, throwing stuff off the table in front of them.

“They’ve made their way through subdivision E, and are making there way to D” Sark replied.

Bomani loaded a tranq gun, and threw it to Sark.

“That means they should make it to subdivision B within minutes. We have to stop them from getting to the exit in subdivision A” he said, loading his own gun and running out of the room.
Jan 30, 2004
A, b, c, ab, cd, ac, ba, what? Too much letters! I mean, too many letters! But wow! That was...jaw dropping! I mean undeniably icnredible! I love how your fic is so light hearted in a know the sisters, and then the sisters, and I just love it! Thanks for FINALLY Pm-ing me!



Sep 12, 2003
i hope that they will be able to escape. it's nice to see that syd and nadia are getting along nicely.
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