1. Randal R.

    Animation Battlestar 2015 Viper Launch (Slow Ride version)

    Well. with the loss of many of the scenes and files and footage from my Reboot of the The Arrival short and subsequent foray into the Mat's and poly-selection tags..and reworking a lot of it again. I redid just about everything, and still am..also working on the Hyades again with new found...
  2. Randal R.

    Sci-Fi Star Wars Fanfilm Audio Re-track animation sequence

    Since I was in the hood here...May as well post this one too. Star Wars Fan Film clip.Cg Animation,Cinema4d. I made this not too long ago. I answered a request for help for animation @ Jedi Council Forums-fan activities/Fan Film Scifi3d. If I am not incorrect- it was not even used. So I...
  3. Randal R.

    Sci-Fi BSG Battlestar-The Warrior's Toll -Animation Short episode (Wip#12)

    Hello again....thought I would add an update on this Video project. Also, not sure if you are aware...but Firefox or Eset...something keeps telling me this is an untrustworthy connection.I was hesitant. Although I posted once before. Am a self taught,self learned of Cinema4d and Animation...
  4. Tom

    Sci-Fi Alien Supposities

    Exploring the supposition of intelligent alien normality: Like we control heating and air conditioning for comfort perhaps they control alkalinity and acidity. Instead of a personal space suit perhaps they project an atmospheric bubble. Instead of using suspended animation they are...
  5. Tom

    The Magic Box

    The Magic Box You have a box. You open the box and there is a box inside and inside that box is another box. This keeps going until the inner box is so small it can no longer be considered a box. Nesting Boxes: Dimensional Awareness, Relativity, Condensing... The Magic Box You have an open box...
  6. G

    On becoming

    When I was five years old, I remember the feeling of a cold stainless steel table against my naked skin. My arms and legs were strapped to the table. As three Terminator robots leaned in over me. Their eyes glowing in the dim room. As another leaned in with an instrument I couldn't see...
  7. S

    Sci-Fi New Sci/Fi Film: Star Fighters -The Praetorian Issue

    We have officially started our "Crowd Funding Campaign" for our project: "Star Fighters: The Praetorian Issue" - Check out the campaign - and spread the word! We're trying to raise funds for a 15 minute promo for the investors and networks interested in the project. Any and all participation...
  8. G

    Learning from my mistakes

    In World War 2. My mind went out of control. And enslaved an entire country. My fears. Manifested by the soldiers of my country attacking those fears. I didn't know my country was at war. I didn't even know I was at the center of that war, and that my mind had expanded so much by simply...
  9. G

    A Message to the Vulcans

    This message goes to the Vulcans in orbit around Planet Earth and to any humans who might receive it - On January 19, 2000, a 'fictional' television show named Star Trek Voyager where the Starship Voyager had become locked into orbit around a planet which was rapidly spinning exerting an...
  10. Tom

    Sci-Fi Put a Story to the Title

    Here's how it works: List a title and create a paragraph or two to tell the story. Here's some titles to get the ball rollin. Feel free to add your own... The Constriction Of B'Rhana The Robot And The Pickle Walking The Moons Of Jupiter Battle At Bow Shock Solar Mining Station One...
  11. geronl

    Free ebook weekend

    My first story on Amazon, a light sci-fi (soft enough to be more adventure) is free this weekend at Amazon. New Arrivals eBook: Looney, Floyd: Kindle Store
  12. Tom

    Paranormal Capturing The Soul at the Moment of Death

    Scientist Photographs The Soul Leaving The Body 17:38 ADG UK 6 comments The timing of astral disembodiment in which the spirit leaves the body has been captured by Russian scientist Konstantin Korotkov, who photographed a person at the moment of his death with a bioelectrographic camera...
  13. AlienView

    Central Command Post United Federation of Planets RE: First Contact

    Greetings Humans, We are a federation of intelligent species scattered throughout the known universe. We represent a peaceful force dedicated to understanding and control of the known universe. You have often seen us in phenomena you term UFO - But most of the species of the Federation have...
  14. G

    The Idiot Who Made Everything - Q

    As I write this, as I transition from my mortal existence back to my immortal form and mind - I am reflecting on this - my mortal existence - and cannot help but think to myself: "What the hell just happened?" I mean. I get that mortals tend to shield themselves from what is possible 'out...
  15. ZenithOClock

    Sci-Fi Moebius & Bilal

    Has anyone here read any works by French graphic artists Moebius or Enki Bilal? I began collecting their graphic novels about a year ago and I am stunned at how many ideas we take for granted as original that were if not directly taken from these works, hugely inspired by them (e.g. princess...
  16. Randal R.

    Music Videos-fan made animations

    Hello again. thought maybe I would add some Music Style Videos I have created at some point in history. Just a few. Perfect Strangers-Deep Purple The words tell of the sorrow of remaining "perfect strangers" after the end of a relationship. It is one of the few Deep Purple songs not to feature...
  17. Randal R.

    Sci-Fi Battlestar-The Warrior's Toll ( wip#6)

    Hello again. Newcomer.Thought I would share my current wip. I make these to be seen, so watch it please.then you can be assured you made me happy :woot: I use a home pc Win7 64b Processor Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-2600 CPU @ 3.40GHz, 3401 Mhz, 4 Core(s), 8 Logical Processor(s) Using Cinema4d...
  18. Randal R.

    Sci-Fi Boston Spaceship-The Journey Home

    Hello all. Brand new to forums. Am a graduate of M.O.U. <> My Own University<> Also a degree from Google University...:) Self taught-learning 3d Cinema4d since late 2009. I would like to post my Battlestar-The Warrior's Toll, but it aint done yet... Thought some may like this video that I done...
  19. Tom

    Sci-Fi The Comet

    When scientists detected a strange new comet entering the Solar System there was concern that it might impact the Earth. Computers churned out trajectory calculations and our new comet was going to miss us with a wonderful margin. On its first pass thru the inner planets it would impact the Sun...
  20. Erik Martin Willen

    Sci-Fi Whatโ€™s your opinion about this new artwork?

    What do you think about this new book cover compared to the old one? Here is the old cover and here is the new one Any opinion or critique is welcome. Thank you for your time and have a great day.