Love,lies and spies


Jan 12, 2003
OK great Chap!! Ok Syd really needs to just kill Sark and get over with it. and Syd needs to rescue Vaughn every now and then he he!! I'm glad u still have your comp.!! :):):) Keep Writing!


Dec 8, 2002
Alias Elle said:
Okay, two comments;

1.) Damn you Sark, damn you!

2.) Sunfire 77 and vaughnmyangel, how do you guys have so many freakin' posts?!?!?!?!?!?

Okay, I'm done.

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Dec 29, 2002
Right where I am sitten
The alley was dark and from that spot Sydney could here the ambulance sirens and they normal city sounds that would make any person feel alittle down.
Vaughn stood there by her with sark on the ground on his face.
That made both Sydney and Vaughn very happy.
"Whats the matter?" Said Vaughn as he looked at Sydney.
"It's nothing. It's just why is there so much felgercarb in the world. It really makes me think. Ya know."
Then Vaughn looked down at the beating down sark and smiled.
"Yea I know what ya mean."
Then vaughn looked at his watch.
"Where the hell is back up or whatever those lazy ass agents are called." Said vaughn as he looked at Sydney hoping to cheer her from her frown."
Just then it started to sprinkle out. Sydney looked up into the sky and saw the rain drip down from the sky.
Just then a swat team truck pulled up and a group of agents jumped out. They grabbed Sark by the collar and chained him up. He was speechless. Not even looking at anybody. An emotionless smile gleamed on his face as he looked at Sydney. She looked back but with an defeating look on her face. Kind of like the smile you see on a person who just beat the felgercarb out of their componet.
After they had all left Vaughn walked up to Sydney.
"So ya wanna get back in to your bachlorette party?" Said vaughn sarcasticlly.
"Well no but if I dont I will never hear the end of how I didn't get any entertainment the night before my wedding." They both smiled.
"Yea same here."
Then vaughn put his arm around Sydney. It started to rain more. Then they both ran back into the club.

"Ok where have you two been?" Said Francie as she threw her attention to Sydney.
"Making out." Said Sydney jokingly.
"Well in that case you could have atleast gave us an note or something." Said Wiess trying to blend in with Will and Francie who didn't know about what really happen.
"Ok well since were all here lets just all hang out together." Said vaughn as he pushed the idea so wiess couldn't trick him into going to an strip club.
"NO,NO,NO,NO,NO. This is to be separate Mike." Said Wiess as he started waving his hands in the air."
"What the hell are you doing eric." Said Vaughn as he steped back slowly as did the others.
Then right as Wiess stopped to people pulling an huge cake came to their table.
Just then an women in a tight bikini jump out.
Wiess smiled hoping Vaughn would too.
But instead Vaughn put his hands on his head covering most of his eyes.
"Hey so so ya like it?" Said wiess as he jumped up to display the cake.
Sydney,Will and Francie started laughing.
"I'd watch out eric your dealing with Sydney his soon to be wife. If she wanted to she could kick your ass right about now." Said Will as he took an drink of Francie's martini.
Wiess laughed sarcasticly "Ahh Syd knows I am kidding...Right." Said Wiess as he looked at Sydney.
"Yea. Eric. I know your kidding. But you better watch your back." Said sydney as she pointed her finger at him and laughed.
"So ya like it?" Said Wiess as he repeated his question to Vaughn.
Vaughn lifted his head and made the migrane expresion.
"It's tasteful."
"Ah come on. It an classic."
Vaughn looked at the cake that had the worlds "Your only an bachlor tonight tomorrow you will be married for an LONG time." on the front."
Knowing that if he didn't say something nice about the cake Wiess would keep at him.
"Yea. Sure. I like it."
"Ok good. So how about an lap dance."
Then after that remark Sydney got up and had that "Watch it." look on her face,also with an laughing like grin on her face."
Wiess got that gesture.
"Ok ok bad idea." Said wiess as he looked at sydney with his hands up in the surrendering fashion.
The artificial cake was tooken away along with the women.
Then the men started singing "For he's a jolly good fello." to Vaughn.
That would be when he bursted out laughing. he thought to him self "Cant beat Wiess so you have to join him." And then the girls got their turn and had their rounds of shots.

The night lasted for quite awhile but everyone enjoyed it.
When it was all over Sydney and Vaughn got home and layed on the couch. Just then Vaughn had an idea and grabbed Sydney's hand.
(It was still raining)
He walked her outside and started to kiss her.
They both stood their on the porch,but then somehow ended up in the front yard in the grass as the rain poured down on them.
"Now this is how I want to spend my bachlors night." Said Vaughn as he looked at her his head on the grass next to hers.
"Me too." Said sydney as she leaned in and kissed him.
They layed theor and kissed as the rain poured down on them. :)

Alias Elle

Dec 1, 2002
Los Angeles, CA
God, if I ever got as many posts as you guys do, even 600, I'd be lucky.

The thread thingy- once a thread gets over ten pages (we're starting to push 14 here) then it starts jamming the server. It can't handle it. All you have to do is start a new thread like "Love, lies and spies; Thread 2". You just have to do exactly what you did to get this thread up and running.

And I love the new part! It's so sweet!

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Dec 8, 2002
:o Oh no Sunfire so much is gone!!! You didnt type it on here did you? :unsure: I really really really hope not!
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