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Some Things Are Not Always As They Seem

Discussion in 'Creative Writing & Arts' started by liliana, Mar 22, 2003.

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    Jan 8, 2003
    South Africa
    here's the prequel to The Future Holds Everything For You

    Authors' Notes:This is the prequel to my stories The Future Holds Everything For You and A New Life Is Just Beginning.It's how Sloane and Sark get taken down,how Irina gets off,where you met Bridget,Juliet and Abby for the first time ect.Pretty much as you can tell this is all AU my story probably stops at Phase One except that Francie's not dead and she knows that Syd works for the CIA and also Dixon's working for the CIA.
    Summary:When another Rambaldi artifact is found somewhere in Africa the CIA send Sydney,Vaughn,Eric and a new agent to find it.But find that Sloane and Sark have already gotten to it.They head back to LA empty handed and that's when they find that Irina's second trial has gone ahead and that this Rambaldi artifact could destroy countries.When different buildings start getting attacked the CIA has to try and figure out a way to stop this before there is nothing to save.So what will happen.We'll have to wait and see.
    Couples:S/V,J/I and F/W
    Disclaimer:None of the shows characters belong to me.Bridget,Juliet,Abby and whoever else doesn't belong to the show belongs to me.

    Some Things Are Not Always As They Seem

    Chapter 1

    You see Sydney's house and you see Sydney and Vaughn sitting on the couch with Will and Francie on the floor they are watching the first Indiana Jones movie.Vaughn looks down and sees that Sydney's asleep.He smiles and shakes his head he strokes her hair after the movie was finished.Will and Francie smiled."She can never stay awake for that movie,"Francie says.

    "I don't think she enjoys it,"Will says.

    Sydney wakes up and sees them all staring at her she blushes and hides her face in Vaughn's shoulder."Hi,"she says.

    "Hi,"Vaughn says.He kisses her on the head"if you hate that movie so much why did you let us watch it?"

    Sydney looks up at him and smiles"because you wanted to see it and you are comfortable to sleep on,"she says.

    He smiles at her and then sits her up she pouts"I have to go I have an early meeting and I didn't bring any clothes with me,"he says.

    "Huh meeting you're meeting is with Eric,Craig and a few of the other guys to play basketball,"Sydney says.

    He nods and smiles and then leans down and kisses her she leans into him and deepens the kiss Will and Francie leave and go to her bedroom.Vaughn pulls away and Sydney pouts he strokes her cheek"you know if we lived together we wouldn't have this problem,"he says.

    She kisses him on the neck"I know,"Sydney says.

    He looks at her she smiles he smiles back"are you okay?"he asks.

    She looks at him and nods"I was just thinking maybe you're right,"she says.

    He looks at her and frowns"right about what?"he asks.

    She smiles at him"about me moving in with you,"Sydney says.

    "Does that mean you're moving in with me?"he asks.

    Sydney smiles up at his eager face she strokes his cheek"I need to talk to Francie but yes I will move in with you,"she says.

    He smiles at her and she smiles back he kisses her and she pushes him back against the couch she starts unbuttoning his shirt."Okay I'm not going,"Michael says.

    "Good,"Sydney says."Now take me to bed."

    He smiles and he lifts her up and they go to the bedroom he shuts the door.


    The next morning Sydney is awake when Vaughn's cell phone rings she groans and she leans over him and picks it up."Hello,"she says.

    "Sydney it's Eric tell Vaughn he's late for the basketball game and we want him here now,"he says.

    Sydney groans but smiles anyway"all right,"she says.She shuts the phone and Vaughn is now awake she looks down at him."It was Eric he wants you there."

    Vaughn nods and gets up he looks extremly tired but he's able to get his clothes on and look in the mirror and make sure he looks good.Sydney just watches him and laughs he glares at her but then laughs as well."I'll see you later at work,"he says.

    She nods and he picks everything up and leaves.An hour later Sydney is still sitting in bed when the phone rings.She picks it up"hello,"she says.

    "Hey Syd,"the girl says.

    "Who is this?"Sydney asks.

    "Sheesh you don't even remember your old friend Bridget?"she asks.

    "Oh my god I haven't heard from you in years how have you been?"Sydney asks.

    The other girl laughs"I've been all right,"Bridget says."And you how are you and Francie and Will?"

    "We're all fine,"Sydney says smiling."So where are you now?"

    "In LA actually I was hoping that I could actually come see you guys today but I can't I have work,"Bridget says."But maybe we can do something tonight."

    "Okay that would be great I would love too,"Sydney says."I have to go into work today as well so it's no big."

    A while later you see Sydney walk into Ops she sees Vaughn standing talking to Eric and a girl she comes up behind Vaughn and taps him on the shoulder.He turns around and smiles when he sees who it is."Morning,"he says.

    Sydney smiles at him"morning,"she says."Morning Eric."

    "Morning Syd,"he says.He smiles at her"hey we'd like you to meet a new field agent Bridget Thompson this is---"

    "Sydney what are you doing here?"Bridget asks.

    "I work here,"Sydney says.They hug each other tightly"I can't believe you work for the CIA as well."

    "I know,"Bridget says.

    They stood smiling at each other while Vaughn and Eric look very confused both girls look at them and smile."We went to high school together,"Sydney says.

    Both males nod Jack walks by and looks at the four of them standing there he stops and looks at them"are you four coming?"he asks.

    Sydney lookes at him and nods"yes dad we're coming,"she says.

    Jack moves away and Bridget watches him go in shock"that's you're
    dad,"she says.

    "Yes we've gotten much closer than we were when you knew me,"Sydney says.

    Bridget nods and they head for the debriefing room they walk in and nobody is there not even Kendall.They all sit down and stare at Jack."I wanted to talk to you before everyone else came,"he says.

    Sydney looked at him strangely she could see the pain in his eyes"what's wrong dad?"she asks.

    "It's you're mother Sydney um she's being put on trial again for everything that she's done I tried to stop it but they wouldn't listen,"Jack says.Sydney looks down and Vaughn takes her hand.

    Then Kendall comes in and so does Marshall and some more agents Kendall looks at Sydney"I guess you've heard about your mother,"he says.Sydney nods he nods"okay everyone we have a new agent with us Bridget Thompson."

    They all say hi and then everyone sits down and there comes a map up on the screen in front of all of them and a picture of a man."This is Vladimir Chirnikoff he is the leader of an organization that lives in Africa that has an Rambaldi artifact and we want it but of course so does Sloane so we are sending a team in,"Kendall says."Agent Sydney Bristow will be leading the team along with agents Vaughn,Weiss and Thompson.The rest of you will back them up.You leave in two hours."

    They all started leaving Bridget watched him go"delightful man,"she says sarcatically.

    Sydney laughs and she gets up and walks over to her"Will and Francie will be so happy to see you,"she says.

    "Well let's go now I have my clothes in my car anyway,"Bridget says smiling.

    "All right,"Sydney says.Vaughn comes over and puts his arms around her waist she leans back against him he strokes her face.

    "I'll see you in an hour,"he whispers in her ear.

    "All right,"Sydney says."I love you."

    He gives her ear a kiss"I love you too,"he says.

    He leaves and Eric follows you see Bridget giving Eric the once over but she has raised eyebrows."I thought that wasn't allowed,"she says.

    "Everyone knows nobody has said anything,"Sydney says.She smiles at her and then they walk out.

    "So is Agent Weiss seeing anyone?"Bridget asks.

    "Not that I'm aware of no,"Sydney says."Why you interested?"Sydney smiles at her and Bridget smiles"it's good to have you back."

    "It's good to be back,"Bridget says.They hug each other tightly.

    Sydney suddenly stops"I'd better go see my mother,"she says.Bridget nods and she follows Sydney down to her mother's cell."I'd like to see the prisoner."Sydney showed her identity.

    "Sorry Agent Bristow but Irina Derevko was taken a half an hour ago,"the guard says.

    Sydney looks shocked and then she walks away and Bridget goes after her Sydney shakes her head."Let's get out of here,"she says.

    "All right,"Bridget says.


    They get to the house Sydney and Bridget come in laughing and talking about old times Will looks up."Hey you're home early,"he says.

    "I have a plane to catch in two hours,"Sydney says.Bridget comes from behind her and Will gasps.

    "Hey Will,"she says.

    "Bridget long time no see,"Will says he hugs her tightly."What are you doing back in LA?"

    "Working for the CIA,"Bridget says.He looks at her and gaps and then shakes his head she just smiles at him.

    "I have to go pack,"Sydney says.She goes off to her bedroom and starts packing and then a half an hour later the doorbell rings.Will goes to get it it's Vaughn and Eric.

    "Hey Vaughn Weiss,"Will says.

    "Hi Will,"Vaughn says.They shake hands and he smiles when he sees Bridget and so does Eric."Where's Syd?"

    "In her room,"Will says.

    Vaughn nods and he goes off in search of his girlfriend.He knocks on her door"come in,"Sydney says.He does and she smiles when she sees him he smiles back he sits down on her bed.When she walks past him he takes her hand and brings her onto his lap she smiles at him and strokes his forehead.

    Vaughn looks at her and strokes her forehead"have I told you today how beautiful you are?"he asks.

    "No not today,"Sydney says.

    "Well you are the most beautiful person I know,"Vaughn says.He kisses her and she kisses him back and deepens the kiss.

    To be continued...

    Well we'll have to see is Irina going to survive?

    What's this Rambaldi artifact?

    Okay little help what do you guys think this thing should look like I mean you know Rambaldi was weird.

    Please review

  2. aliaschick4mv

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    Feb 26, 2003
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    AWWWW that was sooo sweet! Please post more soon!
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    Mar 4, 2003
    yea this is good.
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    Feb 26, 2003
    from da hood
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    Mar 18, 2003
    u sooo have 2 write the rest

  6. liliana

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    Jan 8, 2003
    South Africa
    okay this will probably be up tomorrow depending on how i'm feeling.just everyone go read my sequel
  7. liliana

    liliana Rocket Ranger

    Jan 8, 2003
    South Africa
    okay here's the next one enjoy please and if I'm feeling up to it the next chapter of the sequel will be up my sister has just left for scotland so i feel a bit down.

    Disclaimer:You know where.

    Some Things Are Not Always As They Seem

    Chapter 2

    You see Sydney and Vaughn sitting on the plane she's reading a magazine and he's viewing
    a file.You see Bridget and Eric sitting at the back of the plane.

    Vaughn looks at Sydney and she doesn't look too happy he takes her hand and she smiles
    when he does he strokes her cheek."Are you okay?"he asks.

    She looks at him and nods her head"yes I'm fine,"she says."I just don't have a good
    feeling about this mission."

    He nods his head and she lays her head down on his shoulder and he wraps an arm around
    her shoulder and she goes to sleep he kisses her on the top of her head.

    Bridget comes over and kneels down in front of them she looks at Vaughn and he smiles
    at her."Is she all right?"Bridget asks.

    Vaughn nods his head"she's fine just a bit worried about this mission,"he says.

    Bridget nods her head and then goes back to where she was sitting.Vaughn watches her
    go and smiles.Then you see them a few hours later everyone's awake Sydney is looking
    out the window.She's holding Vaughn's hand.

    He smiles at her but she doesn't see he squeezes her hand"what are you thinking
    about?"Vaughn asks.

    "My mom just figures that they'll get her on another trial Kendall and the rest of the
    CIA has been waiting for this for months,"Sydney says."Perfect opportunity."

    Vaughn nods and strokes her hair she smiles at him he smiles back when they get to
    Kenya they land on the airstrip.A man comes up to them and looks at them and gives
    them each a folder."In here you will find you're new passport your id book everything
    that you need,"he says."You're car is waiting for you outside."

    "Thankyou,"Sydney says.They leave the aeroplane and get into the limo that is waiting
    for them."Wow now this is luxury."

    "The CIA certainly goes all out,"Bridget says."Okay so we'd better check out our

    Sydney picks up her folder and opens it she takes her id and passoport out and then
    looks down there's pieces of papers.She takes them out and frowns but then shakes
    her head."For some unknown reason this is all written down for us,"Sydney says.

    Everyone nods their heads"okay I'm Claire Hannah Thompson I was born on the 26th of
    April 1976 my parents are John and Margaret Winslow I have a younger brother named
    Michael.I married Ryan Thompson two years ago we currently have no children,"Sydney
    says."Vaughn you are Ryan you were born on the 17th of September 1974 your parents
    are Erica and Kevin.You have no brothers or sisters."

    She hands the piece of paper over to Bridget and her friend smiles at her Sydney
    smiles back."I'm Sarah Ann Henderson born 16th of June 1976 my parents are Michelle
    and Jacob I'm not married,"she says.

    Eric takes it from her"I'm Gareth Williamson I was born on the 18th of October
    1975 my parents are Catherine and Nick I'm not married,"he says.

    They nod and they feel the limo start moving"where do we go from here?"Bridget asks.

    Sydney looks down"we go to the hotel we check in and we go from there,"she says.

    They all nod.


    You see them get to the hotel they go to the front desk a man comes up to them and
    smiles."Hello welcome can I help you?"he asks.

    "Yes we have a reservation for Thompson,"Vaughn says.

    The man looks it up on the computer"ah yes here you go two rooms,"he says.Vaughn
    nods his head."If you'll just sign here for me."Vaughn does and the man smiles he
    calls for a bellboy"here are the keys to the rooms enjoy you're stay."

    "Thankyou,"Sydney says they leave and go to the elevators they are in rooms 211 and 212.
    They get into their rooms Vaughn tips the bellboy and he leaves.Sydney looks around
    and smiles"wow this place is beautiful."

    Vaughn looks over at her and smiles she turns and sees him staring at her she blushes
    "you're what makes it beautiful,"Vaughn says.

    She smiles at him and walks over to him and kisses him he strokes her hair away from
    her face.Then someone knocks on their door and Vaughn shakes his head and Sydney laughs
    he goes over to open it.It's Eric and Bridget.

    "Come in,"Vaughn says.They do and he shuts the door and goes back over to stand with

    "So where do we go from here?"Bridget asks.

    Sydney goes over to her folder and pulls out another folder they all stare at her and
    shake their heads."How come she got more things than we did?"Eric asks.

    Vaughn glares at him and they all sit down on the couches and Sydney opens the files
    and looks inside.She smiles and brings out papers.She looks at them"okay we have four
    invitations to go to this banquet that Valdimir is holding Eric and Bridget while you two
    stay downstairs and make sure nothing happens Vaughn and I will head upstairs and find
    this Rambaldi thing,"Sydney says.

    They all nod"so what time is the party?"Eric asks.

    "8pm,"Sydney says looking down at the invitations."So we have plenty of time."

    They all nod their heads"so where do we get our dresses and tux's and so forth?"Bridget
    asks.Sydney stands up and walks over to the wardrobe and opens it she takes out two

    "Here they are and you two should have yours in you're in,"Sydney says.They all nod
    and she puts them back in."Well Bridget do you want to go down to the spa for some
    good old fashioned pampering?"

    "Of course I just want to get changed,"she says.She and Eric leave the room Sydney goes
    over to Vaughn and sits down on his lap he puts his arms around her waist.

    He looks at her"are you sure you want to go?"he asks.

    She nods and kisses him on the cheek"yes I'm sure,"she says."I need to be pampered and
    I need to spend some time with Bridget."

    He looks at her and then nods"okay if you'd rather spend the day with her than me then
    it's fine,"he says.He pushes her off his lap and gets up he goes over to the window
    and looks out she puts her arms around him.

    She kisses him on the side of the neck"I spend nearly every waking moment with you and
    when we get home I'm moving in with you so you'll have me all to yourself,"she says.

    "With Donovan actually,"he says.She glares at him but smiles a second later"I love you."

    Sydney smiles"I love you too,"she says.

    Then Bridget walks in and shakes her head she clears her throat and they turn and smile
    at her"ready to go?"Bridget asks.

    Sydney smiles at Vaughn and nods her head"yes I'm ready to go,"she says.She looks at
    Vaughn again and smiles"if Agent Vaughn is done talking to me."

    "Yes I am,"Vaughn says."For now."

    She smiles and the two girls walk out.


    A few hours later you see Sydney sitting in front of the mirror doing her hair she's
    tieing it up Vaughn comes out of the bathroom and sees her and smiles."You look
    absolutely gorgeous,"he says.

    "Thankyou you look quite gorgeous yourself,"Sydney says.She turns around and smiles
    at what he's wearing."Hmm I wonder how long I can wait to get you out of it."

    Vaughn looks at her and smiles he takes her hand and she's wearing a knee high blue
    dress which looks absolutely stunning on her."Wow,"he says.

    "Could you please help me put my necklace on?"she asks.He nods and she hands him the
    heart shaped locket on a gold chain he puts it on her and kisses her on the back of
    the neck.He puts his arms around her and she laces her fingers through his.

    "You ready to do this?"he asks.She nods her head and he lets her go and Bridget and
    Eric come in a few minutes later.And they leave.

    You see them at the house that the party is being held at a man opens the door for
    them and they hand him their invitations.He nods.And they go inside the place is
    huge and quite packed as well."Okay let's mingle,"Sydney says.

    They all nod Vaughn takes Sydney's hand and they go over to the table that they are
    assigned to he pulls out the chair for her.And she sits down and he sits beside her.


    Upstairs you see someone in a room you look around the window's open but there are
    no lights on.The person looks like he/she are holding a book and heading towards the
    window.As they are about to step out the window some light appears on the person's
    face you see that it's Sark....

    To be continued...

    Okay here's the next part of this weird story hope you enjoy.

    Please review.
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  9. liliana

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    Jan 8, 2003
    South Africa
    here's the next part

    Disclaimer:You know where.

    Some Things Are Not Always As They Seem

    Chapter 3

    You see Sydney in the ballroom watching everyone around her Vaughn comes up to her she
    looks at him and smiles."Should we head upstairs?"he asks.

    "Not yet the guards change at 9,"she says.

    He nods he looks at his watch"well since we have an hour would you do me the honour of dancing with me,"he asks.

    Sydney smiles"I would be delighted,"she says.

    She takes his hand and and they go out onto the dance floor.Vaughn takes her in his arms and she wraps her arms around his neck."How are you feeling?"Vaughn asks.

    "Good,"she says.He looks at her with disbelieving eyes"Vaughn I'm fine."

    She strokes his hair and he smiles at her and she smiles back"would you two please stop it this is what I was always worried about you two fooling around on a mission,"Weiss says.You see him across the room watching the two of them.

    Vaughn smiles at Sydney he leans down and kisses her he whispers something in her ear and she gasps."Now now Agent Vaughn don't be so naughty,"she says.

    "Why Agent Bristow why ever not,"he asks.She smiles up at him and he smiles back you see Weiss and he's rolling his eyes.

    "Would you two please stop it and keep your minds on the mission at hand,"Weiss says.

    You see Bridget laughing somewhere off on the other side of the room"okay you two stop messing with Agent Weiss,"she says.

    You see her trying to smother her laughter but it's not working"oh come on Brid we're just having a little fun he knows we don't mean it,"Sydney says.

    You hear Bridget laugh again and then an hour later you see Syd and Vaughn upstairs the guards change and Sydney and Vaughn head into the room.They turn their flashlights on and start looking around the room."Hey have you two found anything?"Weiss asks.

    "Nope not yet we just got in why?"Sydney asks.

    You see Weiss and Bridget standing together looking worried and you see a few men heading up the stairs."Well let's see now I think some men are heading you're way,"Bridget says.

    You see Sydney and Vaughn look at each other"okay we'll be on our way soon be ready to pick us up,"Sydney says.

    "Right,"Weiss says.

    They look around and find the case that the Rambaldi device was in but can't find anything except a note.It says bye Sydney.She looks under a chair and she sees a bomb strapped to it."Okay change of plan Weiss pick us up now,"Sydney says.

    Vaughn looks at her and they head for the balcony and look down it's not too high but it's not exactly going to be easy.They see some creepers on the side of the buildings and they climb down a car pulls up and you see it's Weiss and Bridget.They get in."Did you get it,"Weiss asks.

    "No I think Sark got to it first and he left us a present a bomb,"Sydney says.Weiss shakes his head.

    Then you see the men in the room and they've turned on the light and are also looking for the Rambaldi device.You see one of the men is Jack Bristow.

    One of the men looks under the chair and sees the bomb"bomb,"he says."Everyone out

    Everyone starts trying to get out but they can't you see the whole place blow up and
    you see in the car them all dive for cover.

    You see Sydney get up and you hear her phone ring and she picks it up"Bristow,"she says.

    "Agent Bristow has you're father been in contact with you?"Kendall asks.

    Sydney looks at the three in the car with her"no sir he hasn't why should he have been?"she asks.

    "Yes he was going to pick up the Rambaldi artifact,"Kendall says.

    Sydney looks back at the house"Weiss stop the car,"Sydney says.

    He does and he looks at her strangely"Syd we have to get going,"he says.

    Vaughn looks at her as she gets out of the car and he gets out with her she's shut her phone now."What's wrong?"he asks.

    "My dad was in that room he was suppose to contact us and tell us he was getting it,"Sydney says.She starts crying and Vaughn turns her around and puts his arms around her.

    "Syd I'm sure he's all right,"Vaughn says.

    She shakes her head and keeps on crying he helps her into the car and they drive off you see in the house.Someone picking themselves off the floor.And a few men running over."Are you okay sir?"one asks.

    "Yes I'm fine,"the man says.When he lifts his head you see it's Jack.


    You see Sydney and Vaughn in their hotel room she's lying on the bed crying and he's lying beside her stroking her back and holding her.

    He looks down at her she's fallen asleep"oh Syd,"he says.

    Then her phone rings and he grabs it off the nightstand"what?"he asks.

    "Agent Vaughn it's Jack I'm fine I could have killed Kendall for making that phone call,"he says."Is she all right?"

    "Yes she's fine,"Vaughn says."But are you how did you survive?"

    "I was nearest the door and was able to get out,"Jack says.You see him he's sitting in a room he has his right arm in a sling."I'm in the room next to Bridget I'll see
    you all in the morning."

    "All right,"Vaughn says.He shuts her phone and puts it back on the bedside table and looks over at Sydney and smiles.He lies down and shuts his eyes.


    The next morning there comes a knock to the door Vaughn puts on one of the bathrobes and goes to the door Jack is standing outside.Vaughn lets him in Sydney is standing on the balcony Jack walks out there."Sydney,"he says.

    She turns around and she has a look of shock on her face and then she runs over and hugs her father"daddy but how?"she asks.

    "I'm fine that's all that matters Sydney,"he says.He hugs her back then both of them pull away and she smiles at him with tears in her eyes.

    Weiss and Bridget come in and smile when they see Jack they all decide to go for breakfast before heading back to LA."Okay we'll meet you downstairs we have to get changed,"Vaughn says.

    They all nod and leave Sydney has a smile on her face she gets some clothes out for herself and gets changed."You okay?"Vaughn asks.

    Sydney nods her head and smiles"I'm okay that he's alive,"Sydney says.

    Vaughn smiles and kisses her on the cheek and then they leave the room.


    You see Sark arrive in an old abandoned warehouse and you see Sloane at a table looking over something."I have it,"Sark says.

    He puts the book down in front of Sloane the other man opens it and you see a weird design on one of the pages.And some details on the side of it."Ah perfect,"Sloane says."We can now put him to use."

    He closes the book and looks over to the corner you see someone sitting there he/she are tied to the chair....

    To be continued...

    Sorry I took so long to put this up the next chapter to the sequel should be up tomorrow.

    Talk to u later please enjoy.

    And please review more.
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    ooooh I cant wait for the rest. Its so good. I love it. :)

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    that was really good!! please post more soon!!
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    pweeeeaaaase ;)


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