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Feb 26, 2003
Agent Sydney Bristow. CIA.

Sydney was shocked when Sark appeared in her room. “Come with me,” he said. Sydney stood up and shuffled after him. He took her into a conference room where Sydney saw both of her parents sitting across from Sloane.

“Ahh, Sydney. So nice of you to join us.” Sydney felt Sark’s hand on her shoulder, pushing her down into the chair. She glared up at him, but he only smirked.

Always batting for the winning team, aren’t you, Sark?

“Mr. Sark, would you excuse us please?”

But always just a go-between.

Sark grimaced, but left the room. Once the doors were safely closed, Sloane turned to the three facing him. “We are ready to make our first move,” he said. “You will all be transferred shortly to an underground facility near the base of Mount Subasio. We will begin the mission there.”

What are you talking about? What mission?

“Now, Sydney,” he continued, “I have filled your parents in on a matter of great importance already. You shall hear the short version. Rambaldi did not have only a singly Prophecy. You will see in front of you a copy of Rambaldi’s First Prophecy, which proves much more compelling. Once again, it is about you. You and your family.”

You’re insane. Stop talking like this. You’re wrong. Wrong about it all.

Pain seared through Sydney’s body. “You are already feeling Rambaldi’s influence, aren’t you, Sydney? Just as your father is. Aren’t you, Jack?” Sloane said as he turned to face Jack. Sydney almost smiled as Jack shot a fearsome look at Sloane.

He’s not afraid of you. He’s never been afraid of you, and he never will be. Can’t you accept that?

Irina seemed to be the only level-headed person in the room. “What is the mission, Arvin?”

Sloane smiled. “I see you have once again managed to keep your emotion in check once again, Irina. I must ask. How do you do it? You’ve always been able to do it.” He waited, but got no response out of any member of the family, though Sydney was sure her father would have had plenty to say on the subject. “Your mission is obvious from the Prophecy. You’ll need to create a new World Order.”

What is he talking about? A new world order? Us?

Sitting on the table was a sheet of text. Sydney read it then looked up at her parents. “Is this the Prophecy?” They nodded, and Sydney saw what Sloane must think. Images filled her head, but it wasn’t Sloane in power—it was her.


Feb 26, 2003
So sorry that it's been so long, everyone. As those of you who read my other story already know, I've been incredibely busy with school, and I just haven't had the time to write. Hopefully, I'll be able to update more regularly now.

Agent Sydney Bristow. CIA.

Me? The head of a new World Power? It's not possible. It's that damn machine of Sloane's! He's doing this to me.

She stared at Sloane across the table. His cold eyes matched her glare. "I know what you're thinking, Sydney. I can see it. We've always had a bond, you and I. Rambaldi's work has allowed me to see inside your head."

"If you honestly believe that, you are even more insane than I thought you were," Sydney said straight-faced.

"Sydney, I can see everything that you can see. I have always known everything that you know. At this moment, I would care not to repeat the words you are using. I cannot imagine where you acquired such a vocabulary."

Sydney bit her tongue to avoid screaming the words in her head. It's impossible. Sloane is not inside my head. Rambaldi is not inside my head. This is just another of Sloane's plans.

"This is not merely a plan, Sydney." Sloane stood and opened the door. He leaned out, and Sydney could hear him speak. "Mr. Sark, I need you to accompany Derevko and Bristow back to their rooms." He re-entered the room with Sark behind him. Sark placed a hand on both Irina's and Jack's shoulders. They stood, both glaring at Sloane, but allowing Sark to guide them out of the room.

Once they were gone, Sloane sat again and faced Sydney. "Sydney, Rambaldi is inside your head, just as he is inside your father's. He has been a part of me for thirty years. I was introduced to Rambaldi by a man named Conrad. Because of him, Milo Rambaldi has a host, he will live again. But I was not Rambaldi's ultimate goal."

You cannot be serious.

"I am serious, Sydney. It has taken me three decades to accept that I am not the one Rambaldi wants. I am merely a messenger. You are the one Rambaldi wants."

Well, if you can read my mind, understand this, Rambaldi is an old, dead man. He may have been brilliant, he may have been a lot of things, but I only know for sure that he is one thing -- dead. Dead men do not invade the brains of the living.

"Then how would you explain this, Sydney?" Sloane asked.

All right. Maybe by some strange coincidence you can predict what I'm going to think, my reactions, but that does nothing to convince me that Rambaldi has a plan that involves me.

Arvin Sloane. Former Alliance member.

I knew this was going to be tricky, Sydney. I expected that much from you. You've never been one for rational thoughts. You let your emotions interfere. That will disappear soon enough.

"I can see this will take time. I should have known. So, Sydney, I will leave you alone to contemplate this." Sloane picked up a file from the stack in front of him. He slid it across the table to Sydney. "You should find that rather compelling." Sloane lifted the remaining files and left the room.

Hope that was enough to satisfy you guys for a while. I'll try and update again soon. Thanks for reading!!!!
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